Pride of Anglia

since 1878

Player Connections

Players who have either played for both Ipswich Town and Hereford United, or at some point during their career have been on the books of both clubs.

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PlayerTown Career
Alan Connell (2000-02)
Alex Rhodes (2003-04)
Andrew Crane (1982-87)
Bobby Kellard (1965-66)
David Cornell (2020-current)
David Gregory (1986-95)
Derek Jefferson (1963-73)
Gareth Stoker (1991-92)
Gavin Williams (2005-08)
Henry Hill (1968-70)
Ian Juryeff (1988-89)
Jack Cope (1938-39)
John Jackson (1981-82)
Jon Sheffield
Josh Yorwerth (2014-16)
Ken Wookey (1950-51)
Paul Taylor2 (1972-73)
Stephen Gleeson (2017-18)
Toumani Diagouraga (2016-17)
Tyrone Mings (2012-15)