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Youth (U18/U19) Results & Match Reports

Season 1969-70 South East Counties League/Mercia Youth League

Mercia Youth League Champions, Eastern Junior Cup Winners

Date Opponent V F-A WDL Notes Competition Att. Scorers
19690809Sat 9/8 Crystal Palace A 1-0 W       Dean
19690816Sat 16/8 Colchester United A 2-2 D       Sharpe, Addo
19690818Mon 18/8 West Ham United A 0-2 L Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final 1st Leg 1,727
19690823Sat 23/8 Chelsea A 1-0 W       Talbot
19690826Tue 26/8 WEST HAM UNITED H 1-0 W Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final 2nd Leg 3,367 Whymark
19690830Sat 30/8 FULHAM H 6-0 W       Talbot2, Addo3, Buttle
19690909Sat 9/9 Queens Park Rangers A 1-1 D       Unknownog
19690913Sat 13/9 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H 1-1 D   South East Counties League Cup   Shanahan
19690920Sat 20/9 Tottenham Hotspur A 2-3 L   South East Counties League Cup Replay   Shanahan2
19690922Mon 22/9 Leyton Orient A 1-4 L   Southern Junior Floodlight Cup 1st Round   Polkey
19690927Sat 27/9 LEYTON ORIENT H 3-1 W       Addo2, Buttle
19691004Sat 4/10 Luton Town A 4-1 W       Dean, Shanahan3
19691007Tue 7/10 CAMBRIDGE H 10-0 W Eastern Junior Cup Final   Dean, Talbot2, Miller, Buttle, Shanahan, Whymark4
19691025Sat 25/10 ARSENAL H 4-1 W     116 Talbot, Twamley, Buttle, Shanahan
19691028Tue 28/10 NORWICH CITY H 0-0 D Eastern Junior Cup 1st Round 1st Leg  
19691101Sat 1/11 Reading A 6-0 W       Polkey, Talbot, Twamley2, Chaker, Buttle
19691104Tue 4/11 BURY TOWN H 0-0 D    
19691108Sat 8/11 WATFORD H 5-0 W       Twamley, Cook, Buttle3
19691115Sat 15/11 Charlton Athletic A 1-0 W       Twamley
19691122Sat 22/11 GILLINGHAM H 5-1 W       Talbot3, Buttle, Shanahan
19691208Mon 8/12 Colchester United A 1-0 W   FA Youth Cup 2nd Round   Talbot
19691213Sat 13/12 West Ham United A 4-2 W       Sharpe, Buttle2, Shanahan
19691217Wed 17/12 CRYSTAL PALACE H 6-2 W     62 Buttle, Shanahan4, Unknownog
19691220Wed 20/12 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR H 1-2 L       Shanahan
19691223Tue 23/12 LUTON TOWN H 3-0 W   FA Youth Cup 3rd Round 931 Talbot, Twamley, Buttle
19691227Sat 27/12 Leyton Orient A 1-2 L       Addo
19700103Sat 3/1 Millwall A 1-4 L       Shanahan
19700110Sat 10/1 LUTON TOWN H 2-1 W       Twamley, Shanahan
19700117Sat 17/1 Fulham A 2-1 W       Whitwood2
19700122Thu 22/1 MILLWALL H 5-1 W   FA Youth Cup 4th Round 2,281 Smith, Addo, Shanahan3
19700124Sat 24/1 Arsenal A 0-0 D      
19700131Sat 31/1 MILLWALL H 0-4 L      
19700207Sat 7/2 Watford A 2-2 D       Shanahan2
19700211Wed 11/2 WEST HAM UNITED H 2-3 L       Shanahan2
19700221Sat 21/2 COLCHESTER UNITED H 3-1 W       Golding, Buttle, Shanahan
19700226Thu 26/2 Coventry City A 0-2 L   FA Youth Cup 5th Round  
19700228Sat 28/2 READING H 5-2 W       Smith, Buttle2, Shanahan2
19700314Sat 14/3 CHARLTON ATHLETIC H 0-1 L      
19700321Sat 21/3 Tottenham Hotspur A 2-0 W       Unknown2
19700328Sat 28/3 QUEENS PARK RANGERS H 2-0 W       Talbot, Twamley
19700409Thu 9/4 CHELSEA H 3-4 L     35 Buttle2, Shanahan
19700413Mon 13/4 Bury Town A 5-0 W Eastern Junior Cup Semi Final   Unknown5
19700420Mon 20/4 Gillingham A 1-1 D       Shanahan
19700425Sat 25/4 Copper Belt Secondary Schools A 3-4 L   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 4,500 Unknown3
19700426Sat 26/4 Zambia Schools A 1-1 D   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 10,000 Unknown
19700428Tue 28/4 Copper Belt Amateurs A 8-1 W   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 2,000 Unknown8
19700430Thu 30/4 Zambia Schools A 2-2 D   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 5,000 Unknown2
19700502Sat 2/5 Young Kabwe A 1-3 L   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 4,000 Unknown
19700503Sun 3/5 Zambia Schools A 2-2 D   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 6,000 Unknown2
19700506Wed 6/5 Southern Province A 6-2 W   Tour of Zambia & Malawi 3,500 Unknown6

General notes

Eastern Junior Cup. Town reached the final, beating Bury Town on the way there, however details of other games (if any) are not available. The final was played the following season.

Details of Mercia Youth League games not available.

Season Summary

South East Counties League3018577639
Southern Junior Floodlight Cup310226
South East Counties League Cup201134
Eastern Junior Cup3210150
Mercia Youth League101000
FA Youth Cup430193
Tour of Zambia & Malawi72322315

 Excludes abandoned games (if any), Matches decided on penalties (if any) count as a drawn game.

Attendance Summary

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