Full Name: Thomas Aitchison Parkin

Dob: 01-02-1956

Pob: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, GB

Position: Midfielder

Era: Professional

Club Appearance Record

SeasonTot AppsTot Goals
1972-73 0 0
1973-74 0 0
1974-75 0 0
1975-76 0 0
1976-77 0 0
1977-78 0(2) 0
1978-79 5(2) 0
1979-80 1 0
1980-81 2(2) 0
1981-82 5(1) 0
1982-83 4(2) 0
1983-84 21(3) 0
1984-85 6(5) 0
1985-86 14(1) 0
1986-87 2(3) 0
TOTALS 60(21) 0

Career Appearance Record

ClubDate SignedDate LeftFee
St Marys Boys Club - August 1972 -
Ipswich Town August 1972 July 1987 Youth Team
Grimsby Town January 1976 May 1976 On Loan
Peterborough United January 1977 April 1977 On Loan
Bury Town July 1987 June 1990 -
Wivenhoe Town July 1990 September 1990 -
Harwich & Parkeston September 1990 - -
Saffron Walden Town - - -
Woodbridge Town - - -
Felixstowe Port & Town - - -
Hadleigh United - - -
Heathfields - - -
Blooming Fuschia - - -
Newton Road Conservative Club - - -

(13) Comments

  • Born Thomas Aitchison (his spelling) Parkin in Gateshead. He attended Sunderland Road Junior School, Greenwell High School and also Dryden Road High School in Gateshead and played junior football for St. Mary's Boys Club on Tyneside before leaving school to become an apprentice with Ipswich Town in July 1972. After leaving Portman Road he remained in the area playing for Bury Town, Wivenhoe, Saffron Walden, Woodbridge Town, Felixstowe and Hadleigh Town, as well as playing Sunday football for Heathfields, Blooming Fuchsia and Newton Road Cons Club. Info from a completed questionnaire by Tommy in 1997, though he couldn't provide any date details for his latter career. He was still playing amateur football at the time and described himself as a General Builder, living in Ipswich.

  • Tommy played for Bury Town from 1987-1990

  • I'm not jumping on the band-wagon ...or telling false tales ....Me and Tommy grew up together from the age of 10 years old when we lived at Lyndhurst Estate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, went to the same school and went aroung together..we never had a penny to rub together, tho that did not bother us, we went around in a gang called LTG ...LYNDHURST TASTY GEASERS...Sad looking back tho great times indeed ...Tommy was the best player at the school, great at running, cross country to sprints ...we both represented The County at Running and I said earlier, our families had no money, like a lot of families back in the late 60's and early 70's, I had a paper-round so I could just about to afford good football boots and the modern clothes ...when Tommy was getting noticed football wise he would always borrow my PUMA KING FOOTBAL BOOTS TO GO TO TRIALS ...and they always came back covered in mud!!!!!!, every time he came back from a trial he would always give me a pair of shorts, or a training top in way of a thank you ...he always said, Billy when I make it big I will get you the best pair of football boots...he was as good as his word...when he signed his first pro contract he gave me a pair of Adidas footbal boots ...and they were the best boots at the time ...I loved him like a brother, as we all did, Micky Butterfield, Kev Shaftoe, Ken Hurst, Billy Atkinson, Dave Wilson, Paul Sutton, Alan Leitch just to name a few of the lads in The 'LTG'' ...hope you all are stil awake!!!! ...sorry to waffle on, ONE TOP TOP LAD was Tommy ....we lost touch in the late 80's, I would love to get back in touch with him, if any one knows his address, phone number etc I would like to get back in touch with him Cheers ....

  • He's my uncle!!

  • maureen hamilton Wednesday 22-06-2011

    Tommy was my first teenage boyfriend and all I can remember is that he was a gentleman (even as a teenager). We shared a love of football.

    Passing the 'moss heaps' today with my nephew (who is also football mad) I found myself reminiscing about the Sunday mornings I watched Tommy play. How my nephew and I laughed, when I told him how I was coaxed into playing when the boys were a man short!

    My father avidly followed Tommy's career - he was proud to call himself a fan, as was I.

  • He was my first love at Greenwell school at 15 new he would do well

  • william hall donnison (willie) Saturday 20-12-2008

    i went to school with tommy he was like a whippet,smashing bloke.....lost touch back in mid 70s

  • Tom, was my idol when I was 4 or 5 years old, he was a friend of the family and took me down to Portman Road to see the facilities and to meet Sir Bobby Robson - top bloke and ultimate professional - Mike in Wigan

  • Samantha Pearson Saturday 21-06-2008

    He lived next door to my Gran in Stradbroke Road during his time at Ipswich and even named his cat Mollie, after her !

  • carole fisher Monday 27-08-2007

    he was my neighbour for 15 years....great guy but always asleep on the patio after a few!!!!!! sorry Tom

  • Jim Steverson Sunday 27-11-2005

    I saw Tommy score in the May 15, 1979 1-0 friendly against the Detroit Express here in the US. The game was played in the Pontiac Silverdome, just outside of Detroit, and may be known to football fans as the domed-stadium location during the 1994 World Cup. This game, unlike the World Cup, was played on artificial turf. Tommy took a nice feed from Noel Parkinson to beat Detroit keeper Slobodan Ilijevski about midway through the first half, and Town held off a late charge from the NASL team. Ipswich dominated play early, and missed several opportunities before the game settled. Once reserves came in for Ipswich, Detroit was able to able to get forward and create some chances. Paul Cooper had started in goal for Town, but Laurie Sivell played the second half and hung on despite the pressure. I`ve never found a match report for the game, so if anyone might have one, I`d be quite grateful.

  • Dillon Carfoot Wednesday 03-12-2003

    My favourite player. Loyalty - thats all that needs to be said. Dillon, Canada

  • He is my dad

Contract Info

  • Tommy Parkin joined Ipswich Town from St Mary's Boys Club in August 1972 as an Apprentice

    He signed a Professional Contract with Ipswich Town in December 1973 - The Professional Contract Period Is Unknown

    He joined Grimsby Town from Ipswich Town in January 1976 - On A Loan ( Until The End Of The 1975 / 76 Season )

    He joined Peterborough United from Ipswich Town in January 1977 - On A 3 Month Loan ( Until April 1977 )

    He joined Bury Town from Ipswich Town in July 1987 - The Transfer Fee + Contract Period Was Both Unknown

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