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Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Lacy, Neil Unknown (2000-01)-- 
Laflin, - Winger (1947-48)-- 
Lamah, Roland Left Winger (2016-17)-- Belgium
Lamb, Julian Unknown (1981-82)--  Youth/Academy
Lambe, Reggie Midfield (2007-11)4(2)- Bermuda 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Lambert, - Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Lambert, Mick Winger (1966-79) 219(45)45 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Lambie, Jack Centre Half (1946-47)-- 
Lampard, Frank Left Back (1990-91)-- England
Lancaster, Ben Goalkeeper-- 
Lancaster, Jim Goalkeeper (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Landvreugd, Ulrich Defender (1995-96)-- Netherlands
Lane, Freddy Centre Half (1953-54)-- 
Lang, Ian Defender (1985-87)--  Youth/Academy
Lang, Tom Left Winger (1946-47)51 Scotland 1st Team
Langer, Michael Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- Austria
Lankester, Jack Striker (2005-current)13(17)3 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Larentowicz, Jeff Defender/Midfielder (2005-06)-- United States
Larsson, Matthias Unknown (1998-99)-- 
Larter, Stuart Defender (1982-84)--  Youth/Academy
Latapy, Russell Midfielder (1998-99)-- Trinidad And Tobago
Laup, Yannick Midfielder/Forward (2006-07)-- France
Laurel, John Centre Half (1960-63)6- England 1st Team
Lavery, Caolan Forward (2007-12)-- Northern Ireland Youth/Academy
Law, N Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Lawrence, Alfie Central Defender-- 
Lawrence, Andy Defender (1982-84)--  Youth/Academy
Lawrence, Byron Midfield (2010-15)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Lawrence, Tom Attacking Midfield (2016-17)34(2)11 Wales 1st Team
Lawrence, Vic Outside Left (1937-39)-- Wales
Laws, Danny Goalkeeper (1990-91)--  Youth/Academy
Lay, A Centre Forward (1923-24)--  Amateur Era
Layne, Jerrell Striker--  Youth/Academy
Lea, Cyril Wing Half (1964-69)  119(4)2 Wales 1st Team
Leabon, Kieran Striker (2001-07)--  Youth/Academy
Leadbetter, Jimmy Winger/midfield (1955-66) 37550 Scotland 1st Team
Leadbitter, Grant Midfield (2009-12) 120(6)14 England 1st Team
Leathers, W Left Half--  Amateur Era
LeBihan, Neil Midfield (1993-94)-- England
Leddy, Jonathan Midfield (2011-14)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Lee, Alan Forward (2005-14)96(14)34 Ireland 1st Team
Lee, F Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Lee, Jonathan Unknown (1994-95)-- 
Lee-Barrett, Arran Goalkeeper (1999-13)40(2)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Leeworthy, M Unknown (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Legg, Andrew Midfield (1997-98)71 Wales 1st Team
Leggett, Nigel Defender (1965-67)-- England Youth/Academy
Legwinski, Sylvain Midfielder (2006-08)44(8)7 France 1st Team
Leighton, Tom Left Back (2019-20)-- 
Lemajic, Nemanja Goalkeeper-- 
Leman, G Winger (1938-39)-- 
Lems, Cor Midfielder (1982-84)-- 
Lennon, Paul Defender (1982-84)--  Youth/Academy
Lentz, Paul Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Leosson, Ragnar Midfielder (2009-10)-- Iceland
LePen, Ulrich Winger (2001-03)0(3)- France 1st Team
Lesslie, Kenneth Outside Right (1946-48)-- 
Lewis, Dennon Right Winger (2017-18)-- 
Lewis, G Centre Forward/Winger (1900-07)-65  Amateur Era
Lewis, George Left Winger-- 
Lewis, M Unknown (1962-63)-- 
Lewis, VJ Left Half (1900-09) -6  Amateur Era
Liffen, - Right Back--  Amateur Era
Liffen, AF Centre Half (1909-14)-7  Amateur Era
Liffen, W Right Half--  Amateur Era
Lineham, CS Inside Forward (1934-35)-1  Amateur Era
Linford, John Forward (1980-83)0(1)- England 1st Team
Ling, D Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Linighan, David Central Defender (1988-96) 327(3)13 England 1st Team
Linley, Joseph Unknown (2014-15)--  Youth/Academy
Linton, Malachi Striker-- 
Lisbie, Kevin Striker (2008-11)26(19)7 Jamaica 1st Team
Lister, A Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Lita, Leroy Striker (2014-15)-- 
Little, - Unknown (1999-00)-- 
Little, Jackie Forward (1935-50)21046 England 1st Team
Livermore, Jake Midfield (2010-11)8(4)- England 1st Team
Loach, Scott Goalkeeper (1997-14)32(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Lockwood, A Centre Forward (1912-13)-1  Amateur Era
Lockwood, J Centre Forward--  Amateur Era
Logan, Richard Forward (1996-03)0(5)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Logan, Stewart Central Defender (1998-00)--  Youth/Academy
Lokembo-Lokaso, Fabrice Defender/Midfielder (2005-06)-- Belgium
Lomas, Mark Forward (1978-82)--  Youth/Academy
Long, Len Goalkeeper (1955-56)-- 
Longdon, - Defender (1945-46)-- 
Longhurst, W Full Back/Half Back--  Amateur Era
Lonsdale, Max Midfielder (2011-12)-- England
Lopes, Fabio Offensive Midfielder (2009-10)-- Portugal
Lord, W Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Lordan, Cathal Midfielder (2003-06)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Lowe, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Lowe, David Midfield (1987-92)145(15)44 England 1st Team
Lowery, Tony Unknown (1981-83)--  Youth/Academy
Lowes, Brendan Full-Back (1995-98)-- England Youth/Academy
Lowrie, Ian Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Lucas, J Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Lulyer, Lee Goalkeeper (1998-99)--  Youth/Academy
Lundstrum, Colin Right Winger (1957-61)131 England 1st Team
Luongo, Massimo Midfield (2012-13)8(3)1 Australia 1st Team
Lynch, M Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Lyth, Ashley Defender (2000-01)-- England