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Opposition Manager Performance v Town (Detail)

Tony Pulis

Date Managing Venue Result Report Competition
2003101818/10/2003Stoke CityPortman RoadLost 0-1ReportNationwide League Division One
200403022/3/2004Stoke CityBritannia StadiumWon 2-0ReportNationwide League Division One
2004091414/9/2004Stoke CityBritannia StadiumWon 3-2ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2004122828/12/2004Stoke CityPortman RoadLost 0-1ReportCoca-Cola Championship
200511055/11/2005Plymouth ArgylePortman RoadLost 1-3ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2006043030/4/2006Plymouth ArgyleHome ParkWon 2-1ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2006122323/12/2006Stoke CityPortman RoadWon 1-0ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2007013030/1/2007Stoke CityBritannia StadiumDrew 0-0ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2008011212/1/2008Stoke CityPortman RoadDrew 1-1ReportCoca-Cola Championship
2008022323/2/2008Stoke CityBritannia StadiumWon 1-0ReportCoca-Cola Championship
201805066/5/2018MiddlesbroughPortman RoadDrew 2-2ReportSky Bet Championship
201810022/10/2018MiddlesbroughPortman RoadWon 2-0ReportSky Bet Championship
2018122929/12/2018MiddlesbroughRiverside StadiumWon 2-0ReportSky Bet Championship


Managing Games Wins Draws Defeats
Plymouth Argyle2101
Stoke City8422
Totals 13 7 3 3

 Since the start of the 2002-03 Season. League, Play-Off, FA Cup and League Cup games only. Matches decided on penalties (if any) count as a drawn game.

 Opposition Manager Performance v Town (Summary)