since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day


Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Racu, Petru Defender (2012-13)-- Moldova
Ralph, Nathan Left Back (2008-09)-- England Youth/Academy
Ramadan, Cemal Striker (2005-16)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Ramsey, A Outside Left-- 
Ranieri, Mirko Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- Italy Youth/Academy
Ransome, RCE Utility-- 
Rasmussen, Harold Centre Forward (1938-40)-- 
Ratcliff, HT Centre Forward (1893-95)-8 
Ratcliffe, H Outside Left (1903-04)-- 
Re, Joe Unknown (2013-14)--  Youth/Academy
Read, - Outside Right-- 
Read, H Left Half/Back-- 
Reade, Corporal Centre Half (1925-26)-1 
Reader, G Unknown (1987-88)--  Youth/Academy
Reader, Neil Goalkeeper (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Reakes, - Goalkeeper (1998-99)--  Youth/Academy
Reason, Jai Central Midfield (2000-09)-- England Youth/Academy
Redan, Iwan Centre Forward (2005-06)-- Netherlands
Redford, Ian Midfield (1988-91)72(9)13 Scotland 1st Team
Redman, Ross Defender (2008-09)-- Northern Ireland
Reed, Andrew Winger (1965-67)--  Youth/Academy
Reed, Billy Right Winger (1953-58)17047 Wales 1st Team
Reed, Lewis Striker (2018-22)--  Youth/Academy
Reed, Matthew Goalkeeper (1995-96)-- 
Reed, Peter Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Rees, Derek Inside Forward (1957-63)9532 Wales 1st Team
Rees, Doug Centre Half (1948-59) 3871 Wales 1st Team
Rees, Gordon Forward (1947-48)-- 
Reeve, OS Goalkeeper-- 
Reid, Billy Winger (1938-39)2- United States 1st Team
Reid, Craig Striker (2002-04)-- 
Reilly, J Half Back/Forward (1924-25)-3 
Renaut, F Right Half-- 
Reo-Coker, Nigel Midfield (2012-13)9(2)- England 1st Team
Reuser, Martijn Midfield (1999-04)53(61)19 Netherlands 1st Team
Reynolds, Andy Goalkeeper (2004-06)--  Youth/Academy
Reynolds, John Unknown (1984-85)--  Youth/Academy
Rhodes, Alex Midfield (2003-04)-- England
Rhodes, Andy Goalkeeper (2005-06)-- 
Rhodes, Jordan Striker (2005-10)0(10)1 Scotland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Rhodes, Lewis Goalkeeper (2007-08)-- 
Richards, BR Inside Forward (1920-26)-10 
Richards, Matt Full Back (2000-09)133(35)9 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Richardson, Derek Unknown (1979-80)--  Youth/Academy
Richardson, Emmanuel Forward (2008-09)--  Youth/Academy
Richardson, Frazer Defender (2013-14)3(4)- England 1st Team
Richardson, Ian Unknown (1994-95)-- 
Richardson, Michael Midfield (2000-07)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Richmond, H Centre Forward-- 
Ricry, D Unknown (1999-00)--  Youth/Academy
Ridd, Lewis Goalkeeper (2020-current)-- Wales
Ridley, TR Centre Half-- 
Riley, Dominic Midfield (1997-99)--  Youth/Academy
Rimmer, Ellis Left Winger (1938-39)4- England 1st Team
Rimmer, Neil Midfield (1985-88)23(4)3 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Ritchie, R Unknown (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Rivers, Mark Midfielder (2004-05)-- England
Roach, Josh Goalkeeper (2020-21)--  Youth/Academy
Robbie, Brian Forward (1965-67)--  Youth/Academy
Robbins, Nick Defender (2003-05)--  Youth/Academy
Roberts, B Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Roberts, Dale Central Defender (1972-80)22(2)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Roberts, Gary Midfielder (2006-09)45(14)4 England 1st Team
Roberts, H Centre Forward (1934-35)-1 
Roberts, Jimmy Winger (1949-52)8217 Scotland 1st Team
Roberts, Jordan Winger (2018-20)10(7)3  1st Team
Robertson, Jimmy Right Winger (1969-72)9812 Scotland 1st Team
Robertson, John Striker (2019-20)-- 
Robertson, M Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Robinson, Dave Defender (1972-74)--  Youth/Academy
Robinson, J Half Back (1945-46)-- 
Robinson, Joe Defender (2007-17)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Robinson, Kurt Left-Back (2005-09)--  Youth/Academy
Robinson, LR Goalkeeper-- 
Robinson, Matthew Striker (2000-04)-- England Youth/Academy
Robinson, Ronald Left Back (1983-86)-- 
Robinson, Ryan Defender (2014-15)-- Ireland
Robinson2, J Inside Forward-- 
Robson, David Midfield (1981-84)--  Youth/Academy
Rocha, Ricardo Defender (2012-13)-- Portugal
Rock, AC Outside Left (1893-94)-3 
Rodger, Bob Centre Half (1937-39)45- Scotland 1st Team
Rodwell, A Right Wing (1930-33)-22 
Rodwell, H Half Back/Forward (1931-33)-4 
Roe, Philip Defender (2007-08)-- England Youth/Academy
Roffey, - Unknown-- 
Rogers, HL Inside Forward (1926-34)-17 
Rogers, Mark Striker (1982-85)--  Youth/Academy
Rolfe, S Unknown (1926-27)-1 
Ronan, Kian Right Back/Midfield (2009-19)-- Gibraltar
Rondos, Matej Goalkeeper (2008-09)-- Slovakia
Roper, F Outside Left-- 
Roper, J Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy
Roper, TE Inside Right (1903-04)-2 
Rose, HE Inside Left-- 
Rose, Joe Goalkeeper--  Youth/Academy
Rose, M Unknown (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Rose, Matthew Unknown (2011-13)--  Youth/Academy
Rosen, Mattias Forward (1998-99)-- 
Rosenior, Liam Defender (2009-10)28(3)1 England 1st Team
Rosling, Russell Unknown (1966-68)-- England Youth/Academy
Ross, Alan Inside Forward (1945-46)-- 
Ross, Tom Goalkeeper (2008-09)-- England
Rowe, Danny Midfield/Winger (2016-20)14(15)1 England 1st Team
Rowland, N Half Back (1929-32) -3 England
Rowlands, - Unknown (1950-51)-- 
Rowling, CE Back/Half Back-- 
Rowsell, HG Left Back-- 
Rowsell, Steve Half Back (1967-69)--  Youth/Academy
Roy, John Winger (1945-47)192 England 1st Team
Rozendaal, Rawley Winger (2008-10)-- Netherlands
Rozier, PE Inside Forward (1920-28)-11 
Ruffles, Dylan Defender (2016-20)-- England Youth/Academy
Ruffles, H Inside Right-- 
Rule, R Inside Forward-- 
Rumbold, George Full Back (1945-50)13111 England 1st Team
Rumsey, HG Unknown (1927-28)-1 
Rundle, Ian Centre Half (1963-64)-- 
Rush, - Forward (1945-46)-- 
Rushbrooke, BD Centre Forward-- 
Russell, A Right Half (1929-32)-2 
Russell, Joe Centre Forward (1938-39)-- 
Russell, JP Centre Forward-- 
Russo, Gary Full Back (1971-75)--  Youth/Academy
Rutherford, Neil Goalkeeper (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Ryan, Aaron Goalkeeper (2011-12)-- Wales Youth/Academy
Ryland, Ricky Midfield (1991-93)--  Youth/Academy