Pride of Anglia

since 1878

Player Connections

Players who have either played for both Ipswich Town and St Mirren, or at some point during their career have been on the books of both clubs.

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PlayerTown Career
Alex Crowe (1953-55)
Andy Dorman (2005-06)
Andy Millen (1994-95)
David Cornell (2020-current)
Devann Yao (2009-10)
Dylan Connolly (2014-16)
Frank Treacy (1960-66)
Gerard Baker (1963-68)
Gerry Creaney (1996-97)
Jim Thorburn (1963-66)
Jimmy Robertson (1969-72)
Marian Kello (2012-13)
Phil Mulryne (2006-07)
Sam Parkin (2005-07)
Simeon Jackson
Will Fuller (2008-09)