Dob: 02-08-1956

Pob: Hornsea, Essex

Position: Full Back

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1971-72 0 0
1972-73 0 0
1973-74 0 0
1974-75 0 0

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
Ipswich Town August 1974 July 1975 Youth Team
AFC Bournemouth July 1975 - -
Chelmsford City 1979-80 1979-80 -

(3) Comments

  • During the 1979 / 80 season he was at Chelmsford City

  • Gary was an excellent coach after his career failed. He used to be the coach at Southend United Academy Youth level for about 5 years, before going to the U.S.

  • Gary spent years after his illustrious football career blagging a job with Royal mail whislt running soccer schools in the U.S.A. SOME POOR SOD ALWAYS HAD TO COVER FOR HIM WHILST HE FLITTED TO AND FROM AMERICA. Also coached kids at home for ridiculous fees and ran Southend Manor football club to the point of near extinction He now holds a management position at a well known Ford sales outlet in ESSEX setting unrealistic sales targets for his distraught team beneath him. They also have to listen to his repeated stories of how good he was when he played for the pride of Anglia. Yes truly one of the best.

Contract Info

  • None

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