Full Name: Thomas Fillingham

Dob: 06-09-1904

Pob: Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, GB

Position: Centre Half

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1938-39 32 1
1939-40 0 0

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
Bulwell Wesleyan Mission - - -
Butlers Hill Primitives - - -
Daybrook Baptists - - -
Hucknall Colliery - - -
Bromley United - - -
Birmingham City August 1928 June 1938 -
Ipswich Town June 1938 1939 -

(9) Comments

  • Gary Fillingham Wednesday 25-07-2012

    I have just discovered that I am his grandson, having stumbled on this web page whilst researching my family history! I am fascinated to find out that my grandfather was once a professional footballer and It would be interesting to see more photos / newspaper articles or information.

  • Retired from the professional game after leaving Town in 1939

  • Ashley Carter Sunday 02-11-2008

    Tom Fillingham was my uncle by marriage, having married my mother`s sister, Flossie, at a young age. I remember going many times as a child to visit them and their children, Josie and Kerry, at their home near Bulwell Forest, where Tom was captain of the local golf club in his later years.

  • John Osborne - Grandson Tuesday 15-01-2008

    Laura, Just in case you come back to read this, here is my e-mail address if you want to contact me, as I don't know how to contact you! or John

  • Sarah Fillingham Tuesday 06-02-2007

    I am his grandaughter, i never had the pleasure of meeting him but have heard so much about him. I dont know alot about football but captaining Birmingham City even in the 30`s is an excellent achievement.

  • Laura Fillingham Tuesday 06-02-2007

    I am his grandaughter , daughter to his son Kerry Thomas Fillingham whom has since passed away.I have been trying for so long to find out about him and to carry on the family tree. It fills me with excitement to know that I finally have some information about him. Miles and J Osbourne if you have any other information on him or more photographs of him to help me continue with my family tree,please contact me beacause what I have from my dad is very limited.

  • I am his Grandson, I have a few photos mostly from his days at Birmingham but there may be one or two of Ipswich, I have his various trophies/medals now including his Wembley Cup appearances. Miles if you are interested let me know.

  • Born Bulwell 06/09/1904. career: Bromley United. 1929-37 Birmingham City 183 appearances 8 goals. 1938 Ipswich Town 29 appearances 1 goal. Died 1960.

  • Miles Carter Monday 23-12-2002

    Tom Fillingham was my great uncle - I never met him, as he passed away a long time before I was born, but I spoke to my great aunt about him many times. She had a wall of trophies from his sporting career. Apparently he was blinded in one eye, which forced him to retire from football - he then took up golf, and made scratch, despite his disability.

Contract Info

  • None

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