Dob: 01-05-1950

Pob: West Ham, London, England

Position: Unknown

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1967-68 0 0

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
Southend United - - -
Dover Athletic - - -
Ipswich Town - - Youth Team

(6) Comments

  • Hello Mr Pemberton. I remember you well. Thanks for all the effort you put into teaching and coaching the football team at Culverhouse. Hope all is well with you.

  • Hi Mike! I'm pretty sure you've hit on the BH you and Andy Button are seeking. It was of course the Culverhouse, South Ockendon, Under 12 team for the first-years! Pardon the error.

    Bobby's size then was his most obvious distinguishing feature. My recall of other players' names is vague so I won't guess and mislead. We played in amber, worked on drawing in opposition players, passing and moving on: they became great on triangles and crisp movement on and off the ball! That usually was enough to fox the other up-and-at-'em school teams but, if push came to shove, Bob was there to sort matters.

    He would have been able to leave at 15, 1965, but might have opted for an extra year. I can tell you little more but could contact my old friend distant in time and miles - we still exchange Christmas cards and he might possibly recall his Portman Road memories.

    Town were never 'my side' but, inconsequentially, I once played cricket against John Cobbold when he was Chairman and again once guested for Colchester at the same sport with the phenomenal and then very famous Ted Phillips.

    Good luck with your digging!

  • Bob was definitely a first-year at Culverhouse School, 1961/62.I ran the Under 11 team and chose Bobby - who was already as big as me! - as centre-half and captain. The boys responded well as I dragged them around south Essex on buses and shanks's and won the league. I even still have a rather poor team photo, taken in the gym!

    Years later I was pleased to see his name appear in connection with Ipswich Town while I lived on the Suffolk border. I recall that he seemed to be involved for an extended period so was slightly disappointed that he re-appeared later as playing for Southend United. I still have contact with an old friend who supported Town around that time so he may know a little more.

    He was a friendly boy, a pleasure to know - and we both liked football!I moved away in 1962 so know nothing definite beyond the end of that season.

  • B:West Ham 01/05/1950

  • Bobby Haddrick went to Southend United on leaving school,he became their 2nd youngest debutant at 16 years and 177 days and played only 2 games in season 1966-67 before being released and going to Dover Athletic

  • Mike Hanrahan Sunday 23-12-2012

    Hi, I think this might be Bob Haddrick who I went to school with from 1962 to 1966. School was Culverhouse, South Ockendon. If you can give me any other info I may be able to confirm. I know he left school to play football. I thought he went to Millwall but maybe not. We were born in 1950 so he is the right age. Would love to know where he is now so we can catch up if it is the person I know. Regards, Mike Hanrahan

Contract Info

  • None

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