Full Name: Albert Brynley Davies

Dob: 17-12-1917

Pob: Cardiff, GB

Position: Inside Forward

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1938-39 36 9
1939-40 0 0

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
Cardiff City June 1935 May 1938 -
Ipswich Town May 1938 Joined the Army in 1939 -

(4) Comments

  • From The Guardian:

    The Welsh forward joined Cardiff City straight from the army in 1935, then signed for Ipswich in 1938. He scored in Town's first official Football League game that year - 'simply mesmerising' the opposition defenders, according to one partisan newspaper report. As a former army regular, Davies was one of the first footballers to join up when war broke out; he survived, but was unable to play football afterwards due to a battle injury. He scouted for Bristol City and Cardiff City instead, and later worked for local government in Cardiff. He died in 1990.

  • Fred J Davies Friday 11-01-2008

    A recent business visit to Ipswich BC offices alongside the football ground prompted this web-site visit.A B (Bryn)Davies was my father & one of the web-site commentators is my nephew Scott C who lives in Bermuda. As a former regular serviceman,Bryn was amongst the first Army intake on the outbreak of war in 1939.A serious war time injury meant he could not resume his pro-football career post war.Before the injury he played war time pro games for Arsenal & West Ham plus the all pro & mostly Internationals ENSA side that played exhibition matches, overseas particularly.After the war he tried to train again but was forced to call it a day & re-settled to his native Cardiff, brought up 3 children did some scouting for the Bristol Clubs & Cardiff City & died in 1990 (76years) He always talked warmly about his time in Ipswich & the Cobbold family who offered help & practical support when the then Chairman heard of his misfortune.

  • Scott Constable Tuesday 09-10-2007

    Good evening, Bryn Davies is my granddad, my mother`s father, and his surname is spelt `Davies`. I`d be interested in sharing photos and info.

  • Albert Bryn Davies (some publications spell it as 'Davis', but I can't get a definitive source on which is correct) joined Cardiff City from the Army in August 1935 where he had established a reputation as a fine amateur player. He made just 9 League appearances for Cardiff City before joining Ipswich.

Contract Info

  • Bryn Davies joined Ipswich Town from Cardiff City in May 1938 - The Transfer Fee + Contract Period Are Both Unknown

    He left Ipswich Town - Some Time During In 1939 + Joined The Army

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