since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Hackett, Christian Goalkeeper (1996-97)--  Youth/Academy
Hackzell, Mikael Midfielder (2005-06)-- 
Haddrick, Bobby Unknown (1967-68)-- England Youth/Academy
Haggis, B Unknown (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Hake, - Unknown-- 
Hales, L Inside Right--  Amateur Era
Halford, - Inside Forward (1945-46)-- 
Halit, Colo Midfielder (2001-02)--  Youth/Academy
Hall, - Unknown (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Hall, H Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Hall, M Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Hall, Pierre Centre Half (2008-09)-- England
Hall, Richard Defender (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Hall, Tony Midfield (1979-81)--  Youth/Academy
Hall, Wilf Goalkeeper (1960-63)19- England 1st Team
Halls, R Defender (1947-48)-- 
Hallworth, Jon Goalkeeper (1982-88)56- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Hamby, CE Unknown-- 
Hamilton, - Unknown (1954-55)-- 
Hamilton, Bryan Midfield (1971-76) 186(13)- Northern Ireland 1st Team
Hamilton, Robert Goalkeeper (1974-77)--  Youth/Academy
Hamilton, Roger Midfield/Forward (1985-86)-- England Youth/Academy
Hammond, Blair Striker (2001-05)--  Youth/Academy
Hammond, Geoff Full Back (1966-75)64(5)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Hammond, Kyle Right Back/Midfield (2009-16)-- England Youth/Academy
Hammond, Thomas Winger (1946-47)-- 
Hancock, Ken Goalkeeper (1964-69)180- England 1st Team
Hannigan, - Midfield (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Hanson, - Winger (1945-16)-- 
Hanson, Daniel Unknown (2013-16)--  Youth/Academy
Hanson, Jack Midfielder-- 
Harbey, Graham Left Back (1987-90)71(7)- England 1st Team
Harbord, E Outside Left (1911-14)--  Amateur Era
Harding, Dan Left Back (2006-09)76(3)- England 1st Team
Harding, F Unknown--  Amateur Era
Harding, P Goalkeeper (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Harewood, Marlon Forward (1998-99)5(1)- England 1st Team
Hargett, Harold Winger (1947-48)-- 
Harkness, Nathan Unknown (2013-14)--  Youth/Academy
Harman, K Inside Right (1923-24)--  Amateur Era
Harman, V Unknown-- 
Harper, Barry Centre Half-- 
Harper, Colin Full Back (1962-77) 175(5)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Harper, Dave Midfield (1964-67)79(2)- England 1st Team
Harris, - Unknown (1982-83)--  Youth/Academy
Harris, A Inside Right--  Amateur Era
Harris, FC Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Harris, G Goalkeeper (1925-26) -- England Amateur Era
Harris, Tommy Defender (1945-46)-- 
Harris, William Full Back (1938-39)1- 
Harrison, AE Left Back--  Amateur Era
Harrison, Ellis Centre Forward (2018-19)9(8)-  1st Team
Harrison, Gary Striker (1989-92)--  Youth/Academy
Harrison, Lawrence Unknown (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Harrison, Paul Striker (1976-79)--  Youth/Academy
Harrison, W Unknown--  Amateur Era
Harrop, Josh Unknown (2020-21)2(9)-  1st Team
Harvey, L Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Harvey, Rob Midfield (2016-18)-- 
Haste, A Unknown (1961-62)-- 
Haste, B Forward (1920-21)--  Amateur Era
Haste, RH Inside Left/Outside Left (1920-24)--  Amateur Era
Haste, W Utility--  Amateur Era
Hastie, Will Winger (1991-92)-- Australia
Hastings, JR Outside Left (1931-33)--  Amateur Era
Hastings, Richard Defender (1996-97)-- Canada
Havenga, Willie Forward (1951-53)19- South Africa 1st Team
Haverson, Jack Central Defender (2003-06)--  Youth/Academy
Haward, AJ Right Half/Centre Forward (1888-94)--  Amateur Era
Haward, CW Full Back/Half Back (1888-90)--  Amateur Era
Haward, FG Half Back--  Amateur Era
Haward, HH Left Half/Centre Forward--  Amateur Era
Haward, T Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Hawes, K Unknown (1963-65)--  Youth/Academy
Hawkes, W Right Half (1924-25)--  Amateur Era
Hawkins, Oliver Striker (2020-current)9(12)-  1st Team
Hawthorn, Mark Centre Half-- England
Haydon, Nicky Defender (1998-99)-- England
Hayes, - Unknown (1937-38)-- 
Hayes, Hugh Half Back (1947-50)9- Northern Ireland 1st Team
Hayes, Nicholas Goalkeeper (2013-18)-- England Youth/Academy
Hayes, Robert Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Haynes, Danny Midfield (2003-10)43(85)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Haynes-Brown, Curtis Defender (2008-09)-- England
Hays, Jack Forward (1936-37)3- England 1st Team
Hayward, CW Back (1885-86)--  Amateur Era
Healy, Colin Midfield (2006-12)19(10)- Ireland 1st Team
Healy, David Forward (2009-10)5(7)- Northern Ireland 1st Team
Healy, Matt Midfielder (2018-21)-- 
Heard, A Unknown (1963-64)-- 
Heaven, George Centre Back (2019-20)-- 
Hedinsson, Eyjolfur Midfield (2004-05)-- Iceland
Hegan, Danny Midfield (1962-69) 230- Northern Ireland 1st Team
Hemir, - Unknown (1996-97)--  Youth/Academy
Hemnell, RJ Outside Right (1913-14)--  Amateur Era
Henderson, A Inside Forward--  Amateur Era
Henderson, Alex Unknown (2016-20)1-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Henderson, J Goalkeeper (1935-36)--  Amateur Era
Henderson, Stephen Goalkeeper (2012-13)24- Ireland 1st Team
Hendry, Taylor Striker (2012-13)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Henham, S Unknown (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Henly, Jonathan Goalkeeper (2015-16)-- Scotland
Henman, HJ Outside Right/Centre Forward (1898-00) --  Amateur Era
Henry, Ashton Defender (2011-19)--  Youth/Academy
Henry, Rhys Striker (2004-05)--  Youth/Academy
Henshall, Alex Winger (2013-16)1(4)- England 1st Team
Heppard, PE Left Back--  Amateur Era
Hermansson, Bjorn Midfielder (2005-07)--  Youth/Academy
Herring, H Unknown-- 
Herring, W Goalkeeper-- 
Herriott, H Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Hesling, Alan Defender (1965-68)-- England Youth/Academy
Hetherington, R Inside Right (1935-36)--  Amateur Era
Hewitt, Elliott Right Back (2012-15)10(6)- Wales 1st Team
Hewitt, Kai Goalkeeper (2008-09)-- England Youth/Academy
Hewitt, Stan Defender (1951-56)-- 
Hick, Jack Full Back (1939-46)-- 
Hickey, Brady Central Midfield (2015-16)-- 
Higginbotham, Danny Defender (2012-13)11(1)- England 1st Team
Higgins, Ossie Centre Forward (1952-53)2- Ireland 1st Team
Hilaire, Julian Winger (1982-83)--  Youth/Academy
Hill, David Midfield (1988-92)64(9)- England 1st Team
Hill, Henry Defender (1968-70)-- 
Hill, Mick Forward (1968-74)74(3)- England 1st Team
Hill, Shane Central Midfield (2008-09)-- England
Hill, Victor Defender (2000-03)-- Northern Ireland Youth/Academy
Hinton, A Back--  Amateur Era
Hirst, C Full Back--  Amateur Era
Hoadley, - Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Hoare, - Unknown (1939-40)-- 
Hobbis, H Outside Left (1945-46)-- 
Hobbs, CE Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Hockett, S Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Hodges, Lee Midfield (1998-99)0(4)- England 1st Team
Hodgetts, Tim Central Defender (1983-86)--  Youth/Academy
Hoefkens, Carl Centre Back/Right Back (2009-10)-- Belgium
Hogg, Chris Centre Half (2001-05)-- England Youth/Academy
Hojsted, Ingi Midfielder (2005-06)-- Faroe Islands
Holden, Stuart Midfielder (2005-06)-- United States
Holland, Billy Midfielder-- 
Holland, Matt Midfield (1997-03)  311(3)- Ireland 1st Team
Hollman, James Goalkeeper (1993-09)-- England Youth/Academy
Holly, SJ Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Holmes, David Striker (1993-95)-- England
Holmwood, M Unknown (1960-61)--  Youth/Academy
Holsgrove, Paul Midfielder (1999-00)-- England
Holster, Marco Midfield (1998-00)1(11)- Netherlands 1st Team
Holy, Tomas Goalkeeper (2019-current)59-  1st Team
Homewood, Paul Midfield (1984-87)-- England Youth/Academy
Homewood, Steve Goalkeeper (1969-71)--  Youth/Academy
Honeywood, Brian Defender (1965-68)--  Youth/Academy
Honeywood, Lee Midfield (1986-94)-- 
Hood, Paul Unknown (1992-95)-- England Youth/Academy
Hooper, Glynn Striker (1987-90)--  Youth/Academy
Hoque, Yousuf Striker (2020-21)-- 
Horgan, Denis Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Horlock, Kevin Midfield (2004-06)49(13)- England 1st Team
Hornby, Ron Outside Left (1945-46)-- 
Horncastle, Ross Unknown-- 
Horne, Ian Goalkeeper (1987-89)--  Youth/Academy
Horsman, J Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Horwood, J Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Hotham, RevFW Right Back--  Amateur Era
Houghton, Billy Full Back (1966-69)117- England 1st Team
Houghton, Scott Forward (1990-91)7(1)- England 1st Team
Houldsworth, Fred Goalkeeper (1936-38)69- England
Hourihane, Conor Midfield (2010-12)-- Ireland
Howard, David Unknown (1970-71)--  Youth/Academy
Howard, Fred Centre Forward (1945-46)-- 
Howard, Matthew Midfield (1985-88)--  Youth/Academy
Howard, Sonny Unknown (2011-13)--  Youth/Academy
Howe, Fred Goalkeeper-- 
Howe, Robert Forward (1996-97)3(1)- England 1st Team
Howell, Ace Winger/Forward (2014-15)-- England Youth/Academy
Howey, Lee Central Defender/Forward (1984-93)--  Youth/Academy
Howlett, R Unknown (1960-64)--  Youth/Academy
Hoyland, H Forward--  Amateur Era
Hreidarsson, Hermann Defender (2000-03)127(1)- Iceland 1st Team
Hubbard, EE Left Wing--  Amateur Era
Hubbick, David Forward (1976-81)--  Youth/Academy
Hubble, Martin Forward (1977-80)--  Youth/Academy
Hubnik, Roman Central Defender (2008-09)-- Czech Republic
Huckstep, Chris Unknown (1994-95)-- 
Hudson, Kirk Striker (2003-04)--  Youth/Academy
Hughes, Thomas Attacking Midfielder (2008-current)0(3)-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Hughill, Ian Midfield (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Hullis, Aubrey Unknown (1948-49)-- 
Hulyer, Lee Goalkeeper (1997-01)-- England Youth/Academy
Humes, Tony Midfield (1982-92)129(13)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Humphrey, J Unknown (1960-62)-- 
Humphreys, Cameron Midfielder (2019-21)-- 
Hunn, Liam Unknown--  Youth/Academy
Hunt, Bobby Forward (1967-71)18(11)- England 1st Team
Hunt, Cecil Full Back (1953-56)-- 
Hunt, D Forward (1947-48)-- 
Hunt, F Right Back/Half Back--  Amateur Era
Hunt, G Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Hunt, Jonathan Midfield (1998-99)2(4)- England 1st Team
Hunt, Noel Forward (2014-15)3(9)- Ireland 1st Team
Hunt, Stephen Winger (2013-15)28(15)- Ireland 1st Team
Hunt, Tom Goalkeeper (1947-49)-- 
Hunter, Allan Central Defender (1971-82) 355(1)- Northern Ireland 1st Team
Hunter, David Striker (1988-91)--  Youth/Academy
Hunter, William Defender (1951-54)-- 
Hurrell, Ian Defender (1980-83)-- 
Hursey, Tyler Goalkeeper (2013-14)--  Youth/Academy
Hurst, BH Left Back--  Amateur Era
Hutcheson, D Left Back --  Amateur Era
Hutcheson, Jock Half Back (1938-39)2- Scotland 1st Team
Hutchings, Max Unknown (2011-12)--  Youth/Academy
Hutchinson, Robert Midfield (1979-81)--  Youth/Academy
Huws, Emyr Midfield (2016-current)43(12)- Wales 1st Team
Hyam, Luke Midfield (2002-18)118(28)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Hyde, Stephen Full-Back (1987-90)--  Youth/Academy
Hymas, Keith Centre Forward (1967-68)-- England Youth/Academy