since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Kabongolo, Brooklyn Centre Back (2018-21)-- 
Kamanda, - Unknown (2010-11)--  Youth/Academy
Kamara, Alfie Defender/Midfielder (2002-04)--  Youth/Academy
Kanu, Henry Forward (2005-06)-- Nigeria
Karbassiyoon, Daniel Defender (2004-05)4(2)- United States 1st Team
Karic, Amir Defender (2000-02)0(3)- Slovenia 1st Team
Karlsson, Andreas Unknown (2000-01)-- 
Kasinga-Madia, Deese Right Winger (2018-19)-- 
Kautonen, Tommi Full Back (1996-97)-- Finland
Kavanagh, Cian Striker-- 
Kavanagh, Jimmy Forward (1953-54)-- 
Kavianpour, Hamed Midfielder (2000-01)-- Iran
Kawaguchi, Joji Midfield (2003-04)--  Youth/Academy
Keane, - Unknown (1998-99)--  Youth/Academy
Keane, Will Striker (2018-20)28(13)-  1st Team
Kearney, Noel Forward (1959-64)--  Youth/Academy
Kearns, - Full Back (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Keeble, - Forward (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Keeble, Chris Midfield (1995-00)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Keeley, Glenn Central Defender (1970-74)5- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Kellard, Bobby Midfield (1965-66)15- England 1st Team
Kello, Marian Goalkeeper (2012-13)-- Slovakia
Kelly, Darren Goalkeeper (2000-03)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Kelly, J Outside Left (1960-61)-- 
Kelly, John Midfielder (2004-05)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Kenlock, Myles Defender (2013-current)89(8)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Kenlock, N Unknown-- 
Kennedy, John Right Back (1993-00)7(2)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Kennedy, Mark Defender (2010-12)34(3)- Ireland 1st Team
Kennell, Robert Forward (1947-48)-- 
Kenney, AL Outside Right (1920-21)--  Amateur Era
Kenny, AL Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Kenny, Billy Midfield (1974-76)--  Youth/Academy
Kenny, Corporal Full Back--  Amateur Era
Kenny, Paddy Goalkeeper (2014-15)-- Ireland
Kent, EA Inside Forward (1888-02)--  Amateur Era
Kent, FN Forward (1885-86)--  Amateur Era
Kent, FR Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Kent, GA Centre Forward (1890-91)--  Amateur Era
Kent, R Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Keogh, Andy Forward-- Ireland
Keogh, Richard Defender (1996-03)-- England Youth/Academy
Kerr, John Winger/Midfield (1968-69)-- Canada
Kerr, Mark Centre Midfield (2000-01)-- Scotland
Kersey, JH Inside Left (1897-98)--  Amateur Era
Kerslake, David Full Back (1997-98)3(6)- England 1st Team
Kessell, - Goalkeeper (1995-96)-- 
Kessler, Carl Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Ketteridge, Hayden Unknown (2018-19)--  Youth/Academy
Khumalo, Bongani Centre Half (2013-14)-- South Africa
Kidby, W Outside Right (1935-36)--  Amateur Era
Kiely, Dean Goalkeeper (1989-90)-- Ireland
Kilgallon, Mark Midfield (1979-80)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
King, Barry Full Back (1968-71)--  Youth/Academy
King, CP Unknown-- 
King, HR Full Back--  Amateur Era
King, JB Right Back (1935-36)--  Amateur Era
King, Jimmy Midfield (1979-83)--  Youth/Academy
King, S Unknown-- 
Kingdom, David Unknown (2005-06)-- 
Kinken, W Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Kinnear, Colin Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Kinsella, Sean Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Kinsella, Tony Midfield (1981-84)9(2)- England 1st Team
Kirkham, Peter Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Kisnorbo, Patrick Centre Back (2012-13)2(2)- Australia 1st Team
Kitchen, Peter Striker (1976-77)-- 
Kitson, TK Right Back--  Amateur Era
Kitt, - Unknown (1955-56)-- 
Kiwomya, Chris Forward (1986-95) 232(30)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Kjolner, Fredrik Centre Back (1996-97)-- Norway
Kleemann, Grzegorz Goalkeeper (2014-15)-- Poland
Klug, Bryan Midfield (1976-94)--  Youth/Academy
Knight, - Defender (1945-46)-- 
Knight, Ben Forward (2014-18)-- England Youth/Academy
Knight2, - Unknown (1937-38)-- 
Knights, - Unknown (1988-89)--  Youth/Academy
Knights, Darryl Forward (1997-07)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Knights, G Goalkeeper--  Amateur Era
Knights, Jason Unknown (1992-93)-- 
Knights, JHH Centre Forward -- 
Knock, Harry Defender (2020-21)-- 
Knudsen, Jonas Left Back (2015-19)153(2)- Denmark 1st Team
Koffanis, Petros Unknown (2001-02)-- Cyprus
Kolsi, Marko Midfield (2006-07)-- Finland
Koogi, Anders Defender (1999-00)-- Denmark
Kourouma, Cheick Central Midfield (2011-13)-- Guinea
Kraft, Michael Goalkeeper (1989-90)-- Germany
Krause, James Left Back/Centre Back (2000-07)--  Youth/Academy
Kristmundsson, Brynjar Right Winger/Striker (2008-09)-- Iceland Youth/Academy
Krol, Pawel Defender (2005-06)-- Poland
Kronholm, Kenneth Goalkeeper (2007-08)-- United States
Kryger, James Goalkeeper (1999-00)-- Canada
Kuqi, Njazi Forward (2006-07)-- Finland
Kuqi, Shefki Forward (2003-08)76(16)- Finland 1st Team
Kynaston, Bob Forward/Winger (1955-56)--