since 1878

Player A-Z

1878 to the present day


Player Position Town Career Apps Goals Nationality Grade
Wabara, Reece Defender (2011-12)1(5)- England 1st Team
Wade, Steve Goalkeeper (1993-94)-- 
Waghorn, Martyn Striker (2017-18)40(6)16  1st Team
Wahl, Jens Midfield (1996-97)-- Germany
Walford, HH Left Back/Left Wing-- 
Walker, Ian Goalkeeper (1990-91)-- England
Walker, Murray Unknown-- 
Walker, Stuart Unknown (2003-04)--  Youth/Academy
Wall, Colin Defender (1997-98)-- 
Wallace, - Outside Right-- 
Wallace, William Unknown (1947-49)-- Scotland
Waller, Michael Unknown (2015-16)--  Youth/Academy
Wallis, BM Outside Right-- 
Walls, Jimmy Centre Half (1954-55)1- England 1st Team
Walsh, K Unknown (1966-67)-- England Youth/Academy
Walsh, Lewis Unknown (2016-17)--  Youth/Academy
Walsh, Roy Forward (1962-67)8(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Walshe, Brendan Unknown (1997-98)--  Youth/Academy
Walters, Jon Striker (2006-19) 134(15)32 Ireland 1st Team
Walton, Andy Central Defender (2000-01)-- 
Walton, Christian Goalkeeper (2021-24)88(1)- England 1st Team
Walton, Kevin Midfielder (1991-92)-- 
Walton, Simon Midfielder (2006-07)13(6)3 England 1st Team
WaltonOwen, Amon Left Back (2013-15)-- England Youth/Academy
Warboys, G Centre Half-- 
Ward, B Inside Right (1960-62)--  Youth/Academy
Ward, Grant Midfield (2016-20)75(23)8 England 1st Team
Ward, H Outside Right (1902-06)-11 
Ward, Joe Unknown (2013-14)-- 
Ward, Lewis Goalkeeper (2006-09)--  Youth/Academy
Ward, Matt Midfielder (2020-23)0(1)- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Ward, Stephen Left Back (2020-21)30(1)-  1st Team
Wardlaw, John Wing Half (1945-46)3- Scotland 1st Team
Ware, Mitchell Goalkeeper (2015-19)-- England Youth/Academy
Wark, John Midfield (1973-97)  674(8)179 Scotland 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Wark, Scott Defender (2000-02)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Warne, Ray Centre Forward (1950-52)3011 England 1st Team
Warner, Tony Goalkeeper (1998-99)-- Trinidad And Tobago
Warrington, A Unknown (1963-64)-- 
Wasilewski, Marcin Defender (2006-07)-- Poland
Wasylyczyn, Wayne Unknown (1998-01)-- 
Watcher, R Forward-- 
Waters, Michael Left Winger (2003-04)-- 
Watkins, J Left Half/Half Back/Right Wing-- 
Watkins, R Forward (1965-68)--  Youth/Academy
Watkins, Trevor Unknown (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Watling, Keith Outside Left (1964-67)--  Youth/Academy
Watson, - Unknown (1953-54)--  Youth/Academy
Watson, Alan Right Half (1954-56)-- 
Watson, George Midfield (1984-86)--  Youth/Academy
Watson, Ian Unknown (1985-86)-- 
Watson, J Half Back-- 
Watson, Mark Central Defender (1993-94)-- Canada
Watson, Paul Centre-Back (2005-09)-- Scotland Youth/Academy
Watson, R Inside Forward (1929-33)-11 
Watson, RevAH Left Back-- 
Watson, Richard Unknown (1993-94)-- 
Watson2, - Unknown (1991-92)--  Youth/Academy
Watts, H Centre Half-- 
Watts, Ryan Midfield (2005-07)-- England Youth/Academy
Wearen, Eoin Central Half (2013-14)-- Ireland
Weatherley, HG Unknown-- 
Weaver, Keith Unknown (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Webb, - Goalkeeper (1995-96)-- 
Webb, Ron Half Back (1950-51)-- Wales
Webber, Pat Defender (2015-19)1-  1st Team, Youth/Academy
Webster, Adam Central Defender (2016-18)48(5)1 England 1st Team
Webster, Luke Defender (1998-07)-- England Youth/Academy
Webster, SN Left Back (1928-29) -1 
Welham, B Inside Forward (1930-33)-7 
Wellard, A Centre Forward-- 
Wellens, Richie Midfield (2012-13)7- England 1st Team
Welling, Andy Centre Back (2008-10)-- England Youth/Academy
Wells, C Forward (1932-34)-6 
Wells, George Defender (2014-15)-- 
Wells, Nahki Forward (2009-10)-- Bermuda
Welshe, K Winger (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
West, A/C Right Back-- 
West, SG Inside Forward (1913-14) -8 
Westcott, Max Unknown-- 
Westlake, Ian Midfield (1998-07)100(26)16 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Westlake, O Winger (1930-32)-3 
Westley, Glen Defender (1974-76)--  Youth/Academy
Westley, Sam Left Back (2013-14)-- England
Weston, Kenny Right Midfield (1992-95)-- England
Weston, Matt Right Back/Centre Midfield (1991-95)-- England
Westwood, Ashley Unknown (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Westwood, Gary Goalkeeper (1979-84)--  Youth/Academy
Westwood, Neil Full Back (1967-69)--  Youth/Academy
Wharton, Tony Forward (1978-80)--  Youth/Academy
Whayman, Harry Right/Left Midfielder (2010-16)-- England Youth/Academy
Wheeler, F ? (1938-39)-- 
Whelan, Phil Defender (1988-95)85(7)2 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Whelpdale, Chris Midfielder (2003-04)-- England Youth/Academy
Whight, Joe Left Back/Centre Back (2006-13)-- England Youth/Academy
Whight, T Left Half-- 
White, AL Outside Right-- 
White, Bert Goalkeeper (2020-22)-- England Youth/Academy
White, Dave Unknown (2009-10)-- 
White, David Defender (1996-98)-- Scotland
White, P Centre Forward (1920-21)-2 
White, Thomas Unknown (1991-92)-- 
Whitehead, Ken Goalkeeper (1947-48)-- 
Whitehead, T Full Back/Right Half -- 
Whitehouse, - Forward (1945-46)-- 
Whitman, G Inside Left (1926-27)-6 
Whitmore, J Centre Half (1903-04)-- 
Whitmore, S Centre Forward (1912-13)-1 
Whittaker, Callum Defender (2007-08)-- England Youth/Academy
Whittall, W Outside Left-- 
Whittle, A/C Inside Right (1925-26)-1 
Whitton, Steve Forward (1990-94)98(10)19 England 1st Team
Whitwood, P - (1969-70)--  Youth/Academy
Whymark, Trevor Forward (1967-79) 323(13)105 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Whyte, David Forward (1997-98)2- England 1st Team
Wickham, Connor Striker (2007-11)37(35)15 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Wigg, Ron Forward (1966-70)39(2)14 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Wilby, R Inside Left (1932-33)-3 
Wilcox, J Full Back-- 
Wilding, Eddie Unknown-- 
Wilding, G Left Wing-- 
Wilkinson, - Forward (1945-46)-- 
Wilkinson, Jack Unknown-- 
Willbye, Jack Midfield (2006-15)--  Youth/Academy
Willee, - Half Back (1945-46)-- 
Willey, - Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Williams, Brandon Full Back (2023-24)10(7)2 England 1st Team
Williams, Curtley Midfield (2001-08)-- England Youth/Academy
Williams, D Unknown (1964-65)--  Youth/Academy
Williams, Dean Goalkeeper (1991-93)-- 
Williams, Derek Unknown-- 
Williams, Gavin Midfielder (2005-08)51(8)3 Wales 1st Team
Williams, George Left Winger (1945-46)1-  1st Team
Williams, Geraint Midfield (1992-98) 263(1)3 Wales 1st Team
Williams, Jackie Winger (1936-39)5310 Wales
Williams, Jonny Midfield (2013-17)16(12)2 Wales 1st Team
Williams, Karl Unknown (1994-95)-- 
Williams, TE Inside Left-- 
Williams, Trey Striker (2018-19)-- 
Williamson, Stephen Full-Back (1977-79)--  Youth/Academy
Williamson, Woody Goalkeeper (2021-22)--  Youth/Academy
Wilnis, Fabian Defender (1998-10) 293(32)6 Netherlands 1st Team
Wilsher, E Left Wing Back (1921-22)-4 
Wilson, B Unknown (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Wilson, Cameron Striker (2004-05)-- Canada
Wilson, David Midfield (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Wilson, Don Midfield (1970-72)--  Youth/Academy
Wilson, J Forward-- 
Wilson, James Centre Back (2019-21)47(2)2  1st Team
Wilson, Kevin Forward (1984-87)119(4)49 England 1st Team
Wilson, Lawrie Defender (2005-06)-- England Youth/Academy
Wilson, R Left Half-- 
Wilson, Ulrich Defender (1987-88)5(1)- Netherlands 1st Team
Wilton, Albert Forward (2014-18)-- England Youth/Academy
Wilton, G Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Winstone, Michael Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- England Youth/Academy
Winter, Anthony Forward (1986-87)--  Youth/Academy
Winter, Tommy Striker (2002-14)-- England Youth/Academy
Winters, Jason Goalkeeper (1991-93)-- 
Witcombe, Doug Unknown (1936-37)-- 
Witham, D Forward (1965-66)--  Youth/Academy
Woerndl, Tom Unknown (2018-19)-- 
Wollard, A Left Half-- 
Wolsey, - Unknown (1993-94)-- 
Wood, Chris Striker (2014-15)3(5)- New Zealand 1st Team
Wood, James Goalkeeper (2009-10)-- Wales
Woodard, F Outside Left-- 
Woodrow, M Unknown (1961-62)--  Youth/Academy
Woodrow, T Unknown (1967-68)-- 
Woods, - Unknown (1980-81)-- 
Woods, CF Left Half/Half Back (1888-00) -4 
Woods, Charlie Forward (1966-70) 70(19)7 England 1st Team
Woods, Clive Midfield/Forward (1966-80) 279(62)31 England 1st Team
Woods, Neil Forward (1987-90)18(11)7 England 1st Team
Woods2, Charlie Goalkeeper (2022-23)--  Youth/Academy
Woodward, CC Centre Forward (1902-05)-22 
Wookey, Ken Winger (1950-51)171 Wales 1st Team
Wooldridge, Matt Unknown (2016-18)--  Youth/Academy
Woolfenden, Luke Centre Half (2013-24)188(8)5 England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Woollard, W Full Back/Left Half-- 
Woolnough, Ben Midfield (1997-00)-- England Youth/Academy
Woolnough, F Unknown-- 
Woolsey, Jeff Unknown (1993-94)--  Youth/Academy
Wordsworth, Anthony Midfield (2012-15)10(10)2 England 1st Team
Worth, M Half Back (1928-36)-7 
Wosahlo, Bradley Unknown (1989-90)--  Youth/Academy
Wosahlo, Roger Forward (1967-70)1(1)- England 1st Team
Wouden, Romeo Unknown (1999-00)-- Netherlands
Wraight, Tom Midfield (2014-15)-- 
Wreford, B Unknown (1968-69)--  Youth/Academy
Wright, AF Unknown-- 
Wright, Andy Midfielder (1999-00)-- England
Wright, Carl Forward (1997-00)-- England Youth/Academy
Wright, David Defender (2006-10)125(3)5 England 1st Team
Wright, G Right Back-- 
Wright, George Unknown (1966-68)--  Youth/Academy
Wright, Harry Goalkeeper (2008-21)-- England Youth/Academy
Wright, Jermaine Midfield (1999-04)180(41)11 England 1st Team
Wright, Kevin Unknown (1973-74)--  Youth/Academy
Wright, R Unknown (1967-68)--  Youth/Academy
Wright, Richard Goalkeeper (1989-12)355- England 1st Team, Youth/Academy
Wrigley, CB Centre Half-- 
Wrinch, AC Unknown-- 
Wrinch, HC Unknown-- 
Wrinch, HS Centre Forward (1908-09)-2 
Wrinch, SW Outside Left-- 
Wyatt, Ben Left Back (2013-15)-- England
Wyss, Ben Full Back (2018-21)--