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Youth (U18/U19) Results & Match Reports

Season 1968-69 South East Counties League/Mercia Youth League

Mercia Youth League Champions, Mercia Youth League Cup Winners, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Finalists, Eastern Junior Cup Winners, South East Counties League Cup Finalists, Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament Winners

Date Opponent V F-A WDL Notes Competition Att. Scorers
19680810Sat 10/8 Watford A 7-1 W       Talbot, Crissell5, Foyster
19680813Tue 13/8 BEDFORD TOWN H 8-0 W       Unknown8
19680817Sat 17/8 CRYSTAL PALACE H 7-3 W       Crissell2, Formoy, Foyster4
19680831Sat 31/8 QUEENS PARK RANGERS H 3-0 W     174 Lynch2, Buttle
19680907Sat 7/9 CHELSEA H 2-2 D       Lynch, Crissell
19680914Sat 14/9 Brighton & Hove Albion A 5-0 W   South East Counties League Cup   Lynch2, Crissell3
19680916Mon 16/9 Colchester United A 2-1 W       Unknown2
19680918Wed 18/9 Rest of the League A 6-0 W   Mercia Youth League Presentation Match   Unknown6
19680921Sat 21/9 BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION H 2-0 W       Formoy2
19680925Wed 25/9 Bedford Town A 5-1 W       Unknown5
19680928Sat 28/9 Colchester United A 5-0 W       Talbot, Foyster, Westwood2, Potter
19681005Sat 5/10 WEST HAM UNITED H 3-0 W       Crissell, Formoy, Foyster
19681008Tue 8/10 COLCHESTER UNITED H P-P          
19681012Sat 12/10 Tottenham Hotspur A 0-3 L   South East Counties League Cup  
19681015Tue 15/10 CAMBRIDGE UNITED H 6-0 W       Unknown6
19681019Sat 19/10 READING H 3-0 W       Crissell2, Formoy
19681023Wed 23/10 Bedford Town A 6-3 W       Unknown6
19681026Sat 26/10 Fulham A 1-0 W       Talbot
19681029Tue 29/10 GILLINGHAM H 4-1 W   Southern Junior Floodlight Cup   Talbot, Lynch, Crissell, Rowsell
19681102Sat 2/11 LUTON TOWN H 4-0 W       Talbot2, Formoy, Buttle
19681109Sat 9/11 West Ham United A 7-1 W       Talbot3, OFarrell4
19681112Tue 12/11 COLCHESTER UNITED H 5-0 W       Unknown5
19681123Wed 23/11 Charlton Athletic A 1-0 W       Formoy
19681201Sun 1/12 MILLWALL H 1-1 D       Formoy
19681203Tue 3/12 COLCHESTER UNITED H 2-0 W   FA Youth Cup 2nd Round 2,067 Whymark2
19681207Sat 7/12 Tottenham Hotspur A 2-1 W       Miller2
19681212Thu 12/12 Harwich & Parkeston A 0-0 D Friendly  
19681214Sat 14/12 COLCHESTER UNITED H 5-1 W       Talbot, Crissell2, Foyster, Whymark
19681217Tue 17/12 Cambridge United A P-P          
19681221Sat 21/12 Crystal Palace A 4-2 W       Formoy, Kent, Buttle2
19681228Sat 28/12 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H P-P          
19690104Sat 4/1 GILLINGHAM H 3-2 W     154 Crissell, Buttle, Whymark
19690113Mon 13/1 Millwall A 2-6 L   FA Youth Cup 3rd Round   Crissell, Whymark
19690118Sat 18/1 CHARLTON ATHLETIC H 2-2 D     137 Formoy, Buttle
19690201Wed 1/2 Luton Town A 0-0 D      
19690204Tue 4/2 HMS Ganges A 0-0 D Friendly  
19690208Wed 8/2 WATFORD H 4-1 W       Miller, Trenter2, Buttle
19690211Tue 11/2 Cambridge United A P-P          
19690222Sat 22/2 FULHAM H P-P          
19690225Tue 25/2 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H 2-0 W   Southern Junior Floodlight Cup 2,795 Rowsell, Whymark
19690301Sat 1/3 Leyton Orient A 2-2 D       Dean2
19690312Wed 12/3 FULHAM H 2-1 W       Dean, Buttle
19690320Thu 20/3 Millwall A 0-1 L      
19690322Sat 22/3 LEYTON ORIENT H 5-2 W       Miller, Rowsell2, Whymark2
19690329Sat 29/3 Oxford United A 2-0 W       Whymark2
19690331Mon 31/3 Cambridge United A 5-0 W       Unknown5
19690401Tue 1/4 COLCHESTER UNITED H 0-1 L      
19690404Fri 4/4 Queens Park Rangers A 1-1 D       Miller
19690412Sat 12/4 Brighton & Hove Albion A 3-2 W       Miller, Formoy2
19690414Mon 14/4 Clacton Town A 10-1 W   Eastern Junior Cup 1st Round 1st Leg   Unknown10
19690419Sat 19/4 Reading A 4-1 W       Crissell, Whymark3
19690421Mon 21/4 CHELSEA H 4-0 W Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Semi-Final   Crissell, Buttle2, Whymark
19690424Thu 24/4 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H 3-0 W       Dean2, Whymark
19690426Sat 26/4 Chelsea A 2-2 D       Unknown2
19690430Wed 30/4 OXFORD UNITED H 4-0 W     93 Crissell, Whymark3
19690501Thu 1/5 Harwich & Parkeston A 0-0 D Friendly  
19690505Mon 5/5 CAMBRIDGE UNITED H 3-2 W       Unknown3
19690508Thu 8/5 CLACTON TOWN H 8-0 W   Eastern Junior Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg   Unknown8
19690510Sat 10/5 Gillingham A 4-2 W       Dean, Talbot, Buttle2
19690515Not known BEDFORD TOWN H 0-0 D Eastern Junior Cup  
19690517Sat 17/5 Bohemians (Belgium) A 3-0 W   Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament   Unknown3
19690517Sat 17/5 DCG (Netherlands) A 1-0 W   Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament   Unknown
19690517Sat 17/5 FC Bruhl A 0-0 D   Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament  
19690518Sun 18/5 Volewickers A 0-0 D   Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament  
19690518Sun 18/5 Rot Weiss Essen A 5-1 W   Bleuwit U-20 International Youth Tournament Final   Unknown5

General notes

Eastern Junior Cup. Town reached the final, beating Clacton Town and Bedford Town on the way there, however details of other games (if any) are not available. The Bedford Town game was possibly played away from home. The final was played the following season.

Season Summary

South East Counties League3224719831
Mercia Youth League9801408
South East Counties League Cup210153
Mercia Youth League Presentation Match110060
Southern Junior Floodlight Cup3300101
FA Youth Cup210146
Youth Friendly303000
Eastern Junior Cup3210181
International Youth Tournament532091

 Excludes abandoned games (if any), Matches decided on penalties (if any) count as a drawn game.

Attendance Summary

 Home AverageHome TotalAway AverageAway Total