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1878 to the present day

Current Squad

Player Position Apps Goals Age Nationality Squad Nbr Contract Date
Walton, Christian Goalkeeper88(1)-28 years  England1 June 2025
Clarke, Harry Defender42(17)123 years  England2 June 2026 (plus extra year option)
Davis, Leif Left Back89(1)524 years  England3 June 2025 (plus extra year option)
Edmundson, George Central Defender71(3)526 years  England4 June 2025
Morsy, Samy Defensive Midfielder 129(2)1032 years  Egypt5 June 2025
Woolfenden, Luke Centre Half188(8)525 years  England6 June 2025
Burns, Wes Midfielder109(17)2829 years  Wales7 June 2025
Ladapo, Freddie Forward33(42)2531 years  England9 June 2025
Chaplin, Conor Forward114(32)5327 years  England10 June 2025
Harness, Marcus Midfielder38(47)1228 years  England11 June 2025 (plus extra year option)
Slicker, Cieran Goalkeeper2-21 years  England13 June 2026
Taylor, Jack Midfielder13(26)526 years  Ireland14 June 2026 (plus extra year option)
Burgess, Cameron Central Defender96(9)528 years  Australia15 June 2025
Al-Hamadi, Ali Striker1(13)422 years  Iraq16 June 2028
Luongo, Massimo Midfield58(13)631 years  Australia25 June 2025
Baggott, Elkan Centre Back6(1)121 years  Thailand26 June 2025
Hirst, George Forward40(12)1425 years  England27 June 2027
Humphreys, Cameron Midfielder24(15)420 years  England30 June 2026 (plus extra year option)
Broadhead, Nathan Forward48(15)2126 years  Wales33 June 2026
Tuanzebe, Axel Central Defender19(2)126 years  England40 June 2025
Buabo, Gerard Forward0(5)-19 years  England51 June 2025
Johnson, Ben Full Back--24 years  England99 June 2028
Ndaba, Corrie Midfielder4(1)-24 years  Ireland- June 2025 (plus extra year option)
Barbrook, Harry Left Back--  -  
Valentine, Nico Unknown--  England-  
Boswell, Ashton Forward--  England- June 2026
Agbaje, Edwin Midfielder1(1)-20 years  Ireland- June 2024
Manly, Jack Midfielder0(1)-19 years  England-  
Haddoch, Ben Midfielder--  -  
Barbrook, Fin Midfielder--  England-  
Bradshaw, Zak Back/Midfielder--20 years  England-  
Cullum, Danny Goalkeeper--  England-  
Roberts, Matty Midfielder--  Wales-  
Stewart2, Cameron Defender--21 years  Northern Ireland-  
Alexander, Fraser Central Midfielder0(1)-21 years  England-  
Ward, Matt Midfielder0(1)-20 years  England41 June 2024