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Leeds United (0) 0 - 0 (0) Ipswich Town

FA Cup 6th Round, 2nd Replay (at Filbert Street) 1974-75

Tuesday, March 25, 1975

Referee: J Taylor

Manager: Unknown

Filbert Street

Attendance: 35,195

Manager: Bobby Robson

Match Number: 1506











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Match Report

Leeds United 0 Ipswich Town 0

Ipswich and Leeds face their fourth meeting in the FA Cup sixth round at Leicester tomorrow after an unforgettable but goalless match on the same ground last night which again went into extra time.

The sides are so closely matched, so brimming with talent, so comprehensive in their knowledge of each other that no-one dare predict which of them will meet West Ham in the semi-final on Saturday week.

Indeed, it is firmly within the bounds of possibility that tomorrow's contest will end in deadlock again. Leeds, still in the European Cup, will have played seven matches in 16 days when they meet Barcelona in the semi-final on April 9.

The extra-time period last night can be almost ignored because, by then, the teams were so exhausted by constant endeavour that all the players were hitting long balls to gain a breathing space.

But what an exhibition they gave in the first 90 minutes. Despite the splendour of the prize they were contesting, they played with a classic skill and sportsmanship which was a magnificent and timely advertisement for English football.

One could carp at the fact that the number of goal chances were so limited, but this is to ignore the towering performances of the defenders on both sides.

For Leeds, who were without Gordon McQueen, Madeley and Norman Hunter, kept a merciless hold on Whymark and Johnson, and Beattie and Hunter did likewise with Clarke and Jordan.

Beattie has never played better. Whenever Ipswich seemed in trouble, there he was, blond hair flowing, bustling in to save the situation and to produce the devastating pass which Ipswich away on the break.

Inevitably, the match was played mostly in midfield, where Bremner, Giles and Yorath on the one side, and Talbot, Viljoen and Hamilton on the other, excelled in invention and execution.

For Ipswich, Woods, the replacement for the injured Lambert teased and competed with Reaney and Bremner all evening, but not even his busy skills could prise Leeds apart.

Neither could McKenzie, who unaccountably, had to wait until extra time for his introduction as a human trump card. It was he who scored the goal which saved his side in the first replay at Elland Road.

The limited chances were appropriately shared, Sivell saved brilliantly from a Clarke header in the 12th minute, from Jordan in the 26th and again from Bremner just before the break.

Then it was the tall Stewart's turn. In the 50th minute, he turned Whymark's shot on to a post and made memorable saves from Beattie and, in extra time, from Whymark and Hamilton.

Burley, overlapping like a young lion on the Ipswich right, once ran 50 yards, and Johnson just failed with a diving header. For Leeds, Clarke, thinking he was offside, hesitated and lost a crucial chance.

In general, this was a match for the purist, not for the seeker of goalmouth thrills, but either side would grace Wembley and neither deserves not to be there.

Robert Oxby (Daily Telegraph)

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