since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Jackson, A Outside Left (1929-34)-18  Amateur Era
Jackson, John Goalkeeper (1981-82)1- England 1st Team
Jackson, Kayden Striker (2018-current)56(40)18  1st Team
Jackson, Simeon Forward-- Canada
Jacobs, - Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Jacques, D Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Jakupovic, Eldin Goalkeeper (2012-13)-- Switzerland
Jamieson, Alec Midfield/Full-Back (1974-77)--  Youth/Academy
Janacek, Petr Right Back (2005-06)-- Czech Republic
Jarrett, A Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Jarrett, LW Left Half/Outside Left (1925-26)-2  Amateur Era
Jeal, Tom Defender (2003-04)--  Youth/Academy
Jean, Earl Forward (1996-97)0(1)- Saint Lucia 1st Team
Jeffers, Francis Striker (2006-07)7(2)4 England 1st Team
Jefferson, Derek Central Defender (1963-73)172(3)1 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Jeffrey, - Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Jelecak, Mirca Midfield (2000-01)-- Bosnia And Herzegovina
Jenkins, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Jennings, Bill Centre Forward (1947-52)11144 England 1st Team
Jennings, C Inside Forward--  Amateur Era
Jennings, R Right Back--  Amateur Era
Jillings, B Centre Forward (1962-64)--  Youth/Academy
Jobson, Tom Wing Half (1936-37)4- England 1st Team
Johansson, Jonatan Striker (1995-96)-- Finland
John, Stern Forward (2009-10)7(2)1 Trinidad And Tobago 1st Team
Johnson, - Unknown--  Amateur Era
Johnson, Dave Centre Forward (1972-76) 174(4)46 England 1st Team
Johnson, David Forward (1997-01)148(10)62 Jamaica 1st Team
Johnson, FC Centre Forward (1921-22)-26  Amateur Era
Johnson, Gavin Defender (1986-95)139(21)16 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Johnson, JD Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Johnson, Jermaine Midfielder (2000-01)-- Jamaica
Johnson, L Left Back--  Amateur Era
Johnson, Neil Unknown (2009-10)-- 
Johnstone, Bobby Half Back (1957-59)384 Scotland 1st Team
Jones, Aaron Full-Back/Midfield (2002-12)-- England Youth/Academy
Jones, Ben Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Jones, Cobi Left Midfielder/Forward (2000-01)-- United States
Jones, D Forward (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Jones, David Forward (1989-90)-- 
Jones, E Half Back/Inside Left (1931-34)-36  Amateur Era
Jones, Fred Centre Forward (1937-46)3814 Wales 1st Team
Jones, H Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Jones, Jason Central Defender (1991-92)--  Youth/Academy
Jones, Len Winger (1953-54)-- 
Jones, Marsden Unknown (1947-48)-- 
Jones, Ronaldo Right Winger (2011-16)-- England Youth/Academy
Jones, Sam Winger(?) (1945-46)-- 
Jones, Sid Full Back-- 
Jones, W Inside Forward (1935-36)-5  Amateur Era
Jones, Willie Half Back (1948-55)361 Wales 1st Team
Jordon, R Unknown-- 
Josselyn, J Outside Left (1891-93)-1  Amateur Era
Joyce, Wade Midfield (2013-14)-- England
Juan, Jimmy Midfield (2004-06)25(11)5 France 1st Team
Judge, Alan Left Midfielder (2018-current)75(16)10  1st Team
Juryeff, Ian Forward (1988-89)0(2)- England 1st Team