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AaB Aalborg (1) 1 - 0 (0) Ipswich Town

Friendly 2002-03

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Referee: Nicolai Vollqvartz

Manager: Poul Andreasen

Frederikshavn Stadion 18:00

Attendance: 1,500

Manager: George Burley


 Martijn Reuser (og) (4)




 Stefan Schmidt (60)



Jimmy Nielsen

Brian Priske

Thomas Bælum

Bård Borgersen

Allan K. Jepsen

Michael Silberbauer

Rasmus Würtz

Stefan Bidstrup

Allan Gaarde

Indrek Zelinski

Erik Bo Andersen



Stefan Schmidt

Jacob Taz Sørensen

Malthe Guldager

Andres Oper

Mads Bro Hansen

Match Report

AaB-Ipswich 1-0Danish perspective by Carsten Lund

Around 1500 spectators had come despite the beautiful weather, and they were rewarded with a small but deserved victory from Martijn Reuser’s own goal after only a few minutes. A cross from the left hand side from Rasmus Würtz found Reuser. He was so hard pressed by Inrek Zelinksi that the experienced Ipswich player found his own net.

The own goal was the start of a strong Ipswich offensive. With physical style of playing AaB was pushed back, but even though attacker Marcus Bent showed some nice moves, Ipswich never became dangerous. There were in fact more AaB chances on the counter attack. Keeper Jimmy Nielsen, who tomorrow is a judge in a Miss Sunshine competition in Løkken, did not have any problems keeping the clean sheet.

From the beginning of the second half, AaB had most the of chances. Despite that they never got the second goal that could have finished the match off. The man that finished the match off was referee Nicolai Vollqvartz, but just before he did that Ipswich was pushing for the equaliser and got a few chances.

Ipswich was without Thomas Gaardsøe for most of the match. In the end though he came on – to the joy of many of his friends amongst the spectators. He didn’t have time to show much, but he did show a few examples of his brilliant headers.

AaB’s lineup: Jimmy Nielsen, Brian Priske, Thomas Bælum, Bård Borgersen, Allan K. Jepsen. Michael Silberbauer, Rasmus Würtz, Stefan Bidstrup, Allan Gaarde., Indrek Zelinski, Erik Bo Andersen.

After twenty minutes play Stefan Schmidt came on instead of Rasmus Wurtz – who then came back on in the second half. After the break Jacob Taz Sorensen, malthe Guldager, Andres Oper and Mads Bro Hansen came on and especially Taz gave the English defense problems with his lightning pace.

In the last minute busses were arranged for the supporters of the two clubs – for the evening match in Frederikshavn. It was a big surprise for the Ipswich supporters that the match would not take place in Aalborg, but instead in a stadium 60 km north. Since there was still free seats in the AaB supporter busses, the blue and white Ipswich supporters got a free ride. There was a brilliant atmosphere and it was indeed a rare experience for both sets of supporters. After the match, both the team’s supporters continued to the AaB Support Club’s premises in the center of Aalborg to celebrate or drown the sorrows

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