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Youth (U18/U19) Results & Match Reports

Season 1965-66 South East Counties League/Mercia Youth League

Mercia Youth League Champions, Mercia Youth League Cup Winners, Jordaan Youth Tornament Winners

Date Opponent V F-A WDL Notes Competition Att. Scorers
19650825Wed 25/8 Hitchin Town A 8-2 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Honeywood, Viljoen3, Shreeve, Scrivener3
19650828Sat 28/8 MILLWALL H 4-3 W     141 Shreeve2, Scrivener, Day
19650901Wed 1/9 STEVENAGE TOWN H 2-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 752 Viljoen2
19650904Sat 4/9 LEYTON ORIENT H 4-2 W     81 Viljoen2, Scrivener2
19650908Wed 8/9 CAMBRIDGE CITY H P-P     Mercia Youth League Cup    
19650911Sat 11/9 Watford A 2-1 W       Dodds2
19650913Mon 13/9 Romford A 3-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Viljoen2, Scrivener
19650918Sat 18/9 QUEENS PARK RANGERS H 1-6 L     63 Viljoen
19650921Tue 21/9 COLCHESTER UNITED H 8-1 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,529 Viljoen2, Jefferson, Clarke2, Watling2, Aitchison
19650925Sat 25/9 West Ham United A 2-3 L   South East Counties League Cup   Viljoen2
19650929Wed 29/9 LEYTON ORIENT H 3-0 W   Southern Junior Floodlight Cup 1,300 Viljoen, Clarke, Watling
19651002Sat 2/10 WEST HAM UNITED H 3-3 D     1,435 Viljoen, Clarke, Watling
19651006Wed 6/10 Stevenage Town A 1-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Watling
19651009Sat 9/10 Luton Town A 3-2 W       Scrivener3
19651011Mon 11/10 CAMBRIDGE UNITED H 5-2 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,319 Viljoen4, Clarke
19651016Sat 16/10 WATFORD H 1-1 D     88 Scrivener
19651018Mon 18/10 Reading A 1-4 L   Southern Junior Floodlight Cup   Viljoen
19651019Tue 19/10 HITCHIN TOWN H 8-1 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,316 Clarke, Shreeve4, Watling, Scrivener, Smith
19651023Sat 23/10 Charlton Athletic A 1-2 L       Scrivener
19651026Tue 26/10 SOUTHEND UNITED H 2-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,905 Clarke2
19651030Sat 30/10 LUTON TOWN H 2-2 D     62 Dodds, Scrivener
19651103Wed 3/11 Colchester United A 6-1 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Andrews3, Shreeve2, Watling
19651106Sat 6/11 Bexley United A 2-1 W       Dodds, Scrivener
19651106Sat 6/11 Stowmarket Town A 1-2 L   Suffolk Premier Cup 1st Round   Walsh
19651109Tue 9/11 BEDFORD TOWN H 5-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 2,313 Clarke2, Shreeve, Watling2
19651111Thu 11/11 Cambridge City A 2-2 D   FA Youth Cup 1st Round   Clarke2
19651113Sat 13/11 Crystal Palace A 3-4 L       Scrivener, Watkins2
19651117Wed 17/11 Chelmsford City A P-P     Mercia Youth League Cup    
19651118Thu 18/11 CAMBRIDGE CITY H 2-0 W   FA Youth Cup 1st Round Replay   Scrivener2
19651120Sat 20/11 Tottenham Hotspur A 1-3 L       Scrivener
19651124Wed 24/11 Bedford Town A P-P     Mercia Youth League Cup    
19651130Tue 30/11 CHELMSFORD CITY H 2-2 D   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,077 Wilton, Welshe
19651202Thu 2/12 Cambridge United A 1-1 D   Mercia Youth League Cup   Scrivener
19651204Sat 4/12 FULHAM H 2-1 W     49 Viljoen, Smith
19651206Mon 6/12 CAMBRIDGE CITY H 5-1 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,026 Viljoen2, Clarke2, Shreeve
19651208Wed 8/12 NORWICH CITY H 0-0 D   FA Youth Cup 2nd Round  
19651211Sat 11/12 Millwall A 2-4 L       Dodds2
19651215Wed 15/12 Norwich City A 1-2 L   FA Youth Cup 2nd Round Replay   Honeywood
19651216Thu 16/12 Cambridge City A P-P     Mercia Youth League Cup    
19651218Sat 18/12 CHARLTON ATHLETIC H 1-1 D     36 Burge
19651221Tue 21/12 ROMFORD H 5-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup 1,557 Shreeve, Souster2, Smith2
19660101Sat 1/1 ARSENAL H 4-0 W       Clarke, Shreeve2, Law
19660105Wed 5/1 Southend United A 2-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Burge, Viljoen
19660108Sat 8/1 Chelsea A 1-2 L       Shreeve
19660112Wed 12/1 Chelmsford City A 0-0 D   Mercia Youth League Cup  
19660115Sat 15/1 BEXLEY UNITED H 5-1 W       Watling2, Scrivener2, Law
19660122Sat 22/1 Queens Park Rangers A 0-4 L      
19660124Mon 24/1 Bedford Town A P-P     Mercia Youth League Cup    
19660126Wed 26/1 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H 2-1 W     697 Burge, Viljoen
19660129Sat 29/1 CHELSEA H 4-1 W     81 Burge2, Dodds, Shreeve
19660201Tue 1/2 STEVENAGE TOWN H 4-1 W     1,326 Burge2, Viljoen, Watling
19660205Sat 5/2 West Ham United A 0-2 L      
19660207Mon 7/2 Bedford Town A 1-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Shreeve
19660209Wed 9/2 Chelmsford City A 7-2 W       Geldert, Viljoen2, Watling, Watkins, Unknownog2
19660215Tue 15/2 CAMBRIDGE CITY H 3-0 W       Viljoen, Shreeve2
19660217Thu 17/2 Cambridge City A 3-0 W   Mercia Youth League Cup   Viljoen2, Watling
19660219Sat 19/2 BRENTFORD H 2-1 W     76 Clarke, Shreeve
19660223Wed 23/2 Colchester United A 4-1 W       Shreeve, Watling2, Mills
19660301Tue 1/3 SOUTHEND UNITED H 4-3 W     1,396 Shreeve, Souster, Watling2
19660303Thu 3/3 Cambridge United A 2-0 W       Watling2
19660305Sat 5/3 BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION H 2-1 W       Viljoen, Shreeve
19660308Tue 8/3 COLCHESTER UNITED H 1-0 W       Viljoen
19660314Mon 14/3 Fulham A 0-3 L     50
19660316Wed 16/3 Stevenage Town A 1-1 D       Roberts
19660319Sat 19/3 CRYSTAL PALACE H 0-4 L     77
19660322Tue 22/3 CAMBRIDGE UNITED H 2-1 W     1,327 Robbie2
19660326Sat 26/3 Brentford A 1-2 L       Clarke
19660405Tue 5/4 CHELMSFORD CITY H 2-0 W     1,185 Viljoen, Watkins
19660409Sat 9/4 Various A 0-0 D Jordaan Youth Tournament  
19660410Sun 10/4 Royal Charleroi A 1-0 W   Jordaan Youth Tournament Final   Unknown
19660413Wed 13/4 Romford A 1-0 W       Viljoen
19660421Thu 21/4 Arsenal A 2-3 L       Curtis, Scrivener
19660423Sat 23/4 Brighton & Hove Albion A 2-2 D       Shreeve, Watling
19660426Tue 26/4 ROMFORD H 5-0 W     1,348 Robbie2, Mills, Smith2
19660503Tue 3/5 REST OF THE LEAGUE H 3-1 W   Mercia Youth League Presentation Match   Aslett, Shreeve, Smith
19660504Wed 4/5 Southend United A 1-1 D       Aslett
19660507Sat 7/5 Cambridge City A 5-1 W       Aslett3, Shreeve, Watling
19660511Wed 11/5 Leyton Orient A 1-0 W       Aslett

General notes

The Jordaan Youth Tournament (prior to the final) comprised 7 matches of 10 minutes each half of which Town won 4 and drew 3.

Season Summary

Mercia Youth League Cup1815306711
South East Counties League30135125863
South East Counties League Cup100123
Southern Junior Floodlight Cup210144
Suffolk Premier Cup100112
FA Youth Cup412154
Mercia Youth League1412204211
Jordaan Youth Tournament211010
Mercia Youth League Presentation Match110031

 Excludes abandoned games (if any), Matches decided on penalties (if any) count as a drawn game.

Attendance Summary

 Home AverageHome TotalAway AverageAway Total