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Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Cahill, Steven Midfield (2014-18)-- England Youth/Academy
Cairnes, C Left Half--  Amateur Era
Callaghan, Harry Winger (1954-56)1- Scotland 1st Team
Callaghan, Willie Inside Forward (1952-55)22- Scotland 1st Team
Callander, Luke Striker-- 
Calver, Craig Forward (2006-08)-- England Youth/Academy
Calver, G Unknown (1954-55)-- 
Calver, L Inside Foward (1934-36)--  Amateur Era
Calvo, Francisco Defender (2011-12)-- Costa Rica
Campbell, DJ Forward (2012-13)17- England 1st Team
Campbell, Gavin Midfield (1997-99)--  Youth/Academy
Campion, Achille Striker (2014-15)-- France
Campo, Ivan Central Midfield (2008-09)17(3)- Spain 1st Team
Canavan, Peter Central Defender (1977-79)--  Youth/Academy
Cape, Steve Full-Back (1985-88)--  Youth/Academy
Capocci, F Forward (1947-48)-- 
Capocci, Josh Centre-Back/Central Midfield (2007-09)-- England Youth/Academy
Capocci, P Forward (1947-48)-- 
Carayol, Mustapha Winger (2017-18)5(3)-  1st Team
Carberry, Larry Right Full Back (1955-65) 284- England 1st Team
Carlisle, Matt Left Back (2009-10)-- 
Carney, F Forward (1899-00)--  Amateur Era
Carradice, Vaughan Full-Back/Wing-Half (1968-71)-- 
Carrasco, Jose Defender (2005-06)-- Spain
Carrilho, Mirano Defender (1995-96)-- Netherlands
Carrilno, Neil Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Carrino, J Unknown (1967-69)--  Youth/Academy
Carroll, Tommy Right Full Back (1966-72)124(2)- Ireland 1st Team
Carson, Josh Midfield/Striker (2009-14)18(15)- Northern Ireland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Carson, Thomas Goalkeeper (1987-88)1- Scotland 1st Team
Carter, Jock Centre Forward (1936-38)41- England
Carter-Vickers, Cameron Centre Back (2017-18)17-  1st Team
Casement, Chris Central Defender (2003-09)7(7)- Northern Ireland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Cassar, Jeff Goalkeeper (2002-03)-- 
Cassidy, Nigel Unknown (1963-64)-- England
Castro, Quevin Midfielder (2019-20)-- 
Catchpole, - Defender (1945-46)-- 
Catchpole, AC Goalkeeper (1885-86)--  Amateur Era
Catchpole, F Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Catchpole, FJ Left Wing--  Amateur Era
Catchpole, G Goalkeeper (1937-38)-- 
Catchpole, W Right Wing--  Amateur Era
Catchpole, WJ Inside Right (1899-00)--  Amateur Era
Catchpool, F Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Catchpool, Graham Winger (1961-64)-- 
Cathline, Kieron Central Defender/Right Back (2015-17)-- England Youth/Academy
Catley, Jack Unknown (2019-21)-- 
Catley, Paul Goalkeeper (1989-90)-- England Youth/Academy
Cattermole, MA Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Cautley, FD Centre Half (1898-00)--  Amateur Era
Cavalho, Winstone Unknown (2009-10)-- 
Cawley, David Midfield (2006-12)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Cawston, I Winger (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Celina, Bersant Midfield (2017-18)26(12)-  1st Team
Centeno, Diego Winger (2016-17)-- Spain Youth/Academy
Chadwick, Fred Centre Forward (1938-47)50- England 1st Team
Chaffey, Lee Defender (2000-03)--  Youth/Academy
Chaker, Les Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Chalobah, Trevoh Centre Back (2018-19)36(8)-  1st Team
Chamberlain, Alec Goalkeeper (1980-82)-- 
Chamberlain, B Inside Right (1925-29)--  Amateur Era
Chambers, F Left Back (1928-36) --  Amateur Era
Chambers, Luke Defender (2012-current) 393(1)- Ireland 1st Team
Chandler, Mel Goalkeeper (1960-63)-- England Youth/Academy
Chaplin, Scott Midfielder--  Youth/Academy
Chaplow, Richard Midfield (2014-15)3(3)- England 1st Team
Chapman, Joshua Unknown (2013-14)--  Youth/Academy
Chapman, Lee Forward (1994-96)14(11)- England 1st Team
Charlton, P Midfield (1947-48)-- 
Charvet, Laurent Defender (2002-03)-- France
Chase, A Left Back--  Amateur Era
Cheetham, Michael Midfield (1988-90)1(5)- England 1st Team
Chenery, Benjamin Unknown (1993-94)--  Youth/Academy
Chettleburgh, Cory Midfield (2007-08)-- New Zealand
Chevallier, JB Centre Forward--  Amateur Era
Chibogu, Ed Striker (1999-01)--  Youth/Academy
Chinery, N Unknown (1963-64)-- 
Chirewa, Tawanda Midfielder (2019-current)0(1)-  1st Team
Chisnall, S Half-Back/Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Chopra, Michael Striker (2011-14)56(26)- England 1st Team
Christopher, M Defender (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Churchman, WA Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Civelli, Luciano Left Midfield (2008-12)8(9)- Argentina 1st Team
Claes, Ian Striker (2000-01)-- Belgium
Clapham, Jamie Defender (1997-03)226(26)- England 1st Team
Clark, Billy Midfield (2007-11)0(3)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Clark, SP Outside Left (1911-12)--  Amateur Era
Clarke, AE Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Clarke, Billy Striker (2003-09)23(33)- Ireland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Clarke, Bradie Goalkeeper-- England Youth/Academy
Clarke, Colin Forward (1978-81)-- Northern Ireland Youth/Academy
Clarke, David Forward (1965-68)-- England Youth/Academy
Clarke, Frank Centre Forward (1969-73)71(5)- England 1st Team
Clarke, George Centre Half (1945-54)37- England 1st Team
Clarke, Graham Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Clarke, Harry Unknown (2014-16)--  Youth/Academy
Clarke, Matthew Midfield/Centre Half (2003-16)1(4)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Clarke, Michael Left Back--  Amateur Era
Clarke, Ron Forward (1947-48)-- 
Clarke, Terry Winger (1950-56)-- 
Clarke, W Half Back--  Amateur Era
Clarke, Willie Wing Half (1946-51)3- Wales 1st Team
Clarke1, - Goalkeeper (1983-84)--  Youth/Academy
Clarke2, - Unknown (1993-94)-- 
Clarke2, George Striker (2012-14)-- England Youth/Academy
Clayton, Paul Striker (1988-89)--  Youth/Academy
Clegg, Michael Defender (1999-00)3- England 1st Team
Clelland, Dave Unknown (1949-50)-- 
Clemance, G Inside Forward (1923-24)--  Amateur Era
Clements, A Winger (1945-46)-- 
Clements, B Centre Forward (1945-46)-- 
Clements, Bailey Defender (2008-current)1-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Clements, Herbert Left Winger (1929-39)1- England 1st Team
Clemo, Joe Right-Back (2006-09)--  Youth/Academy
Clemopavett, - Unknown (2005-06)--  Youth/Academy
Clennell, Willie Goalkeeper (1990-91)--  Youth/Academy
Clewley, Jason Full Back (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Clifford, Joe Unknown (2018-20)-- 
Clinch, John Midfield (1982-85)--  Youth/Academy
Clissold, Arthur Forward (1949-50)-- Wales
Coakley, Darryl Defender (2005-06)-- England Youth/Academy
Coates, Scott Unknown (1992-94)--  Youth/Academy
Cobbold, M Goalkeeper (1966-68)--  Youth/Academy
Cobbold, TC Unknown--  Amateur Era
Cobby, Lee Goalkeeper (2000-01)-- 
Coburn, Neil Full-Back (1995-98)-- England Youth/Academy
Cochrane, Anthony Goalkeeper (2005-06)--  Youth/Academy
Cockburn, Jackie Winger (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Coe, Darren Defender (2005-06)-- 
Coke, Giles Midfield (2015-17)4(10)- England 1st Team
Coker, Corporal Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Colback, Jack Midfield (2009-11)46(8)- England 1st Team
Colby, Ray Half Back (1926-31)--  Amateur Era
Colby, Reg Centre Half (1927-28)--  Amateur Era
Colclough, Jake Right/Centre Back (2013-16)--  Youth/Academy
Cole, Michael Forward (1982-88)28(18)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Cole, Travis Central Defender (2007-17)-- England Youth/Academy
Coleman, Ernest Inside Right (1945-46)-- 
Coleman, Ian Unknown (1960-63)-- 
Coleman, L Unknown--  Amateur Era
Coleman, LW Inside Left (1925-26)--  Amateur Era
Colgan, Nick Goalkeeper (2007-08)-- Ireland
Colhoun, John Midfield (1988-90)--  Youth/Academy
Collard, Ian Midfield (1969-76)98(13)- England 1st Team
Collins, Aidan Defender (2002-07)3(2)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Collins, Danny Defender (2011-12)16- Wales 1st Team
Collins, FC Inside Forward (1906-22)--  Amateur Era
Collins, J Goalkeeper (1947-48)-- 
Collins, James Centre Back (2018-19)6-  1st Team
Collins, Jordan Midfielder (2005-06)-- England Youth/Academy
Collins, Luca Unknown (2015-16)--  Youth/Academy
Collins, Trevor Unknown (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Collis, Reg Full Back (1945-47)-- 
Collison, Jack Midfield (2014-15)-- Wales
Colrain, John Forward (1963-66)61(1)- Scotland 1st Team
Combe, R Inside Forward(?) (1945-46)-- 
Compton, John Full Back (1960-64) 131- England 1st Team
Connell, Alan Forward (2000-02)--  Youth/Academy
Connell, Graham Midfield (1991-95)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Connolly, Callum Centre Back (2017-18)30(5)-  1st Team
Connolly, Dylan Attacking Midfield (2014-16)-- Ireland
Connolly, Jon Goalkeeper (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Connor, - Unknown (1937-38)-- 
Connor, Jack Centre Forward (1945-47)12- England 1st Team
Conway, Steve Right Back (2005-06)-- 
Cook, - Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Cook, Adam Central Defender (1990-92)--  Youth/Academy
Cook, David Full Back (1967-71)--  Youth/Academy
Cook, M Right Half--  Amateur Era
Cook, Vic Winger (1947-50)-- 
Cookson, - Forward (1945-46)-- 
Cooley, P Half Back--  Amateur Era
Coombes, Ross Midfielder (2006-07)-- 
Coombs, - Forward (1946-47)-- 
Cooper, Andy Striker (1982-83)--  Youth/Academy
Cooper, Dean Unknown-- 
Cooper, Greg Unknown-- 
Cooper, Paul Goalkeeper (1973-87) 577- England 1st Team
Cooper1, Paul Defender (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Cope, Jack Wing Half (1938-39)6- England 1st Team
Cornell, David Goalkeeper (2020-current)11-  1st Team
Cornell, JR Inside Forward--  Amateur Era
Cornell, PP Goalkeeper (1902-04) --  Amateur Era
Corrigan, Finlay Unknown (2019-21)-- 
Cosgrove, Stephen Midfield (2000-01)-- Scotland
Costa, Joao Midfielder (1998-99)-- Portugal
Cotter, Barry Right Back (2017-21)3(1)-  1st Team
Cotterell, FE Centre Forward (1923-25)--  Amateur Era
Cotterell, Leo Defender (1989-96)0(3)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Cotton, WS Outside Left/Half Back (1894-08)--  Amateur Era
Coulson, Luke Right Back (2014-15)-- 
Counago, Pablo Forward (2001-11)147(96)- Spain 1st Team
Cousens, - Unknown-- 
Cousins, Alan Full Back (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Cousins, J Inside Right (1927-28)--  Amateur Era
Cowell, Clayden Unknown (1998-99)-- England Youth/Academy
Cowie, Charlie Centre Half (1936-47)53- Scotland
Cowley, J Inside Left (1932-34)--  Amateur Era
Cox, C Forward--  Amateur Era
Cox, Matthew Defender (2001-02)--  Youth/Academy
Craig, Liam Midfielder (2002-06)--  Youth/Academy
Crane, Andrew Left Back (1982-87)--  Youth/Academy
Crane, Ross Winger (2018-21)1(1)-  1st Team
Cranmer, Connor Left Back (2009-10)-- England Youth/Academy
Cranson, Ian Central Defender (1979-88) 163(3)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Crascall, E Goalkeeper (1947-48)-- 
Crawford, Graeme Striker (1995-97)--  Youth/Academy
Crawford, Ray Centre Forward (1958-69) 353- England 1st Team
Crawford, Stuart Unknown (1996-97)--  Youth/Academy
Creaney, Gerry Centre Forward (1996-97)6- Scotland 1st Team
Cresswell, Aaron Left Back (2011-14)138- England 1st Team
Creutzberg, Niels Unknown (1997-98)-- Netherlands
Crighton, Billy Inside Right (Midfield) (1962-63)-- England Youth/Academy
Crisp, Ryan Striker (2011-12)--  Youth/Academy
Crissell, Malcolm Centre Forward (1966-70)--  Youth/Academy
Critchley, - Unknown (1984-85)--  Youth/Academy
Croft, Gary Defender/Midfield (1999-02)26(11)- England 1st Team
Croll, Floyd Goalkeeper (2002-04)--  Youth/Academy
Cronk, LA Full Back--  Amateur Era
Cropper, Cody Goalkeeper (2010-12)-- United States Youth/Academy
Croskery, Ruairi Centre Forward (2015-16)-- Northern Ireland
Cross, Jack Left Winger (1936-37)1- England 1st Team
Crouch, Nigel Full Back (1974-80)-- England Youth/Academy
Crowe, Alex Forward (1953-55)55- Scotland 1st Team
Crowe, Arthur Half Back (1948-50)-- Scotland
Crowe, Dylan Full Back (2013-current)1-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Crowe, Michael Goalkeeper (2012-18)-- Norway Youth/Academy
Cruz, Danny Winger (2014-15)-- United States
Cubitt, - Unknown (1951-53)-- 
Cullingford, CWH Inside Forward (1909-14)--  Amateur Era
Cullum, Danny Unknown (2020-21)-- 
Culpan, HO Inside Right (1907-08)--  Amateur Era
Cummings, A Unknown (1926-27)--  Amateur Era
Cummings, Shaun Right Back-- 
Cundy, Jason Defender (1996-99)68(4)- England 1st Team
Curran, Chris Winger (2008-09)-- Northern Ireland
Curran, Pat Inside Forward (1938-39)9- England 1st Team
Currie, Darren Midfield (2004-07)69(20)- England 1st Team
Currie, Neil Full-Back (1986-89)--  Youth/Academy
Curry, Mike Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Curson, NG Left Half--  Amateur Era
Cursons, Billy Defender (2011-13)--  Youth/Academy
Curtis, Brian Forward (1964-66)--  Youth/Academy
Curtis, Dermot Centre Forward (1958-63)43- Ireland 1st Team
Curtis, EH Half Back (1888-89)--  Amateur Era
Curtis, Harley Midfielder (2018-21)-- 
Curtis, Les Inside Forward(?) (1945-46)-- 
Cutbush, Alfie Central Midfielder (2018-21)--