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Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Gaardsoe, Thomas Central Defender/Midfield (2001-04)45(4)7 Denmark 1st Team
Gaby, VF Forward/Half Back (1908-10)-5  Amateur Era
Gaby, VJ Outside Left (1907-09)-2  Amateur Era
Gallagher, Ciaran Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- Ireland
Gallant, Harry Unknown (1949-52)-- England
Gallifant, Ben Goalkeeper (2009-10)--  Youth/Academy
Galvin, Cory Wide Midfield (2012-15)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Garbutt, Luke Left Back (2019-20)29(1)6  1st Team
GarciaValle, Oscar Defender (1997-98)-- Spain
Gardiner, Aaron Full Back (1986-89)--  Youth/Academy
Gardiner, RevHAP Inside Right (1899-00)-3  Amateur Era
Gardiner, Thomas Defender (2012-13)-- 
Gardner, J Outside Right (1921-28)-7  Amateur Era
Gardner, Stephen Midfield (1974-78)-- England Youth/Academy
Garner, Joe Striker (2017-18)29(3)10 England 1st Team
Garnett, VL Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Garneys, Tom Centre Forward (1951-59)272143 England 1st Team
Garnham, AF Left Wing--  Amateur Era
Garnham, Dean Goalkeeper (1989-90)-- 
Garnham, Eric Half Back (1951-55)-- 
Garnham, Marcus Goalkeeper (2005-08)-- 
Garnham, W Wing Half (1912-14) -4  Amateur Era
Garrard, FE Right Wing--  Amateur Era
Garrard, T Right Wing--  Amateur Era
Garrard, WJC Right Half (1920-22) -3  Amateur Era
Garrett, Leonard Full Back (1958-61)1- England 1st Team
Garrett, Remi Unknown (2009-10)-- England
Gartland, Graham Centre Back (2008-09)-- Ireland
Garvan, Owen Midfield (2003-11)134(40)15 Ireland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Garwood, E Inside Forward--  Amateur Era
Gascoigne, Paul Midfield-- England
Gasser, Kenny Unknown (1988-89)-- 
Gates, Eric Forward/midfield (1971-85) 348(39)96 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Gathercole, FC Centre Forward (1923-24)-3  Amateur Era
Gaughan, Kevin Defender (1993-98)-- Scotland
Gaughen, Mark Unknown (1993-94)-- 
Gavaghan, Peter Midfield (1998-99)-- Australia
Gayle, Brian Defender (1989-92)62(1)4 England 1st Team
Gaynor, James Winger (1951-54)524 Ireland 1st Team
Gaynor, Len Unknown (1951-52)-- 
Geard, JR Unknown-- 
Gearing, W Left Half--  Amateur Era
Geddis, David Forward (1974-80)30(27)6 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Gee, OH Outside Right (1889-90)-1  Amateur Era
Gee, P Half Back(?) (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Geldert, Alan Forward (1964-68)--  Youth/Academy
George, Finidi Forward (2001-03)30(16)8 Nigeria 1st Team
George, Phillip Unknown (1983-84)--  Youth/Academy
Georgiou, Anthony Left Midfielder (2019-20)3(11)-  1st Team
Gerken, Dean Goalkeeper (2013-19)113- England 1st Team
Gernon, Irvin Defender (1978-87)87(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Gerrard, Paul Goalkeeper (2002-03)5- England 1st Team
Giambrone, Peter Unknown--  Youth/Academy
Gibb, OT Right Back--  Amateur Era
Gibbons, A Unknown-- 
Gibbons, John Centre Forward (1949-50)133 England 1st Team
Gibbs, L Inside Forward (1927-34)-49  Amateur Era
Gibbs, Liam Unknown (2016-current)3(1)-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Gibson, Joe Forward (1947-49)1- Scotland 1st Team
Gifkins, R Outside Right (1926-27)-1  Amateur Era
Giggle, P Winger (1965-67)--  Youth/Academy
Gilchrist, - Centre Forward (1952-53)-- 
Gill, James Unknown (1996-97)--  Youth/Academy
Gill, Tony Midfield (1990-91)--  Youth/Academy
Gillespie, D Centre Forward--  Amateur Era
Gillespie, Ian Forward (1945-47)91 England 1st Team
Gillespie, WH Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Gilling, A Centre Half (1922-23) -3  Amateur Era
Gilmartin, J Unknown (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Girling, Brett Defender-- 
Glanville, Mark Unknown (1974-75)-- England Youth/Academy
Gleeson, Stephen Central Midfielder (2017-18)5(5)-  1st Team
Gleghorn, Nigel Midfield (1985-88)67(17)13 England 1st Team
Glover, W Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Gnahore, Ambrose Left Back/Left Winger (2013-14)-- England
Gnohere, Arthur Defender (2005-06)-- 
goal, own Unknown (1895-21)114145 
Goddard, P Full-Back (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Goddard, Paul Forward (1990-95)69(16)13 England 1st Team
Goddard, S Unknown (1999-00)--  Youth/Academy
Goffey, A Inside Left (1934-35)-1  Amateur Era
Golding, A Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Goncalves, Lino Midfielder (2008-09)-- Portugal
Goodhall, Lee Goalkeeper (1982-83)--  Youth/Academy
Goodhew, J Half Back--  Amateur Era
Goodwyn, JA Left Back/Winger (1899-00)-2  Amateur Era
Gorawski, Damian Midfield (2007-08)-- Poland
Gorman, Jimmy Full Back (1938-39)2- Ireland 1st Team
Gorman, Keith Winger (1982-87)--  Youth/Academy
Gosling, Ian Midfielder (1992-93)-- England
Gostling, EV Goalkeeper (1891-92)--  Amateur Era
Goteni, Chris Centre Back (2017-18)-- 
Goulden, Roy Inside Forward (1962-63)-- 
Gounn, A Forward (1947-48)-- 
Gower, - Winger/Wing Back (1945-46)-- 
Graaven, Guillermo Midfield (2000-02)-- Netherlands
Grace, Mark Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- Ireland
Graham, G Unknown (1954-55)-- 
Graham, John Full-Back (1985-88)--  Youth/Academy
Graham, Jordan Winger (2013-19)3(2)- England 1st Team
Graham, Stephen Unknown (1992-94)--  Youth/Academy
Graham, Tom Full Back (1947-50)1- Scotland 1st Team
Grahn, Tobias Attacking Midfielder (1998-99)-- Sweden Youth/Academy
Grainger, Daniel Midfield (2003-04)-- England
Grande, Sandro Midfield (2004-05)-- Canada
Grant, Conor Midfield/Winger (2016-17)4(3)- England 1st Team
Grant, Peter Central Defender/Midfield (1984-86)--  Youth/Academy
Grant, Wilf Forward (1954-57)7822 England 1st Team
Gray, David Midfield (1987-90)--  Youth/Academy
Gray, Matthew Unknown (2000-01)--  Youth/Academy
Gray, Simon Midfield (1988-91)--  Youth/Academy
Gray, Ted Forward (1955-56)-- 
Greaves, Steven Defender (1991-92)-- 
Green, - Unknown-- 
Green, AA Centre Forward (1929-36)-130  Amateur Era
Green, Adam Left-Back (2008-09)-- England
Green, B Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Green, David Forward (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Green, Don Centre Forward (1946-52)58- England 1st Team
Green, Geoff Unknown (1977-80)--  Youth/Academy
Green, H Right Back/Right Half--  Amateur Era
Green, J Outside Right (1926-31)-44  Amateur Era
Green, Paul Midfield (2013-14)6(8)2 England 1st Team
Green, PS Right Half (1901-05)-5  Amateur Era
Green, W Right Back (1928-32)-30  Amateur Era
Greene, Dennis Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Greenidge, Reiss Centre Back (2014-15)-- England
Gregory, David Midfielder (1986-95)24(20)6 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Gregory, Neil Forward (1988-98)24(34)11 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Greig, WGB Forward--  Amateur Era
Grew, Mark Goalkeeper (1984-85)7- England 1st Team
Grice, Neil Midfield (1986-90)--  Youth/Academy
Griffin, A Forward (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Griffiths, Jamie Striker/Central Midfielder (2000-12)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Griffiths, Rostyn Defensive Midfielder (2002-03)-- Australia Youth/Academy
Grimwade, Michael Unknown (1954-56)-- 
Grimwood, HG Right Half/Outside Right (1906-07)-1  Amateur Era
Gronholm, Niclas Striker (1996-97)-- Finland
Groom, NFW Left Half (1928-35) -27  Amateur Era
Gross, - Right Half--  Amateur Era
Gross, RW Various (1912-13)-1  Amateur Era
Grout, Stephen Forward (1970-72)--  Youth/Academy
Grundy, P Right Back--  Amateur Era
Gudjonsson, Brynjar Central Defender (2008-09)-- Iceland Youth/Academy
Gudmundsson, Niklas Forward (1996-97)3(7)3 Sweden 1st Team
Guentchev, Bontcho Forward (1992-95)51(24)11 Bulgaria 1st Team
Guentchev, Lubomir Striker (2004-05)-- Bulgaria Youth/Academy
Guido, Tony Unknown (1993-94)-- 
Guldbrandsen, Victor Midfield (2013-16)-- Denmark Youth/Academy
Gullit, Ruud Midfielder/Forward-- Netherlands
Gunner, W Full Back--  Amateur Era
Guthrie, Jerome Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Guthrie, Jon Centre Back--