since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day


Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Abbey, Nathan Goalkeeper (1993-04)-- 
Abbott, - Unknown (1951-55)-- 
Abbott, Daniel Unknown (1987-91)--  Youth/Academy
Abbott, Graham Unknown (1971-72)--  Youth/Academy
Abbott, R Unknown (1959-63)-- 
Abbott, Ron Forward (1960-62)-- 
Abidallah, Nabil Midfield (2000-04)0(3)- Netherlands 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Abou, Samassi Forward (1998-99)51 Ivory Coast 1st Team
Absom, R Centre Forward (1925-26)-1 
Ackler, T Half Back-- 
Acott, Lewis Central Midfield (2009-13)-- England Youth/Academy
Acres, Basil Full Back (1950-61)  2316 England 1st Team
Adamik, Jozef Defender (2007-08)-- Slovakia
Adams, - Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Adams, HP Forward (1885-86)-1 
Adams, Paul Forward (1972-74)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Adamski, Marcin Defender (2007-08)-- Poland
Addo, Phil Centre Forward (1969-71)--  Youth/Academy
Adebayo, Afi Unknown--  Youth/Academy
Adekunle, Jordan Winger (2013-14)-- 
Adeyemi, Tom Midfield (2017-19)4(1)- England 1st Team
Agbaje, Edwin Midfielder (2020-current)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Agongo, Bryan Midfielder (2018-19)-- 
Ahadme, Gassan Striker (2022-current)0(3)- Morocco 1st Team
Ahou, Delis Left Full Back (2005-06)-- Nigeria
Ainsley, George Defender (1979-82)--  Youth/Academy
Ainsley, Jack Forward (1998-13)5(3)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Ainsley, Stuart Defender (1998-07)--  Youth/Academy
Aitchison, M Winger (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Ajayi, Semi Central Defender (2014-15)-- Nigeria
Akaunu, Mamoke Unknown (2014-15)--  Youth/Academy
Akindayini, Daniel Striker (2014-15)-- 
Alabi, James Striker (2015-16)0(1)1 England 1st Team
Alcock, W Centre Forward-- 
Alderton, - Unknown (1937-38)-- 
Aldous, D Outside Right (1929-32)-5 
Aldous, JW Left Wing (1885-86)-1 
Ale, Franco Unknown (2019-20)-- 
Aleksic, Milijia Goalkeeper (1976-77)-- England
Alexander, CL Centre Forward (1894-96)-8 
Alexander, CW Forward (1897-05)-10 
Alexander, FH Forward-- 
Alexander, Fraser Central Midfielder (2018-current)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Alexander, Neil Goalkeeper (2007-08)31- Scotland 1st Team
Aliffi, Daniel Midfield (1998-99)-- Australia
Allen, - Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Allen, Tevan Midfielder-- 
Allen, W Goalkeeper-- 
Allenby, JN Left Half/Back-- 
Alley, Jake Goalkeeper (2017-20)-- 
Allon, P Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Allsop, A Outside Left-- 
Alsop, Gilbert Forward (1937-39)3628 England 1st Team
Aluko, Sone Forward/Winger (2021-current)25(19)3 Nigeria 1st Team
Ambpox, D Unknown (1999-00)--  Youth/Academy
Ambrose, Darren Midfield (1995-16)35(20)12 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Amos, Gregor Goalkeeper (2010-11)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Anderson, Aneka Goalkeeper (1994-95)-- 
Anderson, Paul Winger (2013-15)45(25)7 England 1st Team
Anderson, Robert Winger (1949-50)-- 
Andoh, Levi Right Back (2019-22)1- Netherlands 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Andrews, C Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Andrews, G Unknown (1965-66)-- 
Andrews, Keith Midfielder (2011-12)19(1)9 Ireland 1st Team
Angell, R Full-Back (1964-66)--  Youth/Academy
Annon, Tony Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Antelmi, Patrick Striker (2014-15)-- Australia
Antonio, G Inside Forward/Right Half (1945-46)-- 
Antonio, George Right Back + Striker (1945-46)-- 
Appleby, - Unknown (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Appleby, Dennis Unknown (1957-58)-- 
Appleby, Richard Midfield/Forward (1995-96)1(3)- England 1st Team
Appleyard, V Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Armin, Albie Left Back (2018-current)1- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Armitage, Gavin Unknown (1994-95)-- 
Armstrong, A Goalkeeper (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Armstrong, Alun Forward (2000-04)59(35)19 England 1st Team
Arter, Harry Midfielder (2008-09)-- England
Arthur, E Unknown (1999-00)--  Youth/Academy
Artun, Erdem Defender (1997-04)--  Youth/Academy
Artun, Ergun Midfield--  Youth/Academy
Ashby, Alan Inside Right (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Ashcroft, Charlie Goalkeeper (1955-56)7- England 1st Team
Ashford, - Unknown (1948-49)-- 
Ashford, Ashley Goalkeeper (1953-55)-- 
Ashley, R Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Ashton, EM Half Back-- 
Asiamah, Justin Midfielder (1997-00)--  Youth/Academy
Aslett, Geoff Forward (1965-67)-- England Youth/Academy
Astill, Len Left Wing (1937-38)3013 England 1st Team
Atay, Adem Midfielder (2002-05)--  Youth/Academy
Atkins, Ian Defender (1985-88) 92(4)4 England 1st Team
Atkinson, Dalian Forward (1983-90)57(13)22 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Attenborough, CR Inside Right-- 
Aunger, Geoff Striker (1992-93)-- 
Austin, Alex Defender (2007-08)-- England Youth/Academy
Austin, Jared Midfielder (2009-10)-- 
Austin, Terry Forward (1973-77)11(11)2 England 1st Team
Axeldal, Jonas Forward (1999-00)1(18)- Sweden 1st Team
Ayoola, Jesse Unknown (2021-current)--  Youth/Academy