since 1878

Red Cards since 1936: A complete record of player dismissals

Match by match

Date Opponent V F-A Competition Player Time
1/4/2024SOUTHAMPTONH3-2Sky Bet ChampionshipJames Bree  85
6/1/2024AFC WimbledonA3-1FA Cup 3rd RoundHarry Pell  59
1/1/2024Stoke CityA0-0Sky Bet ChampionshipJordan Thompson  67
11/11/2023SWANSEA CITYH3-2Sky Bet ChampionshipLiam Cullen  69
6/8/2023SunderlandA2-1Sky Bet ChampionshipTrai Hume  72
7/5/2023Fleetwood TownA2-2Sky Bet League OneHarry Clarke  90
15/4/2023CHARLTON ATHLETICH6-0Sky Bet League OneRyan Inniss  87
7/3/2023ACCRINGTON STANLEYH3-0Sky Bet League OneLukas Jensen  90
2/1/2023Lincoln CityA1-1Sky Bet League OneAdam Jackson  45
2/12/2022FLEETWOOD TOWNH1-1Sky Bet League OneJoshua Earl  90
18/10/2022Cambridge UnitedA0-1Papa Johns TrophyKyle Edwards  17
13/9/2022BRISTOL ROVERSH2-0Sky Bet League OneBobby Thomas  85
13/9/2022BRISTOL ROVERSH2-0Sky Bet League OneAlfie Kilgour  0
9/4/2022Shrewsbury TownA1-1Sky Bet League OneCameron Burgess  75
25/1/2022AFC WimbledonA2-0Sky Bet League OneKane Vincent-Young  90
8/1/2022GillinghamA4-0Sky Bet League OneDaniel Phillips  73
14/9/2021WEST HAM UNITED U-21SH1-2Papa Johns TrophyPierre Ekwah  90
13/4/2021AFC WimbledonA0-3Sky Bet League OneJosh Harrop  28
2/3/2021Accrington StanleyA2-1Sky Bet League OneSeamus Conneely  16
16/2/2021NORTHAMPTON TOWNH0-0Sky Bet League OneFlynn Downes  90
30/1/2021Crewe AlexandraA1-1Sky Bet League OneTeddy Bishop  82
26/1/2021SUNDERLANDH0-1Sky Bet League OneKayden Jackson  10
5/12/2020Plymouth ArgyleA2-1Sky Bet League OneDanny Mayor  70
3/11/2020SunderlandA1-2Sky Bet League OneAndre Dozzell  72
24/10/2020Lincoln CityA0-1Sky Bet League OneJon Nolan  90
22/2/2020OXFORD UNITEDH0-1Sky Bet League OneKayden Jackson  90
21/12/2019PortsmouthA0-1Sky Bet League OneLuke Chambers  88
14/12/2019BRISTOL ROVERSH1-2Sky Bet League OneOllie Clarke  77
20/10/2019Accrington StanleyA0-2Sky Bet League OneArmando Dobra  79
20/10/2019Accrington StanleyA0-2Sky Bet League OneRoss Sykes78
5/10/2019Fleetwood TownA1-0Sky Bet League OneJames Wilson  90
31/8/2019SHREWSBURY TOWNH3-0Sky Bet League OneShaun Whalley  38
5/5/2019LEEDS UNITEDH3-2Sky Bet ChampionshipLuke Chambers79
23/2/2019Wigan AthleticA1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipJonas Knudsen25
3/11/2018PRESTON NORTH ENDH1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipChris Maxwell  75
29/9/2018Birmingham CityA2-2Sky Bet ChampionshipMatthew Pennington  88
22/9/2018BOLTON WANDERERSH0-0Sky Bet ChampionshipMarc Wilson34
25/8/2018Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Sky Bet ChampionshipToto Nsiala75
18/8/2018ASTON VILLAH1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipTayo Edun  39
21/4/2018ASTON VILLAH0-4Sky Bet ChampionshipGrant Ward42
13/1/2018LEEDS UNITEDH1-0Sky Bet ChampionshipEunan OKane37
2/1/2018FulhamA1-4Sky Bet ChampionshipJordan Spence54
26/12/2017QUEENS PARK RANGERSH0-0Sky Bet ChampionshipJosh Scowen86
10/12/2016CARDIFF CITYH1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipSol Bamba  70
27/9/2016BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBIONH0-0Sky Bet ChampionshipDale Stephens  82
9/4/2016BRENTFORDH1-3Sky Bet ChampionshipLuke Hyam  45
23/1/2016Birmingham CityA0-3Sky Bet ChampionshipJonathan Douglas  45
19/1/2016PortsmouthA1-2FA Cup 3rd Round, ReplayPiotr Malarczyk  76
17/10/2015HUDDERSFIELD TOWNH0-0Sky Bet ChampionshipJames Vaughan  90
16/5/2015Norwich CityA1-3Championship Play-Offs Semi-Final, 2nd LegChristophe Berra  48
10/1/2015DERBY COUNTYH0-1Sky Bet ChampionshipJohn Eustace  90
18/10/2014BLACKBURN ROVERSH1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipMatthew Kilgallon  63
1/11/2013BARNSLEYH1-1Sky Bet ChampionshipAaron Cresswell  90
30/3/2013LEEDS UNITEDH3-0NPower ChampionshipTom Lees  31
5/3/2013Nottingham ForestA0-1NPower ChampionshipRichard Stearman  68
5/3/2013Nottingham ForestA0-1NPower ChampionshipLee Martin  39
21/3/2012BURNLEYH1-0NPower ChampionshipGrant Leadbitter  89
21/1/2012Leeds UnitedA1-3NPower ChampionshipAlex McCarthy  70
22/10/2011CRYSTAL PALACEH0-1NPower ChampionshipAaron Cresswell  90
27/8/2011LEEDS UNITEDH2-1NPower ChampionshipAidan White  48
20/8/2011Peterborough UnitedA1-7NPower ChampionshipTommy Smith  46
20/8/2011Peterborough UnitedA1-7NPower ChampionshipLee Martin  44
16/4/2011Bristol CityA1-0NPower ChampionshipLee Martin27
5/2/2011SHEFFIELD UNITEDH3-0NPower ChampionshipLee Williamson88
5/2/2011SHEFFIELD UNITEDH3-0NPower ChampionshipRob Kozluk87
3/1/2011NOTTINGHAM FORESTH0-1NPower ChampionshipGrant Leadbitter90
1/1/2011Coventry CityA1-1NPower ChampionshipMarlon King59
28/11/2010Norwich CityA1-4NPower ChampionshipDamien Delaney36
2/10/2010LEEDS UNITEDH2-1NPower ChampionshipAlex Bruce78
28/9/2010ReadingA0-1NPower ChampionshipMatthew Mills58
28/9/2010ReadingA0-1NPower ChampionshipLuke Hyam51
21/8/2010Crystal PalaceA2-1NPower ChampionshipAndros Townsend72
21/8/2010Crystal PalaceA2-1NPower ChampionshipClaude Davis49
14/8/2010BURNLEYH1-1NPower ChampionshipDavid Edgar79
2/5/2010SHEFFIELD UNITEDH0-3Coca-Cola ChampionshipTom Eastman57
5/4/2010Derby CountyA3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipStephen Pearson86
3/4/2010READINGH2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipMatthew Mills29
13/3/2010SCUNTHORPE UNITEDH1-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipDamien Delaney79
13/3/2010SCUNTHORPE UNITEDH1-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipCliff Byrne68
2/1/2010BlackpoolA2-1FA Cup 3rd RoundRob Edwards74
2/1/2010BlackpoolA2-1FA Cup 3rd RoundIan Evatt54
26/12/2009Crystal PalaceA1-3Coca-Cola ChampionshipJon Stead38
12/12/2009BLACKPOOLH3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipDavid Vaughan84
24/10/2009Plymouth ArgyleA1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipDarcy Blake84
15/9/2009NOTTINGHAM FORESTH1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipGareth McAuley90
29/8/2009PRESTON NORTH ENDH1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipCallum Davidson42
28/12/2008Derby CountyA1-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipJordan Stewart77
13/12/2008CARDIFF CITYH1-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipBen Thatcher68
10/12/2008BRISTOL CITYH3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipAlex Bruce61
25/10/2008Plymouth ArgyleA3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipDavid Norris90
23/8/2008WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSH0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipAlex Bruce76
22/3/2008Scunthorpe UnitedA2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipJack Cork51
22/3/2008Scunthorpe UnitedA2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipPablo Counago51
19/1/2008BlackpoolA1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipCastro Sito63
5/1/2008PORTSMOUTHH0-1FA Cup 3rd RoundLiam Trotter24
29/12/2007Coventry CityA1-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipTommy Miller86
22/12/2007BURNLEYH0-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipJohn Spicer45
11/12/2007LEICESTER CITYH3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipPatrick Kisnorbo39
8/12/2007Charlton AthleticA1-3Coca-Cola ChampionshipJonathan Fortune90
10/11/2007BRISTOL CITYH6-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipBradley Orr47
4/11/2007Norwich CityA2-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipDarren Huckerby90
18/8/2007Plymouth ArgyleA1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipFabian Wilnis72
14/4/2007DERBY COUNTYH2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipAlex Bruce28
14/4/2007DERBY COUNTYH2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipStephen Bywater28
31/3/2007PLYMOUTH ARGYLEH3-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipMathias Doumbe2
10/3/2007SOUTHEND UNITEDH0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipAlan Lee78
17/2/2007WatfordA0-1FA Cup 5th RoundGeorge OCallaghan45
10/2/2007LEICESTER CITYH0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipOwen Garvan69
3/2/2007Crystal PalaceA0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipTom Soares75
20/1/2007COLCHESTER UNITEDH3-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipDavid Wright90
16/12/2006LEEDS UNITEDH1-0Coca-Cola ChampionshipKevin Nicholls85
29/11/2006Derby CountyA1-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipSimon Walton59
4/11/2006BurnleyA0-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipMicah Hyde90
31/10/2006Plymouth ArgyleA1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipFabian Wilnis78
23/9/2006SUNDERLANDH3-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipRoss Wallace86
16/9/2006Birmingham CityA2-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipBruno NGotty79
8/8/2006Wolverhampton WanderersA0-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipCarl Cort36
18/3/2006Crystal PalaceA2-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipRicardo Fuller78
14/3/2006Preston North EndA1-3Coca-Cola ChampionshipRichard Naylor11
11/3/2006MILLWALLH1-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipTony Craig90
11/2/2006BURNLEYH2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipWayne Thomas81
26/12/2005CRYSTAL PALACEH0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipBen Watson89
26/12/2005CRYSTAL PALACEH0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipJon Macken77
28/11/2005Cardiff CityA1-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipFabian Wilnis13
18/9/2005NORWICH CITYH0-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipCastro Sito18
10/9/2005Sheffield UnitedA0-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipCastro Sito87
27/8/2005MillwallA2-1Coca-Cola ChampionshipRichard Naylor76
25/9/2004PLYMOUTH ARGYLEH3-2Coca-Cola ChampionshipFabian Wilnis26
14/9/2004Stoke CityA2-3Coca-Cola ChampionshipJohn Halls82
7/3/2004Norwich CityA1-3Nationwide League Division OneDrissa Diallo76
7/2/2004WIGAN ATHLETICH1-3Nationwide League Division OneLeighton Baines82
13/12/2003MillwallA0-0Nationwide League Division OneGeorges Santos51
4/10/2003ROTHERHAM UNITEDH2-1Nationwide League Division OneJulian Baudet84
4/10/2003ROTHERHAM UNITEDH2-1Nationwide League Division OneMartin McIntosh79
9/8/2003READINGH1-1Nationwide League Division OneNicky Shorey78
18/3/2003READINGH3-1Nationwide League Division OneAdrian Viveash58
8/2/2003SHEFFIELD UNITEDH3-2Nationwide League Division OnePablo Counago20
1/2/2003Bradford CityA0-2Nationwide League Division OneHermann Hreidarsson50
4/1/2003MORECAMBEH4-0FA Cup 3rd RoundJim Bentley20
21/12/2002PortsmouthA1-1Nationwide League Division OneChris Makin89
30/11/2002Nottingham ForestA1-2Nationwide League Division OneDavid Prutton90
19/10/2002ReadingA1-3Nationwide League Division OnePablo Counago67
19/9/2002FC SARTIDH1-1UEFA Cup 1st Round, 1st LegDejan Kekezovic90
22/12/2001Tottenham HotspurA2-1FA Barclaycard PremiershipTeddy Sheringham54
21/10/2001FulhamA1-1FA Barclaycard PremiershipLuis Boa Morte45
8/9/2001Leicester CityA1-1FA Barclaycard PremiershipLee Marshall82
8/9/2001Leicester CityA1-1FA Barclaycard PremiershipMatteo Sereni58
21/8/2001DERBY COUNTYH3-1FA Barclaycard PremiershipBrian ONeil32
14/4/2001NEWCASTLE UNITEDH1-0FA Carling PremiershipNolberto Solano 76
24/2/2001EVERTONH2-0FA Carling PremiershipAlex Nyarko 71
3/2/2001LEEDS UNITEDH1-2FA Carling PremiershipMarcus Stewart74
20/1/2001ChelseaA1-4FA Carling PremiershipJohn McGreal72
26/9/2000MILLWALLH5-0League Cup 2nd Round, 2nd LegSteven Reid73
26/9/2000MILLWALLH5-0League Cup 2nd Round, 2nd LegJoe Dolan28
17/5/2000BOLTON WANDERERSH5-3Division 1 Play-Off Semi-Final, 2nd LegRobbie Elliott97
17/5/2000BOLTON WANDERERSH5-3Division 1 Play-Off Semi-Final, 2nd LegMike Whitlow90
18/12/1999WEST BROMWICH ALBIONH3-1Division 1Matt Carbon51
18/12/1999WEST BROMWICH ALBIONH3-1Division 1Larus Sigurdsson29
6/11/1999Blackburn RoversA2-2Division 1Nathan Blake85
16/10/1999QUEENS PARK RANGERSH1-4Division 1Jim Magilton45
11/9/1999PortsmouthA1-1Division 1John McGreal40
21/8/1999BOLTON WANDERERSH1-0Division 1Manuel Thetis82
9/5/1999SHEFFIELD UNITEDH4-1Division 1Robert Kozluk75
24/4/1999CREWE ALEXANDRAH1-2Division 1Jermaine Wright77
3/4/1999Swindon TownA6-0Division 1Craig Taylor6
20/3/1999West Bromwich AlbionA1-0Division 1Sean Flynn85
20/3/1999West Bromwich AlbionA1-0Division 1Manuel Thetis85
23/1/1999EvertonA0-1FA Cup 4th RoundMarco Materazzi48
14/11/1998BarnsleyA1-0Division 1Arjan deZeeuw43
10/5/1998CHARLTON ATHLETICH0-1Division 1 Play-Off Semi-Final, 1st LegDaniel Mills74
28/3/1998READINGH1-0Division 1Andrew Bernal68
28/3/1998READINGH1-0Division 1Andy Legg45
21/3/1998WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSH3-0Division 1Simon Osborn61
7/2/1998Stoke CityA1-1Division 1Mauricio Taricco80
31/1/1998BRADFORD CITYH2-1Division 1Eddie Youds88
31/1/1998BRADFORD CITYH2-1Division 1Nigel Pepper80
24/1/1998SHEFFIELD UNITEDH1-1FA Cup 4th RoundChristian Short80
17/1/1998MiddlesbroughA1-1Division 1Gianluca Festa17
2/12/1997MIDDLESBROUGHH1-1Division 1Craig Harrison42
2/12/1997MIDDLESBROUGHH1-1Division 1James Scowcroft41
25/10/1997BURYH2-0Division 1Andy Gray88
25/10/1997BURYH2-0Division 1Ian Hughes79
20/9/1997STOKE CITYH2-3Division 1Chris Swailes90
14/5/1997SHEFFIELD UNITEDH2-2Division 1 Play-Off Semi-Final, 2nd LegNick Henry110
31/3/1997Grimsby TownA1-2Division 1James Scowcroft35
26/11/1996GILLINGHAMH1-0League Cup 4th RoundSimon Ratcliffe82
24/9/1996FULHAMH4-2League Cup 2nd Round, 2nd LegMark Blake76
20/9/1996CHARLTON ATHLETICH2-1Division 1Jamie Stuart55
14/9/1996Sheffield UnitedA3-1Division 1Michel Vonk61
24/8/1996READINGH5-2Division 1Borislav Mikhailov45
16/8/1996Manchester CityA0-1Division 1Michael Frontzeck65
1/5/1996HUDDERSFIELD TOWNH2-1Division 1Simon Milton66
8/4/1996Grimsby TownA1-3Division 1Tony Vaughan36
23/1/1996PORT VALEH2-4Anglo Italian Cup English Semi-FinalNeil Aspen39
30/9/1995Sheffield UnitedA2-2Division 1Dane Whitehouse39
23/9/1995CHARLTON ATHLETICH1-5Division 1Tony Vaughan90
9/9/1995Huddersfield TownA1-2Division 1Steve Palmer25
19/8/1995CRYSTAL PALACEH1-0Division 1Dean Gordon88
9/5/1995EVERTONH0-1FA Premier LeagueStuart Barlow87
20/3/1995Norwich CityA0-3FA Premier LeagueJohn Wark44
4/2/1995CRYSTAL PALACEH0-2FA Premier LeagueRicky Newman74
28/12/1994ARSENALH0-2FA Premier LeagueMartin Keown45
28/12/1994ARSENALH0-2FA Premier LeaguePhil Whelan23
16/10/1994SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAYH1-2FA Premier LeagueDes Walker90
18/12/1993NORWICH CITYH2-1FA Premier LeagueLee Power87
26/9/1993TOTTENHAM HOTSPURH2-2FA Premier LeagueColin Calderwood65
26/9/1992SHEFFIELD UNITEDH0-0FA Premier LeagueCraig Forrest2
5/2/1992AFC BOURNEMOUTHH3-0FA Cup 4th RoundDenny Mundee54
26/12/1991CHARLTON ATHLETICH2-0Division 2Simon Webster82
7/12/1991Plymouth ArgyleA0-1Division 2Steve Whitton51
27/10/1990Leicester CityA2-1Division 2Paul Reid74
20/10/1990NEWCASTLE UNITEDH2-1Division 2Bjorn Kristensen89
19/9/1990West Ham UnitedA1-3Division 2Neil Thompson79
10/4/1990PORTSMOUTHH0-1Division 2John Beresford79
25/3/1989SunderlandA0-4Division 2Marco Gabbiadini88
4/2/1989CRYSTAL PALACEH1-2Division 2Jeff Hopkins87
8/10/1988MANCHESTER CITYH1-0Division 2David Linighan72
23/4/1988MIDDLESBROUGHH4-0Division 2Colin Cooper85
26/3/1988Sheffield UnitedA1-4Division 2Paul Williams78
27/2/1988BarnsleyA3-2Division 2Paul Futcher90
20/10/1987MiddlesbroughA1-3Division 2Frank Yallop59
19/9/1987SWINDON TOWNH3-2Division 2John Kelly90
3/3/1987WEST BROMWICH ALBIONH1-0Division 2Garth Crooks59
1/1/1987LEEDS UNITEDH2-0Division 2John Sheridan82
27/9/1986Birmingham CityA2-2Division 2Chris ODonnell19
2/9/1986OLDHAM ATHLETICH0-1Division 2Mike Millighan73
15/3/1986Newcastle UnitedA1-3Division 1Trevor Putney72
8/4/1985Norwich CityA2-0Division 1Asa Hartford71
9/3/1985EvertonA2-2FA Cup 6th RoundSteve McCall77
28/1/1985Queens Park RangersA2-1League Cup 5th Round, ReplayRussell Osman23
28/1/1985Queens Park RangersA2-1League Cup 5th Round, ReplaySimon Stainrod23
29/9/1984ASTON VILLAH3-0Division 1Peter Withe53
29/9/1984ASTON VILLAH3-0Division 1Colin Gibson53
29/10/1983SouthamptonA2-3Division 1Russell Osman68
23/10/1982Birmingham CityA0-0Division 1Paul Mariner79
17/3/1982Nottingham ForestA1-1Division 1Kevin Steggles29
28/3/1981SUNDERLANDH4-1Division 1Joe Hinnigan89
17/12/1980Tottenham HotspurA3-5Division 1Eric Gates76
8/11/1980SouthamptonA3-3Division 1Terry Butcher74
17/9/1980ARIS SALONIKAH5-1UEFA Cup 1st Round, 1st LegGeorge Firos36
1/11/1978SW InnsbruckA1-1Cup Winners Cup 2nd Round, 2nd LegPaul Mariner117
22/4/1978BRISTOL CITYH1-0Division 1Gerry Gow84
8/4/1978West Bromwich AlbionA3-1FA Cup Semi-Final (at Highbury)Mick Martin87
14/5/1977Derby CountyA0-0Division 1John Wark81
14/5/1977Derby CountyA0-0Division 1Charlie George81
27/12/1975West Ham UnitedA2-1Division 1Keith Robson66
24/9/1974STOKE CITYH3-1Division 1Alan Dodd68
20/3/1974Lokomotive LeipzigA0-1UEFA Cup Quarter Final , 2nd LegMick Mills40
21/4/1973WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSH2-1Division 1Colin Viljoen43
21/4/1973WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSH2-1Division 1Frank Munro43
16/9/1972STOKE CITYH2-0Division 1Geoff Hurst80
15/4/1972SHEFFIELD UNITEDH0-0Division 1Colin Harper77
18/3/1972SOUTHAMPTONH1-1Division 1Terry Paine57
26/12/1968CHELSEAH1-3Division 1Derek Jefferson66
20/1/1968HUDDERSFIELD TOWNH2-0Division 2Ray Mielzcarek80
18/2/1967CARLISLE UNITEDH2-0FA Cup 4th RoundWillie Carlin89
29/4/1950AldershotA0-5Division 3 (South)Sam McCrory75
29/4/1950AldershotA0-5Division 3 (South)John Cropley75
12/2/1938Bristol Rovers ReservesA2-2Southern LeagueJohn McLean58
22/9/1937GUILDFORD CITYH1-2Southern League CupJimmy McLuckie88


  Town Opponents Total
Home Games 39 102 141
Away Games 71 48 119
Overall 110 150 260

Multiple Red Cards

On twenty-six (26) occasions there have been multiple dismissals in a single match:

  1. Sammy McCrory (Ipswich) & John Cropley (Aldershot) were dismissed in a home league fixture (April 1950)
  2. Colin Viljoen (Ipswich) & Frank Munro (Wolverhampton) were dismissed in a home league fixture (April 1973)
  3. John Wark (Ipswich) & Charlie George (Derby) were dismissed in a home league fixture (May 1977)
  4. Peter Withe & Colin Gibson of Aston Villa were dismissed in the home league game (September 1984)
  5. Russell Osman & Simon Stainrod (QPR) in a league cup game at Loftus Road (January 1985)
  6. Phil Whelan & Martin Keown (Arsenal) in a home league game (December 1994)
  7. Ian Hughes & Andy Gray (both Bury) in a home league game (October 1997)
  8. Jamie Scowcroft & Craig Harrison (Middlesbrough) in a home league game (December 1997)
  9. Eddie Youds & Nigel Pepper (both Bradford City) in a home league game (January 1998)
  10. Andrew Legg & Andrew Benal (both Reading) in a home league game (March 1998)
  11. Manu Thetis & Sean Flynn (West Brom) in a league fixture at the Hawthorns (March 1999)
  12. Larus Sigurdsson & Matt Crabon (both West Brom) in a home league fixture (December 1999)
  13. Mike Whitlow & Robbie Elliott (both Bolton) in the 2000 Play-Off Semi-Final at Portman Road
  14. Joe Dolan & Steven Ried (both Millwall) in a home league cup game (September 2000)
  15. Matteo Sereni & Lee Marshall (Leicester) in a league fixture at Filbert Street (September 2001)
  16. Martin McIntosh & Julian Baudet (both of Rotherham) in a league fixture at Portman Road (October 2003)
  17. Jonathan Macken & Ben Watson (both of Crystal Palace) in a league fixture at Portman Road (December 2005)
  18. Alex Bruce (Ipswich) & Stephen Bywater (Derby County) in a league fixture at Portman Road (April 2007)
  19. Jack Cork (Scunthorpe United) & Pablo Counago (Ipswich) in a league fixture at Glanford Park (March 2008)
  20. Ian Evatt & Rob Edwards (both of Blackpool) in an FA Cup tie at Bloomfield Road (January 2010)
  21. Cliff Byrne (Scunthorpe United) & Damien Delaney (Ipswich) in a league fixture at Portman Road (March 2010)
  22. Claude Davis (Crystal Palace) & Andros Townsend (Ipswich) in a league fixture at Selhurst Park (August 2010)
  23. Luke Hyam (Ipswich) & Matthew Mills (Reading) in a league fixture at the Madejski Stadium (September 2010)
  24. Rob Kozluk & Lee Williamson (both Sheffield United) in a league fixture at Portman Road (February 2011)
  25. Lee Martin & Tommy Smith (both Ipswich) in a league fixture at Peterborough United (August 2011)
  26. Lee Martin & Richard Stearmen (both Ipswich) in a league fixture at Nottingham Forest (March 2013)

 The first occasion on which more than one Town player was dismissed

Most Sent-Off Town Players

Red cards by fixture

Opponent Total
Sheffield United13
Crystal Palace11
Derby County9
Leeds United9
Norwich City8
Plymouth Argyle8
Charlton Athletic6
Nottingham Forest6
Stoke City6
West Bromwich Albion6
Birmingham City5
Leicester City5
Wolverhampton Wanderers5