since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day


Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Jackson, - Unknown (2020-21)--  Youth/Academy
Jackson, A Outside Left (1929-34)-18 
Jackson, John Goalkeeper (1981-82)1- England 1st Team
Jackson, Kayden Forward (2018-24)100(100)30 England 1st Team
Jackson, Simeon Forward-- Canada
Jacobs, - Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Jacques, D Outside Left-- 
Jaiyesimi, Diallang Unknown (2021-22)--  Youth/Academy
Jakupovic, Eldin Goalkeeper (2012-13)-- Switzerland
Jamieson, Alec Midfield/Full-Back (1974-77)--  Youth/Academy
Janacek, Petr Right Back (2005-06)-- Czech Republic
Jarrett, A Inside Left-- 
Jarrett, LW Left Half/Outside Left (1925-26)-2 
Jeal, Tom Defender (2003-04)--  Youth/Academy
Jean, Earl Forward (1996-97)0(1)- Saint Lucia 1st Team
Jeffers, Francis Striker (2006-07)7(2)4 England 1st Team
Jeffers, Rakealan Striker-- 
Jefferson, Derek Central Defender (1963-73)172(3)1 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Jeffrey, - Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Jelecak, Mirca Midfield (2000-01)-- Bosnia And Herzegovina
Jenkins, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Jennings, Bill Centre Forward (1947-52)11144 England 1st Team
Jennings, C Inside Forward-- 
Jennings, R Right Back-- 
Jillings, B Centre Forward (1962-64)--  Youth/Academy
Jobson, Tom Wing Half (1936-37)4- England 1st Team
Johansson, Jonatan Striker (1995-96)-- Finland
John, Stern Forward (2009-10)7(2)1 Trinidad And Tobago 1st Team
John-Jules, Tyreece Forward (2022-23)10(11)3 England 1st Team
Johnson, - Unknown-- 
Johnson, Dave Centre Forward (1972-76) 174(4)46 England 1st Team
Johnson, David Forward (1997-01)148(10)62 Jamaica 1st Team
Johnson, FC Centre Forward (1921-22)-26 
Johnson, Gavin Defender (1986-95) 139(21)16 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Johnson, JD Outside Left-- 
Johnson, Jermaine Midfielder (2000-01)-- Jamaica
Johnson, L Left Back-- 
Johnson, Neil Unknown (2009-10)-- 
Johnstone, Bobby Half Back (1957-59)384 Scotland 1st Team
Jones, Aaron Full-Back/Midfield (2002-12)-- England Youth/Academy
Jones, Ben Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Jones, Cobi Left Midfielder/Forward (2000-01)-- United States
Jones, D Forward (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Jones, David Forward (1989-90)-- 
Jones, E Half Back/Inside Left (1931-34)-36 
Jones, Fred Centre Forward (1937-46)3814 Wales 1st Team
Jones, H Inside Left-- 
Jones, Jason Central Defender (1991-92)--  Youth/Academy
Jones, Len Winger (1953-54)-- 
Jones, Marsden Unknown (1947-48)-- 
Jones, Ronaldo Right Winger (2011-16)-- England Youth/Academy
Jones, Sid Full Back (1945-46)-- 
Jones, W Inside Forward (1935-36)-5 
Jones, Willie Half Back (1948-55)361 Wales 1st Team
Jordon, R Unknown-- 
Josselyn, J Outside Left (1891-93)-1 
Joyce, Wade Midfield (2013-14)-- England
Juan, Jimmy Midfield (2004-06)25(11)5 France 1st Team
Judge, Alan Left Midfielder (2018-21)75(16)10  1st Team
Juryeff, Ian Forward (1988-89)0(2)- England 1st Team