since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day

All-time appearance records for anyone who has donned the blue and white of Ipswich since 1878. Includes goal scoring records, signed from and to details, place, date of birth and much more.

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Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Tabb, Jay Midfield (2012-16)61(24)5 England 1st Team
Tadman, G Forward (1945-46)-- 
Taggart, H Centre Half--  Amateur Era
Tait, D Inside Left--  Amateur Era
Talbot, Brian Midfield (1968-79)  22831 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Tallis, Jim Winger (1963-66)--  Youth/Academy
Talman, E Centre Forward (1928-30)-33  Amateur Era
Tann, Adam Central Defender (2005-06)-- England
Tanner, Adam Defender (1989-00)59(28)8 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Tanzi, Mirko Unknown (2000-01)-- Italy
Tarbard, Michael Forward (1965-68)--  Youth/Academy
Taricco, Mauricio Defender (1994-99)167(3)7 Argentina 1st Team
Tate, G Centre Forward (1934-35)-2  Amateur Era
Taylor, AH Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Taylor, B Right Half (1925-31) -40  Amateur Era
Taylor, Eden Inside Forward (1937-38)135 England 1st Team
Taylor, Kenny Winger (1971-74)--  Youth/Academy
Taylor, L Centre Forward (1925-26)-2  Amateur Era
Taylor, Paul Striker (2012-15)9(16)1 England 1st Team
Taylor, Rhys Goalkeeper (2012-13)-- Wales
Taylor, Steven Defender (2016-17)3- England 1st Team
Taylor2, Paul Midfield (1972-73)-- England
Tearney, Trevor Unknown (1997-98)-- England Youth/Academy
Telfer, - Half Back (1945-46)-- 
Templeman, - Unknown-- 
Templeton, Ian Full Back (1979-83)-- 
Tennent, Dave Winger (1952-53)4- Scotland 1st Team
TerBorgh, Jordy Midfielder (2011-12)-- Netherlands
Thatcher, Ben Defender (2008-10)23- England 1st Team
Theobald, David Defender (1995-99)-- England Youth/Academy
Theodorou, Theo Midfield (1991-93)--  Youth/Academy
Thetis, Manuel Defender (1998-01)53(4)3 France 1st Team
Thijssen, Frans Midfield (1978-83) 169(3)16 Netherlands 1st Team
Thomas, Jerome Left Winger (2015-16)-- England
Thomas, Leighton Unknown (2013-14)--  Youth/Academy
Thomas, Luke Unknown (2020-current)4(1)-  1st Team
Thompson, Chris Midfield (1974-76)--  Youth/Academy
Thompson, Gary Midfield (1988-95)-- England
Thompson, Ken Wing Half (1960-66)13(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Thompson, Neil Left Back (1989-96)240(11)23 England 1st Team
Thompson, Niall Forward (1991-92)-- 
Thompson, Rory Defender/Midfield (2009-14)--  Youth/Academy
Thomsen, Claus Defender (1994-97)92(5)8 Denmark 1st Team
Thomson, Bob Full Back (1936-38)38- Scotland
Thorburn, Jim Goalkeeper (1963-66)24- Scotland 1st Team
Thorne, Terence Wing Half (1964-66)-- 
Thorpe, Ivan Goalkeeper-- 
Thorpe, T Centre Forward (1954-56)-- 
Thorpe2, - Goalkeeper (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Thorsteinsson, Gunnar Midfield (2011-13)-- Iceland Youth/Academy
Thrower, Dennis Wing Half (1955-65)312 England 1st Team
Thwaites, AW Centre Half--  Amateur Era
Tibbenham, F Half Back--  Amateur Era
Tibbott, Les Full Back (1971-79)71(2)1 Wales 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Tidbury, HCH Half Back--  Amateur Era
Tilbrook, C Full Back--  Amateur Era
Tilbrook, S Left Back--  Amateur Era
Timlin, Mark Left Midfield (2011-14)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Tinniswood, A Unknown-- 
Tinniswood, L Unknown-- 
Tiofack, Carel Striker (2010-12)-- Ireland Youth/Academy
Titcombe, Stanley Right Back/Winger (1945-47)-- England
Todd, SD Forward (1945-46)-- 
Tomkins, M Unknown (1959-63)-- 
Tongue, Callum Goalkeeper (2012-13)--  Youth/Academy
Tonsley, Steve Goalkeeper (1969-72)--  Youth/Academy
Tooke, Barry Centre-Half (1964-66)--  Youth/Academy
Tooms, Nathan Midfield (2004-08)--  Youth/Academy
Tooth, - Unknown (1949-50)-- 
Tootill, Alf Goalkeeper (1945-46)-- 
Tornes, Michael Goalkeeper-- Denmark Youth/Academy
Torto, Edward Unknown (2009-10)-- 
Tothill, J Outside Right--  Amateur Era
Toure, Larsen Right Winger/Striker (2015-16)5(6)- Guinea 1st Team
Tovey, Sidney Centre Half/Half Back (1945-47)-- 
Towers, Steven Defender (2002-04)-- 
Towns, AA Inside Left (1894-95)-1  Amateur Era
Townsend, Andros Midfielder/Winger (2010-11)14(2)1 England 1st Team
Townsend, Ben Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Townsend, S Winger (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Tracey, Shilow Midfield (2015-16)-- 
Traveller, Scott Goalkeeper (2007-09)--  Youth/Academy
Travers, Ben Unknown (1992-94)-- England Youth/Academy
Traynier, Jordan Midfielder (2009-10)--  Youth/Academy
Treacy, Frank Forward (1960-66)19(1)5 Scotland 1st Team
Trenter, Philip Defender (1968-72)-- England Youth/Academy
Trenter, Ron Winger (1945-52)3- England 1st Team
Trew, ST Left Half--  Amateur Era
Tridell, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Trotter, Liam Central Midfield (2004-10)18(8)2 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Trotter, Martin Unknown (1990-91)-- 
Troy, Michael Winger (1952-53)-- 
Tubby, W Inside Forward (1931-35)-17  Amateur Era
Tucker, F Inside Left (1923-25)-6  Amateur Era
Tumba, Zico Centre Forward (1998-99)-- Congo Democratic Republic
Tungate, R Left Half--  Amateur Era
Tunks, Roy Goalkeeper (1973-74)-- England
Tunley, AC Left Wing--  Amateur Era
Tunnicliffe, Andrew Striker (1997-99)--  Youth/Academy
Tunnicliffe, Ryan Midfield (2013-14)24(5)- England 1st Team
Turner, D Inside Right--  Amateur Era
Turner, E Unknown-- 
Turner, F Outside Left (1907-12)-26  Amateur Era
Turner, FW Centre Half (1891-96) -5  Amateur Era
Turner, G Unknown-- 
Turner, HH Inside Right (1891-92)--  Amateur Era
Turner, J Left Back--  Amateur Era
Turner, L Centre Half (1923-26)-7  Amateur Era
Turner, Matt Midfielder/Forward (2000-01)-- England
Turner, Neil Unknown (1983-85)--  Youth/Academy
Turner, P Forward (1885-91) -6  Amateur Era
Turner, RJ Left Wing--  Amateur Era
Turner, Robin Forward (1972-84)29(33)6 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Turner, S Inside Forward/Outside Left (1887-96)-16  Amateur Era
Turner, T Goalkeeper/Left Half--  Amateur Era
Turner, WE Right Wing Back--  Amateur Era
Turner, WGS Centre Forward--  Amateur Era
Turner, WN Outside Left--  Amateur Era
Turner2, L Unknown-- 
Twamley, Bruce Full Back (1968-75)2- Canada 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Twidrell, - Unknown (1995-96)-- 
Tyler, Len Full Back (1950-52) 78- England 1st Team
Tynan, Paul Winger (1985-87)--  Youth/Academy
Tyrrell, G Unknown (1966-67)--  Youth/Academy