since 1878

Caps in Chronological Order (Full caps)

Date Player Match Venue Result Competition Notes
1954 ( Total 2 )
22/9/1954Billy ReedWALES v Yugoslavia [Full]Cardiff, Wales1-3Friendly 
16/10/1954Billy ReedWALES v Scotland [Full]Cardiff, Wales0-1Home Championships 
1958 ( Total 1 )
5/10/1958Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Poland [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-2Friendly 
1959 ( Total 1 )
1/11/1959Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Sweden [Full]Dublin, Ireland3-2FriendlyScored 2 goals
1960 ( Total 4 )
30/3/1960Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Chile [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-0FriendlyScored (Ireland's second goal)
11/5/1960Dermot CurtisIRELAND v West Germany [Full]Duesseldorf, West Germany1-0Friendly 
18/5/1960Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Sweden [Full]Malmo, Sweden1-4Friendly 
6/11/1960Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Norway [Full]Dublin, Ireland3-1FriendlyPlayed at Centre-forward
1961 ( Total 2 )
3/5/1961Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-4World Cup QualifierDermot Curtis' 14th cap
22/11/1961Ray CrawfordENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-1Home Championships 
1962 ( Total 3 )
4/4/1962Ray CrawfordENGLAND v Austria [Full]Wembley Stadium, London3-1FriendlyScored
8/4/1962Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Austria [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-3FriendlyPlayed at Inside-left
2/9/1962Dermot CurtisIRELAND v Iceland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-1European Championship QualifierPlayed at Outside-right
1965 ( Total 2 )
31/3/1965Cyril LeaWALES v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland5-0Home Championships 
1/5/1965Cyril LeaWALES v Italy [Full]Florence, Italy1-4Friendly 
1968 ( Total 4 )
15/5/1968Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Poland [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-2Friendly 
30/10/1968Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Poland [Full]Katowice, Poland0-1Friendly 
10/11/1968Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Austria [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-2Friendly 
4/12/1968Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Denmark [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-1World Cup QualifierMatch Abandoned 51' due to fog
1969 ( Total 1 )
7/10/1969Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Czechoslovakia [Full]Prague, Czechoslovakia0-3World Cup Qualifier 
1970 ( Total 3 )
6/5/1970Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Poland [Full]Poznan, Poland1-2Friendly 
9/5/1970Tommy CarrollIRELAND v West Germany [Full]Berlin, West Germany1-2Friendly 
14/10/1970Tommy CarrollIRELAND v Sweden [Full]Dalymount Park, Dublin,1-1European Championship QualifierScored from a penalty
1971 ( Total 6 )
22/9/1971Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v USSR [Full]Moscow, USSR0-1European Championship QualifierSubstitute
22/9/1971Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v USSR [Full]Moscow, USSR0-1European Championship Qualifier 
13/10/1971Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v USSR [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
13/10/1971Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v USSR [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
27/10/1971Mick HillWALES v Czechoslovakia [Full]Prague, Czechoslovakia0-1European Championship Qualifier 
24/11/1971Mick HillWALES v Romania [Full]Bucharest, Romania0-2European Championship Qualifier 
1972 ( Total 13 )
16/2/1972Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Spain [Full]Hull1-1European Championship Qualifier 
16/2/1972Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Spain [Full]Hull1-1European Championship Qualifier 
20/5/1972Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-2Home Championships 
23/5/1972Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0Home Championships 
27/5/1972Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 0-0Home Championships 
20/8/1972Bruce TwamleyCANADA v USA [Full]St John's, Newfoundland3-2World Cup Qualifier 
24/8/1972Bruce TwamleyCANADA v Mexico [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-1World Cup Qualifier 
29/8/1972Bruce TwamleyCANADA v USA [Full]Baltimore, Maryland, USA2-2World Cup Qualifier 
2/9/1972Bruce TwamleyCANADA v Guatemala [Full]Guatemala City, Guatemala2-2Friendly 
5/9/1972Bruce TwamleyCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico1-2World Cup Qualifier 
11/10/1972Mick MillsENGLAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-1Friendly 
18/10/1972Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Sofia, Bulgaria0-3World Cup Qualifier 
18/10/1972Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Sofia, Bulgaria0-3World Cup Qualifier 
1973 ( Total 16 )
14/2/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Cyprus [Full]Nicosia, Cyprus0-1World Cup Qualifier 
14/2/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Cyprus [Full]Nicosia, Cyprus0-1World Cup Qualifier 
28/3/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Portugal [Full]Coventry1-1World Cup Qualifier 
28/3/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Portugal [Full]Coventry1-1World Cup Qualifier 
8/5/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Cyprus [Full]London3-0World Cup Qualifier 
8/5/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Cyprus [Full]London3-0World Cup Qualifier 
12/5/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Liverpool1-2Home Championships 
15/5/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Liverpool1-2Home Championships  
16/5/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-1Home Championships  
16/5/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-1Home Championships 
19/5/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Liverpool1-0Home Championships Scored
19/5/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Liverpool1-0Home Championships  
1/8/1973Bruce TwamleyCANADA v Poland [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-3Friendly 
5/8/1973Bruce TwamleyCANADA v USA [Full]Windsor, Ontario, Canada0-2Friendly 
26/9/1973Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Hillsborough, Sheffield0-0World Cup Qualifier 
29/9/1973Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Hillsborough, Sheffield0-0World Cup Qualifier 
1974 ( Total 10 )
11/5/1974Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
11/5/1974Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
15/5/1974Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1Home Championships  
15/5/1974Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1Home Championships  
18/5/1974Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 0-1Home Championships  
18/5/1974Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 0-1Home Championships  
4/9/1974Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway1-2European Championship Qualifier 
4/9/1974Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway1-2European Championship Qualifier 
30/10/1974Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Sweden [Full]Solna, Sweden2-0European Championship Qualifier 
30/10/1974Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Sweden [Full]Solna, Sweden2-0European Championship Qualifier 
1975 ( Total 22 )
16/3/1975Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0European Championship QualifierScored
16/3/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0European Championship Qualifier 
16/4/1975Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Cyprus [Full]Wembley Stadium, London5-0European Championship Qualifier 
11/5/1975Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Cyprus [Full]Limassol, Cyprus1-0European Championship Qualifier 
17/5/1975Colin ViljoenENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-0Home Championships 
17/5/1975Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-0Home Championships  
17/5/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-0Home Championships  
20/5/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-3Home Championships  
21/5/1975Dave JohnsonENGLAND v Wales [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-2Home ChampionshipsScored 10' and 71'
21/5/1975Colin ViljoenENGLAND v Wales [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-2Home Championships 
23/5/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0Home Championships  
24/5/1975Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London5-1Home ChampionshipsScored 7'. David Johnson also netted in this game.
24/5/1975Dave JohnsonENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London5-1Home ChampionshipsScored 73'. Kevin Beattie also netted in this game.
3/9/1975Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland2-1Friendly 
3/9/1975Dave JohnsonENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland2-1Friendly 
3/9/1975Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Sweden [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-2European Championship Qualifier 
3/9/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Sweden [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-2European Championship Qualifier 
23/10/1975Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Norway [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland3-0European Championship QualifierScored
23/10/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Norway [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland3-0European Championship Qualifier 
19/11/1975Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Portugal [Full]Lisbon, Portugal1-1European Championship Qualifier 
19/11/1975Bryan HamiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belgrade, Yugoslavia0-1European Championship Qualifier 
19/11/1975Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belgrade, Yugoslavia0-1European Championship Qualifier 
1976 ( Total 18 )
23/3/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 2-1Friendly 
24/3/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Israel [Full]Tel Aviv, Israel1-1Friendly 
8/5/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales1-0Home Championships 
8/5/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-3Home Championships  
8/5/1976Pat SharkeyNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-3Home Championships 
11/5/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London4-0Home Championships 
11/5/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-4Home Championships  
15/5/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-2Home Championships 
15/5/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Swansea, Wales0-1Home Championships  
23/5/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Brazil [Full]Los Angeles, California0-1US Bicentenary Tournament 
28/5/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Italy [Full]Yankee Stadium, New Yor3-2US Bicentenary TournamentSubstitute
13/6/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Finland [Full]Helsinki, Finland4-1World Cup Qualifier 
13/10/1976Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Finland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1World Cup Qualifier 
13/10/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Finland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1World Cup QualifierSubstitute
13/10/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands2-2World Cup Qualifier 
10/11/1976Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Belgium [Full]Liege, Belgium0-2World Cup Qualifier 
17/11/1976Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Italy [Full]Rome, Italy0-2World Cup QualifierSubstitute
17/11/1976Mick MillsENGLAND v Italy [Full]Rome, Italy0-2World Cup Qualifier 
1977 ( Total 23 )
9/2/1977Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Netherlands [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-2Friendly 
30/3/1977Paul MarinerENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Wembley Stadium, London5-0World Cup QualifierSubstitute for Joe Royle
27/4/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v West Germany [Full]Koeln, West Germany0-5Friendly 
28/5/1977Paul MarinerENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland2-1Home Championships 
28/5/1977Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland2-1Home Championships 
28/5/1977Brian TalbotENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland2-1Home ChampionshipsSubstitute
28/5/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-2Home Championships  
31/5/1977Mick MillsENGLAND v Wales [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1Home Championships 
1/6/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-2Home Championships  
3/6/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home Championships  
4/6/1977Mick MillsENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Home Championships 
4/6/1977Brian TalbotENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Home Championships 
8/6/1977Brian TalbotENGLAND v Brazil [Full]Rio de Janeiro, Brazil0-0Friendly 
11/6/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Iceland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
12/6/1977Brian TalbotENGLAND v Argentina [Full]Buenos Aires, Argentina1-1Friendly 
15/6/1977Brian TalbotENGLAND v Uruguay [Full]Montevideo, Uruguay0-0Friendly 
21/9/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Iceland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
12/10/1977Kevin BeattieENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Municipal, Luxemb2-0World Cup QualifierSubstitute
12/10/1977Paul MarinerENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Municipal, Luxemb2-0World Cup QualifierScored
12/10/1977Trevor WhymarkENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Municipal, Luxemb2-0World Cup QualifierSubstitute
12/10/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
25/10/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Denmark [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland2-1European Championship Qualifier 
16/11/1977Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Belgium [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland3-0World Cup Qualifier 
1978 ( Total 11 )
22/2/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Munich, West Germany1-2Friendly 
19/4/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Brazil [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-1Friendly 
13/5/1978Paul MarinerENGLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales3-1Home ChampionshipsSubstitute
13/5/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales3-1Home ChampionshipsCaptain
16/5/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0Home Championships 
20/5/1978Paul MarinerENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships 
20/5/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships 
24/5/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Wembley Stadium, London4-1Friendly 
20/9/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark4-3European Championship Qualifier 
20/9/1978Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Ireland [Full]Dublin, Ireland0-0European Championship Qualifier 
25/10/1978Mick MillsENGLAND v Ireland [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
1979 ( Total 27 )
7/2/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London4-0European Championship Qualifier 
19/5/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland2-0Home ChampionshipsCaptain
19/5/1979George BurleySCOTLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales0-3Home Championships John Wark also made his debut in this game
19/5/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales0-3Home Championships George Burley also made his debut in this game
22/5/1979Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-1Home Championships  
22/5/1979George BurleySCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
22/5/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
25/5/1979Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home Championships  
26/5/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London3-1Home Championships 
26/5/1979George BurleySCOTLAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-3Home Championships  
26/5/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-3Home Championships Scored
2/6/1979George BurleySCOTLAND v Argentina [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-3Friendly 
2/6/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Argentina [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-3Friendly 
6/6/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Bulgaria [Full]Sofia, Bulgaria3-0European Championship Qualifier 
6/6/1979Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark0-4European Championship Qualifier 
7/6/1979George BurleySCOTLAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway4-0European Championship Qualifier 
7/6/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway4-0European Championship QualifierSubstitute
13/6/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Austria [Full]Vienna, Austria3-4Friendly 
12/9/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0European Championship Qualifier 
12/9/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Peru [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-1FriendlySubstitute
17/10/1979Mick MillsENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland5-1European Championship Qualifier 
17/10/1979Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-5European Championship Qualifier 
17/10/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Austria [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
21/11/1979Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v East Germany [Full]Kiev, Ukraine, USSR3-2European Championship QualifierScored 43'
21/11/1979Allan HunterNORTHERN IRELAND v Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0European Championship Qualifier 
21/11/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Belgium [Full]Brussels, Belgium0-2European Championship Qualifier 
19/12/1979John WarkSCOTLAND v Belgium [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-3European Championship Qualifier 
1980 ( Total 26 )
23/1/1980Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Spain [Full]Vigo, Spain0-1Friendly 
26/3/1980Mick MillsENGLAND v Spain [Full]Barcelona, Spain2-0Friendly 
26/3/1980Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v France [Full]Paris, France0-0Friendly 
26/3/1980George BurleySCOTLAND v Portugal [Full]Glasgow, Scotland4-1European Championship Qualifier 
16/5/1980George BurleySCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-1Home Championships  
17/5/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 1-4Home ChampionshipsScored
20/5/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-1Home ChampionshipsSubstitute
24/5/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0Home Championships 
24/5/1980George BurleySCOTLAND v England [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-2Home Championships Substitute
28/5/1980Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Poland [Full]Poznan, Poland0-1FriendlySubstitute
28/5/1980George BurleySCOTLAND v Poland [Full]Poznan, Poland0-1Friendly 
31/5/1980Terry ButcherENGLAND v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia2-1Friendly 
31/5/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia2-1FriendlyScored
31/5/1980Russell OsmanENGLAND v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia2-1Friendly 
31/5/1980Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Hungary [Full]Budapest, Hungary1-3Friendly 
14/6/1980Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v West Germany [Full]Naples, Italy2-3European Championship 
15/6/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Italy [Full]Turin, Italy0-1European ChampionshipSubstitute
17/6/1980Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Czechoslovakia [Full]Milan, Italy1-1European Championship 
18/6/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Spain [Full]Naples, Italy2-1European ChampionshipSubstitute
18/6/1980Mick MillsENGLAND v Spain [Full]Naples, Italy2-1European Championship 
10/9/1980Eric GatesENGLAND v Norway  [Full]Wembley Stadium, London4-0World Cup Qualifier 
10/9/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Norway [Full]Wembley Stadium, London4-0World Cup QualifierScored
10/9/1980Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Ireland [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-2World Cup Qualifier 
15/10/1980Eric GatesENGLAND v Romania [Full]Bucharest, Romania1-2World Cup Qualifier 
19/11/1980Paul MarinerENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1World Cup QualifierScored
19/11/1980Mick MillsENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1World Cup QualifierCaptain
1981 ( Total 29 )
22/2/1981Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Cyprus [Full]Groningen, Netherlands3-0World Cup Qualifier 
25/2/1981John WarkSCOTLAND v Israel [Full]Tel Aviv, Israel1-0World Cup Qualifier 
23/3/1981Paul MarinerENGLAND v Spain [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly 
25/3/1981Terry ButcherENGLAND v Spain [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly 
25/3/1981Russell OsmanENGLAND v Spain [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly 
25/3/1981Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v France [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands1-0World Cup QualifierScored 47'
25/3/1981Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v France [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands1-0World Cup Qualifier 
25/3/1981John WarkSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-1World Cup QualifierScored
29/4/1981Russell OsmanENGLAND v Romania [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-0World Cup Qualifier 
29/4/1981Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Czechoslovakia [Full]Lansdowne Road, Dublin,3-1Friendly 
29/4/1981Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v Cyprus [Full]Nicosia, Cyprus1-0World Cup Qualifier 
21/5/1981Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v West Germany B [Full]Weser Stadium, Bremen0-3Friendly 
24/5/1981Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Poland [Full]Zopisya Stadium, Bydgos0-3FriendlySubstituted 62'
30/5/1981Paul MarinerENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland1-2World Cup Qualifier 
30/5/1981Mick MillsENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland1-2World Cup Qualifier 
30/5/1981Russell OsmanENGLAND v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland1-2World Cup Qualifier 
6/6/1981Paul MarinerENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Budapest, Hungary3-1World Cup Qualifier 
6/6/1981Mick MillsENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Budapest, Hungary3-1World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/1981Paul MarinerENGLAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway1-2World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/1981Mick MillsENGLAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway1-2World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/1981Russell OsmanENGLAND v Norway [Full]Oslo, Norway1-2World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/1981Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v Ireland [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands2-2World Cup QualifierScored 64'
9/9/1981Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Ireland [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands2-2World Cup QualifierScored 11'
9/9/1981John WarkSCOTLAND v Sweden [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0World Cup Qualifier 
14/10/1981Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v Belgium [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands3-0World Cup Qualifier 
14/10/1981Frans ThijssenNETHERLANDS v Belgium [Full]Rotterdam, Netherlands3-0World Cup Qualifier 
18/11/1981Paul MarinerENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0World Cup QualifierScored
18/11/1981Mick MillsENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0World Cup Qualifier 
18/11/1981Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v France [Full]Paris, France0-2World Cup Qualifier 
1982 ( Total 56 )
24/2/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Spain [Full]Valencia, Spain0-3Friendly 
24/2/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v Spain [Full]Valencia, Spain0-3Friendly 
23/3/1982Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-2Friendly 
23/3/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Netherlands [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-1FriendlySubstitute
23/3/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v Netherlands [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-1Friendly 
27/4/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Wales [Full]Cardiff, Wales1-0Home Championships 
28/4/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Algeria [Full]Olympic Stadium, Algiers0-2Friendly 
28/4/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home Championships  
28/4/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1Home ChampionshipsScored
3/5/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Arima Stadium, Port of 1-2FriendlySubstitute
21/5/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Chile [Full]Nacional Stadium, Santi0-1Friendly 
24/5/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Wales [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships  
24/5/1982George BurleySCOTLAND v Wales [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships Substitute
25/5/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Netherlands [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-0FriendlyScored
25/5/1982Arnold MuhrenNETHERLANDS v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-2Friendly 
27/5/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Brazil [Full]Estadio Municipal Joao 0-7FriendlyIreland's record defeat
29/5/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships 
29/5/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home ChampionshipsScored
29/5/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-0Home Championships 
29/5/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v England [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-1Home Championships  
29/5/1982George BurleySCOTLAND v England [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-1Home Championships  
2/6/1982Russell OsmanENGLAND v Iceland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-1Friendly 
3/6/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Finland [Full]Helsinki, Finland4-1FriendlyScored 2 goals
3/6/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v Finland [Full]Helsinki, Finland4-1Friendly 
15/6/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v New Zealand [Full]Malaga, Spain5-2World Cup Finals 
15/6/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v New Zealand [Full]Malaga, Spain5-2World Cup FinalsScored 2 goals
16/6/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v France [Full]Bilbao, Spain3-1World Cup Finals 
16/6/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v France [Full]Bilbao, Spain3-1World Cup FinalsScored
16/6/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v France [Full]Bilbao, Spain3-1World Cup FinalsCaptain
18/6/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v Brazil [Full]Seville, Spain1-4World Cup Finals 
20/6/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Czechoslovakia [Full]Bilbao, Spain2-0World Cup Finals 
20/6/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Czechoslovakia [Full]Bilbao, Spain2-0World Cup FinalsScored
20/6/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v Czechoslovakia [Full]Bilbao, Spain2-0World Cup FinalsCaptain
22/6/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v USSR [Full]Malaga, Spain2-2World Cup FinalsSubstitute
22/6/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v USSR [Full]Malaga, Spain2-2World Cup Finals 
25/6/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Kuwait [Full]Bilbao, Spain1-0World Cup Finals 
25/6/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v Kuwait [Full]Bilbao, Spain1-0World Cup FinalsCaptain
29/6/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup Finals 
29/6/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup Finals 
29/6/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup FinalsCaptain
5/7/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Spain [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup Finals 
5/7/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Spain [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup Finals 
5/7/1982Mick MillsENGLAND v Spain [Full]Madrid, Spain0-0World Cup FinalsCaptain
22/9/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark2-2European Championship Qualifier 
22/9/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark2-2European Championship Qualifier 
22/9/1982Russell OsmanENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark2-2European Championship Qualifier 
13/10/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly 
13/10/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly 
13/10/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Iceland [Full]Lansdowne Road, Dublin,2-0European Championship qualifierSubstitute 64'
13/10/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v East Germany [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0European Championship Qualifier 
13/10/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v East Germany  [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0European Championship QualifierScored
17/11/1982Paul MarinerENGLAND v Greece [Full]Salonika, Greece3-0European Championship Qualifier 
17/11/1982Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Spain [Full]Lansdowne Road, Dublin,3-3European Championship qualifier 
17/11/1982Alan BrazilSCOTLAND v Switzerland [Full]Berne, Switzerland0-2European Championship Qualifier 
17/11/1982John WarkSCOTLAND v Switzerland [Full]Berne, Switzerland0-2European Championship Qualifier 
15/12/1982Terry ButcherENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Wembley Stadium, London9-0European Championship Qualifier 
1983 ( Total 30 )
23/2/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Wales [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1Home ChampionshipsScored
23/2/1983Paul MarinerENGLAND v Wales [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1Home Championships 
30/3/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Greece [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-0European Championship Qualifier 
30/3/1983Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Malta [Full]Ta' Qali National Stadi1-0European Championship qualifierSubstitute 63'
30/3/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v Switzerland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-2European Championship QualifierScored
27/4/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-0European Championship Qualifier 
27/4/1983Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Spain [Full]La Romareda Stadium, Za0-2European Championship QualifierSubstitute 57'
24/5/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-0Home Championships  
28/5/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-0Home Championships 
1/6/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-0Home Championships 
1/6/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-2Home Championships Substitute
12/6/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia0-0Friendly 
12/6/1983Russell OsmanENGLAND v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia0-0Friendly 
15/6/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Australia [Full]Brisbane, Australia1-0Friendly 
15/6/1983Russell OsmanENGLAND v Australia [Full]Brisbane, Australia1-0Friendly 
19/6/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Australia [Full]Melbourne, Australia1-1Friendly 
19/6/1983Russell OsmanENGLAND v Australia [Full]Melbourne, Australia1-1Friendly 
21/9/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1European Championship Qualifier 
21/9/1983Paul MarinerENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1European Championship Qualifier 
21/9/1983Russell OsmanENGLAND v Denmark [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-1European Championship Qualifier 
21/9/1983Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Iceland [Full]Laugardalsvollur, Reykj3-0European Championship qualifierSubstitute
21/9/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v Uruguay [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0Friendly 
12/10/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Budapest, Hungary3-0European Championship Qualifier 
12/10/1983Paul MarinerENGLAND v Hungary [Full]Budapest, Hungary3-0European Championship QualifierScored
12/10/1983Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Dalymount Park, Dublin,2-3European Championship qualifierSubstituted 74'
12/10/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v Belgium [Full]Glasgow, Scotland1-1European Championship Qualifier 
16/11/1983Terry ButcherENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Luxembourg City, Luxemb4-0European Championship QualifierScored
16/11/1983Paul MarinerENGLAND v Luxembourg [Full]Luxembourg City, Luxemb4-0European Championship QualifierScored
16/11/1983Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Malta [Full]Dalymount Park, Dublin,8-0European Championship qualifierIreland's record win
16/11/1983John WarkSCOTLAND v East Germany  [Full]Halle, East Germany1-2European Championship Qualifier 
1984 ( Total 8 )
29/2/1984Terry ButcherENGLAND v France [Full]Paris, France0-2Friendly 
4/4/1984Terry ButcherENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0World Cup Qualifier 
12/9/1984Terry ButcherENGLAND v East Germany [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-0Friendly 
12/9/1984Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Mexico [Full]Dalymount Park, Dublin,0-0FriendlySubstitute 45'
17/10/1984Terry ButcherENGLAND v Finland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London5-0World Cup Qualifier 
17/10/1984Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Norway [Full]Ullevaal Stadium, Oslo,0-1World Cup qualifierSubstitute 67'
14/11/1984Terry ButcherENGLAND v Turkey [Full]Istanbul, Turkey8-0World Cup Qualifier 
14/11/1984Kevin OCallaghanIRELAND v Denmark [Full]Idraetspark, Copenhagen0-3World Cup qualifierSubstitute 45'
1985 ( Total 8 )
27/2/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0World Cup Qualifier 
26/3/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Eire [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1Friendly 
1/5/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Romania [Full]Bucharest, Romania0-0World Cup Qualifier 
22/5/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Finland [Full]Helsinki, Finland1-1World Cup Qualifier 
25/5/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland0-1Friendly 
6/6/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v Italy [Full]Mexico City, Mexico1-2Friendly 
12/6/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v West Germany [Full]Mexico City, Mexico3-0Friendly 
16/6/1985Terry ButcherENGLAND v United States [Full]Los Angeles, California5-0Friendly 
1986 ( Total 10 )
26/2/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Israel [Full]Ramat Gan, Israel2-1Friendly 
26/3/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v USSR [Full]Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR1-0Friendly 
23/4/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Scotland [Full]Wembley Stadium, London2-1FriendlyScored
17/5/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Mexico [Full]Los Angeles, California3-0Friendly 
24/5/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Canada [Full]Burnaby, British Columb1-0Friendly 
3/6/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Portugal [Full]Estadio Tecnológico, M0-1World Cup Finals 
6/6/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Morocco [Full]Estadio Tecnológico, M0-0World Cup Finals 
11/6/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Poland [Full]Estadio Tecnológico, M3-0World Cup Finals 
18/6/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Paraguay [Full]Mexico City, Mexico3-0World Cup Finals 
22/6/1986Terry ButcherENGLAND v Argentina [Full]Mexico City, Mexico1-2World Cup Finals 
1987 ( Total 3 )
18/2/1987Kevin WilsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Israel [Full]Tel Aviv, Israel1-1Friendly 
1/4/1987Kevin WilsonNORTHERN IRELAND v England [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-2European Championship Qualifier 
29/4/1987Kevin WilsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-2European Championship Qualifier 
1988 ( Total 4 )
25/5/1988Craig ForrestCANADA v Chile [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-0Matthews Cup  
28/5/1988Craig ForrestCANADA v Greece [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-0Matthews Cup Canada won 4-2 on penalties.
17/6/1988Craig ForrestCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Montreal, Quebec, Canada0-1Friendly  
15/7/1988Craig ForrestCANADA v Poland [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-2Friendly  
1989 ( Total 2 )
12/4/1989Craig ForrestCANADA v Denmark [Full]Aalborg, Denmark0-2Friendly  
8/6/1989Craig ForrestCANADA v Belgium [Full]Ottawa, Ontario, Canada0-2Friendly  
1990 ( Total 4 )
6/5/1990Frank YallopCANADA v USA [Full]Burnaby, British Columb1-0Corona 3 Nations Cup 
6/5/1990Craig ForrestCANADA v USA [Full]Burnaby, British Columb1-0Corona 3 Nations Cup 
13/5/1990Craig ForrestCANADA v Mexico [Full]Burnaby, British Columb2-1Corona 3 Nations Cup 
13/5/1990Frank YallopCANADA v Mexico [Full]Burnaby, British Columb2-1Corona 3 Nations Cup 
1991 ( Total 4 )
28/6/1991Craig ForrestCANADA v Honduras [Full]Los Angeles, California2-4CONCACAF Gold CupSent Off
28/6/1991Frank YallopCANADA v Honduras [Full]Los Angeles, California2-4CONCACAF Gold Cup 
30/6/1991Frank YallopCANADA v Mexico [Full]Los Angeles, California1-3CONCACAF Gold Cup 
3/7/1991Frank YallopCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Los Angeles, California3-2CONCACAF Gold CupSubstitute
1992 ( Total 12 )
20/5/1992Craig ForrestCANADA v Scotland [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-3Friendly 
20/5/1992Frank YallopCANADA v Scotland [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-3Friendly 
3/9/1992Frank YallopCANADA v USA [Full]St John, New Brunswick,0-2Friendly 
9/10/1992Craig ForrestCANADA v USA [Full]Greensboro, North Carol0-0Friendly 
9/10/1992Frank YallopCANADA v USA [Full]Greensboro, North Carol0-0FriendlySubstituted 62'
18/10/1992Craig ForrestCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Kingston, Jamaica1-1World Cup Qualifier 
18/10/1992Frank YallopCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Kingston, Jamaica1-1World Cup Qualifier 
25/10/1992Frank YallopCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]San Salvador, El Salvad1-1World Cup Qualifier 
1/11/1992Frank YallopCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-0World Cup Qualifier 
8/11/1992Frank YallopCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]Burnaby, British Columb2-3World Cup Qualifier 
15/11/1992Frank YallopCANADA v Bermuda [Full]Burnaby, British Columb4-2World Cup Qualifier 
6/12/1992Frank YallopCANADA v Bermuda [Full]Hamilton, Ontario, Canada0-0World Cup Qualifier 
1993 ( Total 23 )
17/2/1993Geraint WilliamsWALES v Ireland [Full]Ireland1-2Friendly 
24/3/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]San Jose, Costa Rica1-0Friendly 
24/3/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]San Jose, Costa Rica1-0Friendly 
4/4/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Honduras [Full]Tegucigalpa, Honduras2-2World Cup Qualifier 
4/4/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Honduras [Full]Tegucigalpa, Honduras2-2World Cup Qualifier 
11/4/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]Vancouver, British Colu2-0World Cup Qualifier 
11/4/1993Frank YallopCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]Vancouver, British Colu2-0World Cup Qualifier 
18/4/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Honduras [Full]Vancouver, British Colu3-1World Cup Qualifier 
18/4/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Honduras [Full]Vancouver, British Colu3-1World Cup Qualifier 
25/4/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico0-4World Cup Qualifier 
25/4/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico0-4World Cup Qualifier 
2/5/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]San Salvador, El Salvador2-1World Cup Qualifier 
2/5/1993Frank YallopCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]San Salvador, El Salvador2-1World Cup Qualifier 
9/5/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Mexico [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-2World Cup Qualifier 
9/5/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Mexico [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-2World Cup Qualifier 
11/7/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Mexico City, Mexico1-1CONCACAF Gold Cup 
15/7/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Martinique [Full]Mexico City, Mexico2-2CONCACAF Gold Cup 
18/7/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico0-8CONCACAF Gold Cup 
18/7/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico0-8CONCACAF Gold Cup 
31/7/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Australia [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2-1World Cup Qualifier 
31/7/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Australia [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2-1World Cup Qualifier 
15/8/1993Craig ForrestCANADA v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia1-2World Cup Qualifier 
15/8/1993Frank YallopCANADA v Australia [Full]Sydney, Australia1-2World Cup Qualifier 
1994 ( Total 15 )
19/1/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Mexico [Full]USA1-1Friendly 
15/4/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Oman [Full]Oman1-1Friendly 
1/6/1994Craig ForrestCANADA v Morocco [Full]Montreal, Quebec, Canada1-1Friendly 
1/6/1994Frank YallopCANADA v Morocco [Full]Montreal, Quebec, Canada1-1Friendly 
3/6/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Ukraine [Full]Bulgaria1-1Friendly46' Substitute for Iordan Lechkov
5/6/1994Craig ForrestCANADA v Brazil [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1-1Friendly 
5/6/1994Frank YallopCANADA v Brazil [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1-1Friendly 
8/6/1994Craig ForrestCANADA v Germany [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-2Friendly 
8/6/1994Frank YallopCANADA v Germany [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-2Friendly 
10/6/1994Frank YallopCANADA v Spain [Full]Montreal, Quebec, Canada0-2Friendly 
12/6/1994Craig ForrestCANADA v Netherlands [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-3Friendly 
12/6/1994Frank YallopCANADA v Netherlands [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-3Friendly 
5/7/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Mexico [Full]East Rutherford, New Je1-1World Cup Finals104' Substitute for Nasko Sirakov. Scored in 3-1 penalty shoot-out win.
10/7/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Germany [Full]Boston, Massachusetts, 2-1World Cup Finals90' Substitute
13/7/1994Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Italy [Full]East Rutherford, New Je1-2World Cup Finals79' Substitute for Hristo Stoichkov
1995 ( Total 14 )
24/1/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Denmark [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-1SkyDome Cup  
15/2/1995Bontcho GuentchevBULGARIA v Argentina [Full]Argentina1-4FriendlySubstituted 81' (replaced by Enigbar Engibarov)
26/4/1995Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Macedonia [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark1-0European Championship Qualifier 
22/5/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Northern Ireland [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2-0Canada Cup 
28/5/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Chile [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1-2Canada Cup 
4/6/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Turkey [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada1-3Friendly 
24/6/1995Craig ForrestCANADA v Denmark [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-1SkyDome Cup  
1/8/1995Craig ForrestCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada3-1Caribana Cup  
1/8/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Jamaica [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada3-1Caribana Cup  
3/8/1995Craig ForrestCANADA v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada3-1Caribana Cup  
3/8/1995Frank YallopCANADA v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada3-1Caribana Cup  
16/8/1995Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Armenia [Full]Yerevan, Armenia2-0European Championship Qualifier 
6/9/1995Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Belgium [Full]Brussels, Belgium3-1European Championship Qualifier 
11/10/1995Geraint WilliamsWALES v Germany [Full]Wales1-2European Championship QualifierSubstitute
1996 ( Total 19 )
10/1/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Honduras [Full]Anaheim, California, USA3-1CONCACAF Gold Cup 
10/1/1996Frank YallopCANADA v Honduras [Full]Anaheim, California, USA3-1CONCACAF Gold Cup 
12/1/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Brazil [Full]Los Angeles, California1-4CONCACAF Gold Cup 
12/1/1996Frank YallopCANADA v Brazil [Full]Los Angeles, California1-4CONCACAF Gold Cup 
27/3/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Germany [Full]Munich, Germany0-2Friendly 
24/4/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Scotland [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark2-0Friendly 
2/6/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Ghana [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark1-0Friendly 
5/6/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Toronto, Ontario, Canada0-1Friendly 
9/6/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Portugal [Full]Hillsborough, Sheffield1-1European ChampionshipSubstituted 83'
16/6/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Croatia [Full]Hillsborough, Sheffield0-3European Championship 
19/6/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Turkey [Full]Hillsborough, Sheffield3-0European Championship 
14/8/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Sweden [Full]Gothenburg, Sweden1-0Friendly 
30/8/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Panama [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada3-1World Cup Qualifier 
1/9/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Slovenia [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-0World Cup QualifierBooked
10/9/1996Claus ThomsenDENMARK v Greece [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark2-1World Cup Qualifier 
10/10/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Cuba  [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2-0World Cup Qualifier 
13/10/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Cuba  [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2-0World Cup Qualifier 
27/10/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v Panama [Full]Panama City, Panama0-0World Cup QualifierSent off 83'
15/12/1996Craig ForrestCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]San Salvador, El Salvador2-0World Cup Qualifier 
1997 ( Total 5 )
2/3/1997Craig ForrestCANADA v Mexico [Full]Mexico City, Mexico0-4World Cup Qualifier 
16/3/1997Craig ForrestCANADA v USA [Full]Palo Alto, California0-3World Cup Qualifier 
6/4/1997Craig ForrestCANADA v El Salvador  [Full]Vancouver, British Colu0-0World Cup QualifierWhile on loan to Chelsea
1/6/1997Craig ForrestCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1-0World Cup Qualifier 
10/9/1997Danny SonnerNORTHERN IRELAND v Albania [Full]Albania0-0European Championship QualifierSubstitute
1999 ( Total 5 )
28/3/1999David JohnsonJAMAICA v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium0-2FriendlySubstitute for Paul Hill
31/3/1999David JohnsonJAMAICA v Paraguay [Full]Kingston, Jamaica3-0FriendlyScored
27/5/1999David JohnsonJAMAICA v Sweden [Full]Sweden1-2Friendly 
8/9/1999David JohnsonJAMAICA v USA [Full]Kingston, Jamaica2-2Friendly61' Substitute. Scored 79'
9/10/1999Matt HollandIRELAND v Macedonia [Full]Skopje, Macedonia1-1European Championship Qualifier84' Substitute. Holland's international debut.
2000 ( Total 17 )
23/2/2000Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Luxembourg [Full]Luxembourg City, Luxemb3-1FriendlySusbtituted 75' (replaced by Danny Sonner)
3/6/2000Richard WrightENGLAND v Malta [Full]Valletta, Malta2-1FriendlyScored an own goal and saved a penalty
4/6/2000Matt HollandIRELAND v Mexico [Full]Chicago, Illinois, USA2-2Nike US Cup 
6/6/2000Matt HollandIRELAND v USA [Full]Boston, Massachusetts, 1-1Nike US Cup 
11/6/2000Matt HollandIRELAND v South Africa [Full]Giants Stadium, East Ru2-1Nike US Cup 
16/8/2000Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Yugoslavia [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-2Friendly 
2/9/2000Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Denmark [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-2World Cup Qualifier 
2/9/2000Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Malta [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-0World Cup Qualifier 
7/10/2000Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Czech Republic [Full]Teplice, Czech Republic0-4World Cup Qualifier 
7/10/2000Matt HollandIRELAND v Portugal [Full]Lisbon, Portugal1-1World Cup Qualifier46' Substitute for Niall Quinn. Scored 73'.
7/10/2000Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Denmark [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland1-1World Cup Qualifier 
7/10/2000Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Josy Barthel2-1World Cup Qualifier 
11/10/2000Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-0World Cup Qualifier 
11/10/2000Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Iceland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
11/10/2000Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Switzerland [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-2World Cup QualifierSent off 40'
15/11/2000Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Poland [Full]Warsaw, Poland0-1Friendly 
15/11/2000Matt HollandIRELAND v Finland [Full]Dublin, Ireland3-0Friendly 
2001 ( Total 29 )
28/2/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Norway [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-4Friendly 
24/3/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Sofia, Bulgaria1-2World Cup QualifierScored 24'
24/3/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Cyprus [Full]Nicosia, Cyprus4-0World Cup Qualifier77' Substitute for Jason McAteer
24/3/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Czech Republic [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-1World Cup Qualifier 
28/3/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Andorra [Full]Mini Estadi, Barcelona3-0World Cup QualifierScored 80'
28/3/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Sofia, Bulgaria3-4World Cup Qualifier 
25/4/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Malta [Full]Ta' Qali National Stadi4-1World Cup Qualifier 
25/4/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Andorra [Full]Dublin, Ireland3-1World Cup Qualifier 
2/6/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Portugal [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-1World Cup Qualifier78' Substitute for Niall Quinn.
2/6/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Luxembourg [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-0World Cup Qualifier 
6/6/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Bulgaria [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-1World Cup Qualifier 
6/6/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Estonia [Full]Tallinn, Estonia2-0World Cup QualifierScored 38'
6/6/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Switzerland [Full]Basle, Switzerland1-0World Cup Qualifier 
15/8/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Poland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland1-1FriendlyScored an own goal
15/8/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Romania [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-2Friendly 
1/9/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Czech Republic [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland3-1World Cup Qualifier 
1/9/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-0World Cup Qualifier 
1/9/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark1-1World Cup Qualifier 
1/9/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Russia [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-1World Cup Qualifier 
5/9/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland0-3World Cup Qualifier 
5/9/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Iceland [Full]Belfast, Northern Ireland3-0World Cup Qualifier 
5/9/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Yugoslavia [Full]Belgrade, Yugoslavia1-1World Cup Qualifier 
6/10/2001Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Denmark [Full]Copenhagen, Denmark0-6World Cup Qualifier 
6/10/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Cyprus [Full]Dublin, Ireland4-0World Cup Qualifier 
6/10/2001Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Malta [Full]Ta' Qali National Stadi1-0World Cup Qualifier 
7/10/2001Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Japan [Full]Southampton2-2Friendly 
10/11/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Iran [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-0World Cup Qualifier 
10/11/2001Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Romania [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-1World Cup Qualifier 
15/11/2001Matt HollandIRELAND v Iran [Full]Tehran, Iran0-1World Cup Qualifier 
2002 ( Total 36 )
21/1/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Algeria [Full]Bamako, Mali1-0African Nations Cup 
24/1/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Mali [Full]Bamako, Mali0-0African Nations Cup 
28/1/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Liberia [Full]Mopti, Mali1-0African Nations Cup 
3/2/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Ghana [Full]Bamako, Mali1-0African Nations Cup Quarter-FinalSubstituted 90'
7/2/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Senegal [Full]Bamako, Mali1-2African Nations Cup Semi-FinalSubstituted 68'
9/2/2002Finidi GeorgeNIGERIA v Mali [Full]Mopti, Mali1-0African Nations Cup Third Place Final89' Substitute
12/2/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Honduras [Full]Hong Kong1-5Friendly45' Substitute. Booked 89'
13/2/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Russia [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-0Friendly85' Substitute for Roy Keane
13/2/2002Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Poland [Full]Limassol, Cyprus1-4Friendly 
15/2/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v China [Full]Hong Kong0-0Friendly20' Substitute. Slovenia won 4-3 on penalties.
27/3/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Denmark [Full]Dublin, Ireland3-0Friendly 
27/3/2002Jim MagiltonNORTHERN IRELAND v Liechtenstein [Full]Vaduz, Liechtenstein0-0Friendly 
27/3/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Croatia [Full]Zagreb, Croatia0-0Friendly 
17/4/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v USA [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-1Friendly48' Substitute for Tony Kinsella.
17/4/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Tunisia [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia1-0Friendly 
16/5/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Nigeria [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-2Friendly 
17/5/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Ghana [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia2-0Friendly 
1/6/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Cameroon [Full]Niigata, Japan1-1World Cup FinalsScored 52'
2/6/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Spain [Full]Gwangju, South Korea1-3World Cup FinalsBooked
5/6/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Germany [Full]Ibaraki, Japan1-1World Cup Finals 
8/6/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v South Africa [Full]Daegu, South Korea0-1World Cup Finals 
11/6/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Saudi Arabia [Full]Yokohama, Japan3-0World Cup Finals 
12/6/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Paraguay [Full]Seogwipo, South Korea1-3World Cup FinalsBooked
16/6/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Spain [Full]Suwon, South Korea1-1World Cup FinalsHit bar in penalty shoot-out. Spain won 3-2 on penalties.
21/8/2002Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Andorra [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland3-0Friendly 
21/8/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Finland [Full]Helsinki, Finland3-0Friendly86' Substitute for Lee Carsley.
21/8/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Italy [Full]Trieste, Italy1-0FriendlySubstituted 76'
7/9/2002Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Hungary [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland0-2Friendly 
7/9/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Russia [Full]Moscow, Russia2-4European Championship Qualifier 
7/9/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v Malta [Full]Ljubljana, Slovenia3-0European Championship Qualifier 
12/10/2002Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Scotland [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland0-2European Championship Qualifier 
12/10/2002Amir KaricSLOVENIA v France [Full]Paris, France0-5European Championship Qualifier 
16/10/2002Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Lithunia [Full]Reykjavik, Iceland3-0European Championship QualifierCaptain
16/10/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Switzerland [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-2European Championship Qualifier 
20/11/2002Hermann HreidarssonICELAND v Estonia [Full]Tallinn, Estonia0-2FriendlyCaptain. Substituted 75'.
20/11/2002Matt HollandIRELAND v Greece [Full]Athens, Greece0-0Friendly 
2003 ( Total 6 )
12/2/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Scotland [Full]Glasgow, Scotland2-0FriendlyCaptained side for first time
29/3/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Georgia [Full]Tblisi, Georgia2-1European Championship Qualifier 
2/4/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Albania [Full]Tirana, Albania0-0European Championship Qualifier 
30/4/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Norway [Full]Dublin, Ireland1-0FriendlyCaptained side for second time
7/6/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Albania [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-1European Championship Qualifier 
11/6/2003Matt HollandIRELAND v Georgia [Full]Dublin, Ireland2-0European Championship Qualifier 
2004 ( Total 10 )
31/3/2004Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Malta [Full]Ta' Qali National Stadi2-1FriendlySubstituted 74'
30/5/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Wales [Full]The Racecourse Ground, 0-1Friendly 
13/6/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Belize [Full]Richardson Stadium, Kin4-0World Cup Qualifier 
16/6/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Belize [Full]Richardson Stadium, Kin4-0World Cup QualifierBooked 32'
4/9/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Honduras [Full]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1-1World Cup QualifierBooked 39'. Scored 82'
9/10/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Honduras [Full]San Pedro Sula, Honduras1-1World Cup Qualifier 
9/10/2004Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Armenia [Full]Tampere, Finland3-1World Cup QualifierScored 8' and 87'
13/10/2004Jason DeVosCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Burnaby, British Columb1-3World Cup Qualifier 
13/10/2004Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam Arena, Amster1-3World Cup Qualifier 
17/11/2004Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Italy [Full]Messina, Sicily, Italy0-1Friendly 
2005 ( Total 6 )
26/3/2005Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Czech Republic [Full]Prague, Czech Republic3-4World Cup Qualifier 
2/6/2005Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Denmark [Full]Tampere, Finland0-1FriendlySubstituted 79'
8/6/2005Shefki KuqiFINLAND v Netherlands [Full]Olympiastadion, Helsink0-4World Cup Qualifier 
16/11/2005Jaime PetersCANADA v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Alphonse Theis, H1-0Friendly64' Substitute
16/11/2005Lewis PriceWALES v Cyprus [Full]Limassol, Cyprus0-1FriendlyConceded a 42' penalty but highly praised post-match by manager John Toshack as "outstanding"
16/11/2005Gavin WilliamsWALES v Cyprus [Full]Limassol, Cyprus0-1Friendly46' Substitute
2006 ( Total 5 )
1/3/2006Lewis PriceWALES v Paraguay [Full]Millennium Stadium, Car0-0FriendlySubstitute for Paul Jones 65'
7/10/2006Alan LeeIRELAND v Cyprus [Full]Nicosia, Cyprus2-5European Championship QualifierSubstitute 71'
11/10/2006Lewis PriceWALES v Cyprus [Full]Millennium Stadium, Car3-1European Championship Qualifier 
15/11/2006Jaime PetersCANADA v Hungary [Full]Székesfehérvár, Hung0-1FriendlySubstitute 46'
15/11/2006Alan LeeIRELAND v San Marino [Full]Lansdowne Road, Dublin,5-0European Championship QualifierSubstitute 79'
2007 ( Total 2 )
24/5/2007Alex BruceIRELAND v Ecuador [Full]Giants Stadium, East Ru1-1Friendly 
14/12/2007Reggie LambeBERMUDA v St Kitts and Nevis [Full]National Stadium, Hamil1-2FriendlySubstituted 73'
2008 ( Total 21 )
3/2/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Cayman Islands [Full]National Stadium, Hamil1-1World Cup Qualifier74' Substitute
6/2/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Serbia [Full]Philip II Stadium, Skop1-1FriendlySumulikoski's 47th Full Cap
26/3/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Bosnia-Herzegovina [Full]Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegov2-2FriendlyBooked
30/3/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Cayman Islands [Full]Truman Boden Stadium, G3-1World Cup Qualifier64' Substitute
31/5/2008Jaime PetersCANADA v Brazil [Full]Qwest Field, Seattle, W2-3Friendly80' Substitute
4/6/2008Jaime PetersCANADA v Panama [Full]Holiday Inn Sunrise, Su2-2FriendlyScored 20'
6/6/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Barbados [Full]National Stadium, Hamil2-1Friendly67' Substitute
9/6/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Barbados [Full]National Stadium, Hamil3-0FriendlySubstituted 63'
15/6/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Marvin Lee Stadium, Mac2-1World Cup Qualifier80' Substitute
20/8/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Luxembourg [Full]Stade Josy Barthel, Lux4-1Friendly 
20/8/2008Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Hampden Park, Glasgow, 0-0FriendlySubstituted 76'. McAuley's 11th Full Cap
27/8/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Antigua and Barbuda [Full]Truman Boden Stadium, G0-4Digicel Caribbean ChampionshipSubstituted 55'
30/8/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v St Martin [Full]Truman Boden Stadium, G7-0Digicel Caribbean ChampionshipScored 27', 45', 58' and 86'
1/9/2008Reggie LambeBERMUDA v Cayman Islands [Full]Truman Boden Stadium, G0-0Digicel Caribbean Championship 
6/9/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Scotland [Full]Philip II Stadium, Skop1-0World Cup qualifierSetanta TV's Man of the Match
10/9/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Netherlands [Full]Philip II Stadium, Skop1-2World Cup qualifier 
11/10/2008Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Slovenia [Full]Ljudski vrt, Maribor, S0-2World Cup Qualifier 
15/10/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Iceland [Full]Laugardalsvollur, Reykj0-1World Cup qualifier 
15/10/2008Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v San Marino [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 4-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 60'. Booked
19/11/2008Alex BruceIRELAND v Poland [Full]Croke Park, Dublin, Ire2-3Friendly61' Substitute
19/11/2008Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Montenegro [Full]Podgorica City Stadium,1-2Friendly 
2009 ( Total 27 )
11/2/2009Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Moldova [Full]Antalya, Turkey1-1FriendlySubstituted 45'
11/2/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v San Marino [Full]Stadio Olimpico, Serrav3-0World Cup QualifierScored 5'
28/3/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Poland [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 3-2World Cup Qualifier 
1/4/2009Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam Arena, Amster0-4World Cup Qualifier 
1/4/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Slovenia [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 1-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 16' (Hamstring Injury)
30/5/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Cyprus [Full]Antonis Papadopoulos, L1-0FriendlySubstituted 89'
6/6/2009Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Norway [Full]Philip II Stadium, Skop0-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 64'
6/6/2009Chris CasementNORTHERN IRELAND v Italy [Full]Pisa, Italy0-3Friendly 
10/6/2009Velice ShumulikoskiMACEDONIA v Iceland [Full]Philip II Stadium, Skop2-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 80'
30/6/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Guatemala [Full]Oxnard College, Califor3-0FriendlySubstituted 56'
10/7/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Costa Rica [Full]Florida International U2-2CONCACAF Gold Cup 
18/7/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Honduras [Full]Lincoln Financial Field0-1CONCACAF Gold Cup71' Substitute
12/8/2009Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Romania [Full]Budapest, Hungary0-1Friendly78' Substitute
12/8/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Israel [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 1-1Friendly46' Substitute
5/9/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Poland [Full]Stadion Slaski, Chorzow1-1World Cup Qualifier 
5/9/2009Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Honduras [Full]Estadio Olimpico, San P1-4World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/2009Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Portugal [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 0-1World Cup Qualifier65' Substitute
9/9/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Slovakia [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 0-2World Cup Qualifier 
9/9/2009Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v USA [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium0-1World Cup Qualifier 
10/10/2009Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Portugal [Full]Estadio da Luz, Lisbon,0-3World Cup Qualifier56' Substitute
10/10/2009Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Costa Rica [Full]Ricardo Saprissa Stadiu0-4World Cup QualifierCaptain
14/10/2009Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Denmark [Full]Parken, Copenhagen, Den1-0World Cup Qualifier89' Substitute
14/10/2009Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Czech Republic [Full]Synot Tip Arena, Prague0-0World Cup Qualifier 
14/10/2009Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Mexico [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium2-2World Cup QualifierCaptain
14/11/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Macedonia [Full]Mladost Strumica, Strum0-3Friendly67' Substitute
14/11/2009Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Belgium [Full]Ghent, Belgium0-3Friendly46' Substitute
18/11/2009Jaime PetersCANADA v Poland [Full]Stadiom Miejski, Bydgos0-1Friendly 
2010 ( Total 24 )
3/3/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca0-2FriendlyAttendance 90,526
3/3/2010David HealyNORTHERN IRELAND v Albania [Full]Qemal Stafa Stadium, Ti0-1FriendlySubstituted 78'
24/5/2010Jaime PetersCANADA v Argentina [Full]Estadio Monumental, Bue0-5Friendly55' Substitute
24/5/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Australia [Full]Melbourne Cricket Groun1-2FriendlyAttendance 55,659
26/5/2010Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Turkey [Full]Veterans Stadium, New B0-2Friendly 
29/5/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Germany [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 0-3Friendly71' Substitute
29/5/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Serbia [Full]Klagenfurt, Austria1-0Friendly 
30/5/2010Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Chile [Full]Estadio Nelson Oyarzun,0-1Friendly 
4/6/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Slovenia [Full]Maribor, Slovenia1-3Friendly 
5/6/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam Arena, Amster1-6Friendly 
9/6/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Chile [Full]Nelspruit, South Africa0-2FriendlyGame played in three 30' periods. No cap awarded
15/6/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Slovakia [Full]Royal Bafokeng Stadium,1-1World Cup Finals 
20/6/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Italy [Full]Mbombela Stadium, Nelsp1-1World Cup FinalsBooked 28'. Conceeded equalising penalty
24/6/2010Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Paraguay [Full]Peter Mokaba Stadium, P0-0World Cup Finals 
11/8/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London1-2Friendly83' Substitute
3/9/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Sweden [Full]Rasundastadion, Solna, 0-2European Championship Qualifier59' Substitute
3/9/2010Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Slovenia [Full]Ljudski vrt, Maribor, S1-0European Championship Qualifier 
4/9/2010Jaime PetersCANADA v Peru [Full]BMO Field, Toronto, Ont0-2Friendly27' Substitute
8/10/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v San Marino [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 8-0European Championship Qualifier64' Substitute
8/10/2010Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Italy [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 0-0European Championship Qualifier 
12/10/2010Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Faroe Islands [Full]Svangaskard Stadion, To1-1European Championship Qualifier 
17/11/2010Marton FulopHUNGARY v Lithuania [Full]Stadion Sostoi, Székes2-0Friendly 
17/11/2010Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Lithuania [Full]Stadion Sostoi, Székes2-0Friendly46' Substitute. Scored 61'
17/11/2010Darren ODeaIRELAND v Norway [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-2FriendlySubstituted 67'. O'Dea's third Irish cap.
2011 ( Total 36 )
8/2/2011Darren ODeaIRELAND v Wales [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 3-0Carling Nations Cup85' Substitute
9/2/2011Jaime PetersCANADA v Greece [Full]A.E.L FC Arena, Larissa0-1Friendly 
9/2/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Azerbaijan [Full]Dubai, United Arab Emir2-0FriendlySubstituted 45'
9/2/2011Marton FulopHUNGARY v Azerbaijan [Full]Dubai, United Arab Emir2-0Friendly45' Substitute
9/2/2011Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Scotland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-3Carling Nations Cup 
25/3/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Netherlands [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 0-4European Championship Qualifier79' Substitute
25/3/2011Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Serbia [Full]Stadion FK Crvena Zvezd1-2European Championship QualifierScored 40'
26/3/2011Darren ODeaIRELAND v Macedonia [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-1European Championship Qualifier 
29/3/2011Jaime PetersCANADA v Belarus [Full]Antalya Atatürk Stadyu1-0Friendly81' Substitute
29/3/2011Marton FulopHUNGARY v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam Arena, Amster3-5European Championship Qualifier 
29/3/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam Arena, Amster3-5European Championship QualifierSubstituted 73'
29/3/2011Darren ODeaIRELAND v Uruguay [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-3Friendly 
29/3/2011Damien DelaneyIRELAND v Uruguay [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-3Friendly75' Substitute
29/3/2011Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Slovenia [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 0-0European Championship QualifierCaptain
24/5/2011Damien DelaneyIRELAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 5-0Carling Nations Cup 
24/5/2011Josh CarsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-5Carling Nations CupSubstituted 73'
24/5/2011Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-5Carling Nations Cup 
27/5/2011Josh CarsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-2Carling Nations Cup 
27/5/2011Gareth McAuleyNORTHERN IRELAND v Wales [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-2Carling Nations Cup 
1/6/2011Jaime PetersCANADA v Ecuador [Full]BMO Field, Toronto, Ont3-3Friendly79' Substitute
7/6/2011Damien DelaneyIRELAND v Italy [Full]Stade Maurice Dufrasne,2-0Friendly90+4' Substitute
10/8/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Iceland [Full]Budapest, Hungary4-0Friendly46' Substitute
2/9/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Sweden [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 2-1European Championship Qualifier80' Substitute
2/9/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Slovakia [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-0European Championship Qualifier 
2/9/2011Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Bermuda [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium1-0World Cup Qualifier 
6/9/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Russia [Full]Luzhniki Stadion, Mosco0-0European Championship Qualifier 
6/9/2011Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Barbados [Full]Waterford National Stad2-0World Cup QualifierEdwards' 80th Cap
7/10/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Andorra [Full]Estadi Comunal, Andorr2-0European Championship Qualifier 
11/10/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Finland [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 0-0European Championship QualifierSubstituted 59'
11/10/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Armenia [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-1European Championship QualifierBooked 66' (later rescinded)
11/11/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Estonia [Full]A. Le Coq Arena, Tallin4-0European Championship QualifierScored 13'
11/11/2011Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Guyana [Full]Providence Stadium, Geo1-2World Cup Qualifier-
12/11/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Liechtenstein [Full]Ferenc Puskas Stadium, 5-0FriendlyScored 10', 20'
15/11/2011Tamas PriskinHUNGARY v Poland [Full]Stadion Miejski, Poznan1-2FriendlyScored 77'
15/11/2011Keith AndrewsIRELAND v Estonia [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-1European Championship Qualifier 
15/11/2011Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Guyana [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium2-0World Cup Qualifier-
2012 ( Total 15 )
29/2/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Jamaica [Full]Mt Smart Stadium, Auckl2-3Friendly 
23/5/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v El Salvador [Full]BBVA Compass Stadium Ho2-2FriendlyCaptain
26/5/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Honduras [Full]BBVA Compass Stadium Ho1-0FriendlyCaptain
2/6/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Fiji [Full]Lawson Tama Stadium, Ho1-0OFC Nations CupScored 8'. Captain
2/6/2012Josh CarsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Amsterdam ArenA, Amster0-6Friendly46' Substitute
4/6/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Papua New Guinea [Full]Lawson Tama Stadium, Ho2-1OFC Nations CupCaptain
6/6/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Solomon Islands [Full]Lawson Tama Stadium, Ho1-1OFC Nations CupCaptain
8/6/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]Lawson Tama Stadium, Ho0-2OFC Nations CupCaptain
10/6/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Solomon Islands [Full]Lawson Tama Stadium, Ho4-3OFC Nations CupCaptain. Substituted 53'
15/8/2012Josh CarsonNORTHERN IRELAND v Finland [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 3-3Friendly64' Substitute
7/9/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]Stade Numa-Daly Magenta2-0World Cup Qualifier 
11/9/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Soloman Islands [Full]North Harbour Stadium, 6-1World Cup Qualifier 
12/10/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Tahiti [Full]Stade Pater, Papeete, T2-0World Cup QualifierCaptain
16/10/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Tahiti [Full]AMI Stadium, Christchur3-0World Cup Qualifier 
14/11/2012Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v China [Full]Shanghai Hongkou Footba1-1FriendlyCaptain
2013 ( Total 12 )
6/2/2013Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Peru [Full]Ato Boldon Stadium, Cou0-2Friendly 
22/3/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]Forsyth Barr Stadium, D2-1World Cup QualifierScored 90'+4
8/7/2013Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v El Salvador [Full]Red Bull Arena, Harriso2-2CONCACAF Gold Cup 
12/7/2013Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Haiti [Full]Sun Life Stadium, Miami0-2CONCACAF Gold Cup 
15/7/2013Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Honduras [Full]BBVA Compass Stadium, H2-0CONCACAF Gold Cup71' Substitute
20/7/2013Carlos EdwardsTRINIDAD TOBAGO v Mexico [Full]Georgia Dome, Atlanta, 0-1CONCACAF Gold CupSubstituted 89'
5/9/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Saudi Arabia [Full]King Fahd International1-0OSN Cup 
10/9/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v United Arab Emirates [Full]King Fahd International2-0OSN Cup Final 
16/10/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Trinidad & Tobago [Full]Hasely Crawford Stadium0-0FriendlySubstituted 64'
13/11/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Estadio Azteca, Mexico 1-5World Cup QualifierCaptain
19/11/2013Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Norway [Full]Aker Stadion, Molde, No1-0Friendly94' Substitute. His 28th Full Cap
20/11/2013Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Westpac Stadium, Wellin2-4World Cup QualifierCaptain
2014 ( Total 10 )
5/3/2014Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Serbia [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-2Friendly73' Substitute. His 10th full cap
5/3/2014Jonny WilliamsWALES v Iceland [Full]Cardiff City Stadium, C3-1Friendly82' Substitute. His 5th full cap
25/5/2014Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Turkey [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-2Friendly66' Substitute
3/9/2014Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Oman [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-0Friendly85' Substitute
10/10/2014Jonny WilliamsWALES v Bosnia-Herzegovina [Full]Cardiff City Stadium, C0-0European Championship QualifierSubstituted 83'
11/10/2014Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Gibraltar [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 7-0European Championship Qualifier63' Substitute
14/11/2014Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v China [Full]Nanchang, China1-1Friendly 
18/11/2014Daryl MurphyIRELAND v USA [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 4-1FriendlySubstituted 77'
18/11/2014David McGoldrickIRELAND v USA [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 4-1FriendlySubstituted 77'. Assists 7' and 55'
18/11/2014Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Thailand [Full]Bangkok, Thailand0-2FriendlyBooked
2015 ( Total 18 )
25/3/2015Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Hampden Park, Scotland1-0Friendly46' Substitute. Scored 85'
31/3/2015Chris WoodNEW ZEALAND v South Korea [Full]Seoul World Cup Stadium0-1FriendlyCaptain. His 40th Cap
4/6/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-0FriendlyBehind closed doors. No cap awarded.
4/6/2015David McGoldrickIRELAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-0FriendlyBehind closed doors. No cap awarded.
7/6/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v England [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-0FriendlySubstituted 56'
7/6/2015David McGoldrickIRELAND v England [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 0-0FriendlySubstituted 46'
13/6/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v England [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-1European Championship QualifierSubstituted 80'
13/6/2015Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Ireland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-1European Championship Qualifier90+2' Substitute
14/6/2015Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Ghana [Full]Accra Sports Stadium, A1-7African Nations Cup QualifierHis 3rd Full Cap
8/9/2015Tommy OarAUSTRALIA v Tajikistan [Full]Central Stadium, Dushan3-0World Cup Qualifier78' Substitute. His 26th Cap
7/10/2015Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Kenya [Full]Stade Anjalay, Belle Vu2-5World Cup Qualifier 
8/10/2015Tommy OarAUSTRALIA v Jordan [Full]International Stadium, 0-2World Cup QualifierSubstituted 45'
8/10/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Germany [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 65'
11/10/2015Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Kenya [Full]Moi International Sport0-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 84'
11/10/2015Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Gibraltar [Full]Estadio Algarve, Faro-L6-0European Championship Qualifier 
13/11/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Bosnia-Herzegovina [Full]Stadion Bilino polje, Z1-1European Championship Play-OffHis 18th full cap
16/11/2015Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Bosnia-Herzegovina [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 2-0European Championship Play-OffSubstituted 55'
17/11/2015Tommy OarAUSTRALIA v Bangladesh [Full]Bangabandhu National St4-0World Cup Qualifier47' Substitute
2016 ( Total 23 )
24/3/2016Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Czech Republic [Full]Stadion Letna, Prague, 1-0FriendlyHis 32nd Full Cap
25/3/2016Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Switzerland [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-0Friendly27' Substitute. Substituted 79'
26/3/2016Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Rwanda [Full]Anjalay Stadium, Belle 1-0African Nations Cup Qualifier 
18/5/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Western Pride [Full]Briggs Road Sports Comp2-0FriendlyScored 9'. No cap awarded.
27/5/2016David McGoldrickIRELAND v Netherlands [Full]Aviva Stadium, Dublin, 1-1FriendlySubstituted 76'
28/5/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Fiji [Full]Sir John Guise Stadium,3-1Oceania Nations CupSubstituted 66'. 1st Full Cap
29/5/2016Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Italy [Full]Ta'Qali Stadium, Ta'Qal0-1Friendly46' Substitute
31/5/2016David McGoldrickIRELAND v Belarus [Full]Turner's Cross, Cork, I1-2Friendly78' Substitute
31/5/2016Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Belarus [Full]Turner's Cross, Cork, I1-2FriendlySubstituted 67'
31/5/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Vanuata [Full]Sir John Guise Stadium,5-0Oceania Nations Cup56' Substitute
4/6/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Solomon Islands [Full]Sir John Guise Stadium,1-0Oceania Nations Cup71' Substitute
5/6/2016Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Ghana [Full]Anjalay Stadium, Belle 0-2African Nations Cup Qualifier 
8/6/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]Sir John Guise Stadium,1-0Oceania Nations Cup46' Substitute
11/6/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Papua New Guinea [Full]Sir John Guise Stadium,0-0Oceania Nations CupSubstituted 53'. New Zealand win on penalties (4 - 2)
22/6/2016Daryl MurphyIRELAND v Italy [Full]Stade Pierre Mauroy, Li1-0European Championship FinalsSubstituted 70'
26/6/2016Daryl MurphyIRELAND v France [Full]Stade de Lyon, Lyon, Fr1-2European Championship FinalsSubstituted 65'
8/10/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Nissan Stadium, Nashvil1-2Friendly58' Substitute
11/10/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v USA [Full]RFK Stadium, Washington1-1FriendlyScored 72'. Booked 84'
11/11/2016Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v England [Full]Wembley Stadium, London0-3World Cup Qualifier 
12/11/2016David McGoldrickIRELAND v Austria [Full]Ernst-Happel-Stadion, V1-0World Cup Qualifier78' Substitute
12/11/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]QBE Stadium, Auckland, 2-0World Cup Qualifier60' Substitute
12/11/2016Tom LawrenceWALES v Serbia [Full]Cardiff City Stadium, C1-1World Cup Qualifier68' Substitute
15/11/2016Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v New Caledonia [Full]Stade Yoshida, Kone, Ne0-0World Cup QualifierSubstituted 60'
2017 ( Total 15 )
22/3/2017Christophe BerraSCOTLAND v Canada [Full]Easter Road, Edinburgh,1-1Friendly 
24/3/2017Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Comoros [Full]Stade Said Mohamed Chei0-2African Nations Cup QualifierCaptain
25/3/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Fiji [Full]Churchill Park, Lautoka2-0World Cup Qualifier88' Substitute
28/3/2017Kevin BruMAURITIUS v Comoros [Full]Stade Anjalay, Belle Vu1-1African Nations Cup QualifierCaptain
28/3/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Fiji [Full]Westpac Stadium, Wellin2-0World Cup Qualifier 
2/6/2017David McGoldrickIRELAND v Mexico [Full]MetLife Stadium, New Je1-3Friendly 
2/6/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 0-1Friendly 
2/6/2017Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Northern Ireland [Full]Windsor Park, Belfast, 0-1Friendly63' Substitute
6/6/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Cabinteely [Full]Stradbrook, Dublin, Ire5-2FriendlyNo cap awarded. Scored 1'.
12/6/2017Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Belarus [Full]Traktor Stadium, Minsk,0-1Friendly51' Substitute
17/6/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Russia [Full]Saint Petersburg Stadiu0-2Confederations Cup 
17/6/2017Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Russia [Full]Saint Petersburg Stadiu0-2Confederations Cup84' Substitute
21/6/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Fisht Stadium, Sochi, R1-2Confederations Cup 
21/6/2017Monty PattersonNEW ZEALAND v Mexico [Full]Fisht Stadium, Sochi, R1-2Confederations Cup82' Substitute
24/6/2017Tommy SmithNEW ZEALAND v Portugal [Full]Saint Petersburg Stadiu0-4Confederations Cup 

 International appearances by players whilst on Town's books.