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Allan Hunter

Date Opponent Venue Result Competition Notes
1971[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v USSRMoscow, USSR0-1European Championship Qualifier 
1971[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v USSRBelfast, Northern Ireland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
1972[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v SpainHull1-1European Championship Qualifier 
1972[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland0-2Home Championships 
1972[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandWembley Stadium, London1-0Home Championships 
1972[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesThe Racecourse Ground, Wrexham, Wales0-0Home Championships 
1972[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v BulgariaSofia, Bulgaria0-3World Cup Qualifier 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v CyprusNicosia, Cyprus0-1World Cup Qualifier 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v PortugalCoventry1-1World Cup Qualifier 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v CyprusLondon3-0World Cup Qualifier 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandLiverpool1-2Home Championships 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland2-1Home Championships 
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesLiverpool1-0Home Championships  
1973[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v BulgariaHillsborough, Sheffield0-0World Cup Qualifier 
1974[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
1974[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandWembley Stadium, London0-1Home Championships  
1974[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesThe Racecourse Ground, Wrexham, Wales0-1Home Championships  
1974[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v NorwayOslo, Norway1-2European Championship Qualifier 
1974[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v SwedenSolna, Sweden2-0European Championship Qualifier 
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v YugoslaviaBelfast, Northern Ireland1-0European Championship Qualifier 
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandBelfast, Northern Ireland0-0Home Championships  
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland0-3Home Championships  
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesBelfast, Northern Ireland1-0Home Championships  
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v SwedenBelfast, Northern Ireland1-2European Championship Qualifier 
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v NorwayBelfast, Northern Ireland3-0European Championship Qualifier 
1975[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v YugoslaviaBelgrade, Yugoslavia0-1European Championship Qualifier 
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v IsraelTel Aviv, Israel1-1Friendly 
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland0-3Home Championships  
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandWembley Stadium, London0-4Home Championships  
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesSwansea, Wales0-1Home Championships  
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v NetherlandsRotterdam, Netherlands2-2World Cup Qualifier 
1976[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v BelgiumLiege, Belgium0-2World Cup Qualifier 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v West GermanyKoeln, West Germany0-5Friendly 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandBelfast, Northern Ireland1-2Home Championships  
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland0-2Home Championships  
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesBelfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home Championships  
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v IcelandReykjavik, Iceland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v IcelandBelfast, Northern Ireland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v NetherlandsBelfast, Northern Ireland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v DenmarkBelfast, Northern Ireland2-1European Championship Qualifier 
1977[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v BelgiumBelfast, Northern Ireland3-0World Cup Qualifier 
1978[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v IrelandDublin, Ireland0-0European Championship Qualifier 
1979[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland0-1Home Championships  
1979[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v WalesBelfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home Championships  
1979[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark0-4European Championship Qualifier 
1979[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v EnglandBelfast, Northern Ireland1-5European Championship Qualifier 
1979[Full] NORTHERN IRELAND v IrelandBelfast, Northern Ireland1-0European Championship Qualifier 


Appearances shown above are whilst Allan Hunter was a Town player.

Capped on 53 occasions, 47 of which when an Ipswich player. Also acquired 1 under-23 cap.

Source: Rothmans Football Yearbook (18th Year) 1987-88

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