Dob: 05-09-1948

Pob: Morpeth, Northumberland, GB

Position: Centre Back

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1963-64 0 0
1964-65 0 0
1965-66 0 0
1966-67 1 0
1967-68 29(2) 0
1968-69 41 1
1969-70 26 0
1970-71 21(1) 0
1971-72 45 0
1972-73 9 0
TOTALS 172(3) 1

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
Ipswich Town May 1964 October 1972 Youth Team
Wolverhampton Wanderers October 1972 November 1976 £80,000
Washington Diplomats May 1976 August 1976 -
Boston Minutemen August 1976 November 1976 -
Sheffield Wednesday October 1976 October 1976 On Loan
Hereford United November 1976 July 1978 -

(7) Comments

  • Joined Town as an apprentice in May 1964.

  • Derek also had spells in the USA playing for Washington Diplomats and Boston Minutemen, Moree on Derek can be found here -

  • Bob & Kathy Banker (Cheyenne, WY. USA) Wednesday 13-02-2008

    My Wife and I watched Derek Play while we were living in East Suffolk. I was in the USAF and became friends with a number of Town players. We still keep in touch with friends in UK including Ken Hancock and Brian Mann who works for the BBC in Ipswich. I am trying to re-establish contact with Derek, which I hope to do in the very near future. Derek was a good solid player who had all the basic skills and used them well. Although (In our opinion) given the nickname "Chopper" he was just a hard defender who`s job it was to keep the other team from scoring. He did this well. We thank God for his dedication and commitment to the Sports Pursuit Program and a Christian way of life, and pray he has many more years to give.

  • Phil McCrudden Saturday 12-05-2007

    I have met Derek on two seperate occasions at St Bartholimeus Church (Roby) Merseyside .Comited Christian yes and a very nice guy.Reminised about his short time at Wolves was able to pick his braines re my fav footballer of all time Derek Dougan and very complimentary he was,yes charming guy.

  • Keith Roberts Sunday 04-02-2007

    Derek trains youngster in Solihull, West Midlands, on a Saturday morning, my lad included. He is a lovely, friendly and modest guy who still has a passion for the game and a great manner with the kids. He looks well and fit for his age though I think all the knocks he took in the game have taken its toll him judging by the way I saw him move on the pitch the other week!

  • I played for Ipswich in the 68 t0 71 and played in the youth as well as afew games in the reserves. Being Asian it was hard,but i didn`t care, I had an offer to come to america. I know Chooper well can you find out how I can get in touch with him. Thanks Roger verdi

  • Michael Urmston Thursday 30-01-2003

    I met Derek Jeffeson in Denbigh,Wales in 2001. He has been sent off twice. Once for a foul on Geff Hurst and once for a swearing to a referee live on match of the day. He is now a leader for a Christian sports holiday organiser. Even though he is an Ipswich fan he realy, deep down follows Newcastle Utd, his home team. He still has a Ipswich sticker in the back of his car.

Contract Info

  • Derek Jefferson joined Ipswich Town in May 1964 as an Apprentice.

    He signed a Professional Contract with Ipswich Town in February 1966 - The Professional Contract Period Is Unknown.

    He joined Wolverhampton Wanderers from Ipswich Town in October 1972 - For A Fee Of £80,000 + The Contract, Period Is Unknown.

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