since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day


Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Oar, Tommy Winger (2015-16)4(5)1 Australia 1st Team
Oates, LC Centre Forward (1927-28)-2 
Oates, Ryan Unknown (1993-94)-- England Youth/Academy
Obazee, Ross Unknown (2016-18)--  Youth/Academy
OBrien, Joe Left Winger (1949-51)5412 Ireland 1st Team
OCallaghan, George Midfield (2006-08)5(8)1 Ireland 1st Team
OCallaghan, Kevin Left Winger (1979-85) 90(59)6 England 1st Team
OConnor, Daniel Centre Half (2022-23)--  Youth/Academy
OConnor, Gerard Defender (2001-04)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
OConnor, Kevin Midfield (2014-15)-- Ireland
OConnor, Shane Midfield/Forward (2009-12)15(7)- Ireland 1st Team
October, David Left Back (2009-14)-- England Youth/Academy
ODea, Darren Centre Back/Full Back (2010-11)22(3)- Ireland 1st Team
ODonnell, Chris Defender (1983-89)17(7)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
ODonnell, Conor Goalkeeper (2010-12)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
ODonnell, Mark Unknown (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
ODriscoll, Barry Midfielder (2005-06)--  Youth/Academy
OFarrell, Frank Unknown (1968-70)--  Youth/Academy
Ogbene, Chiedozie Left Winger (2017-18)-- 
Ogunmekan, Tyrese Unknown (2016-18)--  Youth/Academy
Okafor, Miracle Striker (2019-20)-- 
Okay, Erkan Defender (2000-04)--  Youth/Academy
OKeefe, Charley Left Back (2018-19)-- 
OKeefe, Stuart Midfielder (2000-07)--  Youth/Academy
Okosi, Henry Unknown (2011-12)--  Youth/Academy
Okunowo, Emmanuel Midfielder (2021-22)--  Youth/Academy
Old, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Oldfield, Oliver Defender-- Wales Youth/Academy
OLeary, Vincent Forward (1938-40)2- Ireland 1st Team
Olsen, Inge Midfielder/Forward (1999-00)-- Norway
OMahony, Matt Centre Half (1939-49) 676 Ireland 1st Team
ONeil, Phil Defender (1996-97)-- 
ONeill, Dan Goalkeeper (2011-12)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
ONeill, Lee Utility (1996-00)-- England Youth/Academy
ONeill, Seth Unknown (2020-21)-- 
ONeill, Tommy Winger (1974-76)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Onfial, L Unknown (1999-00)--  Youth/Academy
Oppong, Colin Striker (2018-21)-- Northern Ireland Youth/Academy
Oram, Dean Goalkeeper (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
OReilly, Connor Midfielder (2018-21)-- 
Orford, Joseph Unknown-- 
Orford, PF Full Back-- 
Orford, PH Right Back-- 
ORourke, - Half Back (1946-47)-- 
ORourke, John Forward (1967-70)7231 England 1st Team
ORourke, Ken Foward (1968-69)-- 
Orozco, Daniel Defender (2005-06)-- Spain
Orr, Bradley Right Back (2012-13)13- England 1st Team
Osborne, Dave Unknown (1970-71)--  Youth/Academy
Osborne, H Unknown (1960-64)--  Youth/Academy
Osborne, Roger Midfield (1970-81) 127(21)10 England 1st Team
Osborne, T Outside Right (1920-21)-2 
Osbourne, D Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Osbourne, K Half-Back (1965-68)--  Youth/Academy
Osbourne, Toby Striker (2006-07)-- 
Osbourne, Tyrese Unknown (2020-22)-- 
OShaughneesy, Joe Goalkeeper (2022-23)--  Youth/Academy
Osho, Gabriel Centre Back (2019-20)-- 
Osman, Ben Midfield (2006-07)-- England Youth/Academy
Osman, Murray Defender--  Youth/Academy
Osman, Russell Central Defender (1974-85) 385(3)21 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Osman, Toby Midfield (2006-07)-- England Youth/Academy
Ostler, Mick Forward (1955-56)-- 
Other, AN Centre Half-- 
Ouon, Edwin Defender (2005-06)-- 
Overton, Paul Goalkeeper (1977-79)1- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Owen, - Unknown (1950-51)-- Wales
Owen, Aled Winger (1958-63)353 Wales 1st Team
Owen, OL Centre Foward-- 
Owen1, - Unknown (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Owens, Seth Defender (2015-16)-- England
Owles, R Back-- 
Oxborrow, ER Outside Right (1891-98)-18 
Oxbrow, Darren Central Defender (1985-89)--  Youth/Academy
Oxford, E Full Back/Half Back--