Full Name: Neville F W Groom

Position: Left Half

Era: Amateur

Amateur Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1927-28 8 0
1928-29 15 0
1929-30 29 3
1930-31 26 6
1931-32 29 10
1932-33 21 6
1933-34 26 0
1934-35 26 2
TOTALS 180 27

(1) Comments

  • Neville was one of the most accomplished players in the late twenties and thirties and was a tricky player ( a rare type in those days). He took a lot of goodnatured banter from the crowd with a constant smile and as he was a good looking chap they accused him of being gay, but that was not the word they used to use then. He was not an aggressive player, but the needle match of the season was the Hospital Cup usually against Harwich and Parkeston, who were a good side at the time. They had one `star` player one year and from the kick off the ball went to him and he started a run and Neville clattered into him with such force he was carried off on s stretcher. Oh happy days!!

Contract Info

  • None

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