Academy Players - Current & Former

NamePositionYear of Birth
Abbott, Daniel  EnglandEngland Unknown 1977
Abbott, Graham  Unknown  Unknown  
Acott, Lewis  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1994
Adams, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Adams, Fin  Unknown  Defender  
Adams, Paul  ScotlandScotland Striker  
Addo, Phil  Unknown  Striker 1952
Adebayo, Afi  Unknown  Unknown  
Agbaje, Edwin  IrelandIreland Midfielder 2004
Ainsley, George  EnglandEngland Defender  
Ainsley, Jack  EnglandEngland Right Back 1990
Ainsley, Stuart  EnglandEngland Defender 1988
Aitchison, M  Unknown  Winger 1948
Akaunu, Mamoke  EnglandEngland Striker  
Alexander, Fraser  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2003
Allen, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Allen, Tevan  Unknown  Midfielder 1996
Alley, Jake  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 2001
Allon, P  Unknown  Striker 1949
Ambpox, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Ambrose, Darren  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1984
Amos, Gregor  ScotlandScotland Goalkeeper 1995
Andrews, C  Unknown  Striker 1948
Angell, R  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1948
Appleby, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Appleyard, V  Unknown  Unknown  
Armin, Albie  EnglandEngland Left Back 2004
Armstrong, A  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1951
Arthur, E  Unknown  Unknown  
Artun, Erdem  EnglandEngland Centre Half + Midfielder 1982
Artun, Ergun  Unknown  Midfielder 1985
Ashby, Alan  Unknown  Inside Right 1948
Ashley, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Asiamah, Justin  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1982
Aslett, Geoff  EnglandEngland Striker 1949
Atay, Adem  EnglandEngland Right Winger 1985
Atkinson, Dalian  EnglandEngland Striker 1968
Austin, Alex  EnglandEngland Defender 1991
Ayinde, Leon  IrelandIreland Midfielder 2004
Ayoola, Jesse  Unknown  Centre Half  
Baggott, Elkan  ThailandThailand Centre Back 2002
Bagshaw, G  Unknown  Left Half 1950
Bailey, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Baker, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Baker, Matthew  Unknown  Unknown  
Baker, Riley  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1998
Baker, Teddy  Unknown  Central Midfielder 2001
Baldwin, P  Unknown  Full-Back 1948
Bales, G  Unknown  Unknown  
Banham, Matthew  EnglandEngland Defender 1985
Banks, Andrew  EnglandEngland Striker  
Barber, Bill  Unknown  Left Back 1949
Barbrook, Fin  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Barbrook, Harry  Unknown  Defender  
Barbrook, Matthew  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1972
Bareck, Michael  EnglandEngland Striker 2003
Barham, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Barker, Rory  EnglandEngland Full Back 1982
Barley, Henry  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2001
Barrett, Liam  EnglandEngland Striker 1989
Barron, Scott  EnglandEngland Left Back 1985
Bassett, Graham  EnglandEngland Striker 1964
Bath, P  Unknown  Unknown  
Baughurst, James  Unknown  Unknown  
Beake, Paul  EnglandEngland Full Back  
Beasley, -  Unknown  Unknown 1952
Beattie, Kevin  EnglandEngland Centre Half 1953
Beaumont, A  Unknown  Unknown  
Beckham, Michael  EnglandEngland Striker 1980
Beckwith, Charlie  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 2000
Beevers, Lee  EnglandEngland Right Back 1983
Bell, Bobby  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1950
Bell, Leon  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1977
Bellamy, Simon  United KingdomUnited Kingdom Goalkeeper  
Bello, Ola  NigeriaNigeria Striker 2003
Benfield, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Bennett, A  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1954
Bennett, Callum  EnglandEngland Right Back 1993
Bennett, Ryan  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1990
Bent, Darren  EnglandEngland Striker 1984
Benyu, Kundai  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1997
Berkane, Amir  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1995
Berquez, Ollie  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1982
Berry, Dave  Unknown  Unknown  
Betts, Simon  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1973
Beveridge, Fraser  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1986
Bignell, P  Unknown  Unknown  
Bishop, Teddy  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1996
Blackmore, David  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1989
Blanchfield, James  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1997
Bligh, Jimmy  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Bloomfield, Joe  Unknown  Defender  
Bloomfield, Matt  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1984
Bloomfield, Mervyn  Unknown  Defender 1950
Bloomfield, Teddie  EnglandEngland Left Back 1997
Boardley, Stuart  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1985
Boatswain, Ashley  EnglandEngland Striker  
Bolingbroke, Rodney  EnglandEngland Unknown 1952
Bolt, Alex  Unknown  Midfielder 1989
Bond, Alan  EnglandEngland Striker 1960
Bond, Chris  EnglandEngland Defender 1990
Bonne, Macauley  EnglandEngland Striker 1995
Bonwick, Guy  EnglandEngland Defender 1983
Booth, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Bort, Antoni  PolandPoland Goalkeeper  
Boswell, Ashton  Unknown  Unknown  
Boto, Tony  UgandaUganda Striker 1988
Bowditch, Dean  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1986
Bowes, Terry  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1979
Boyce, Newton  Unknown  Midfielder  
Boyle, Lee  EnglandEngland Defender 1972
Bradshaw, Zak  EnglandEngland Full Back 2003
Bramble, Titus  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1981
Brandon, Sam  EnglandEngland Right-Back 1992
Brass, Chris  EnglandEngland Defender 1975
Brazil, Alan  ScotlandScotland Centre Forward 1959
Brennan, Mark  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1965
Brett, Alistair  Unknown  Defender  
Brewer, K  Unknown  Unknown  
Broadhurst, G  Unknown  Half Back 1949
Brockston, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Brown, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Brown, Charlie  EnglandEngland Striker 1999
Brown, Danny  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1966
Brown, Josh  Unknown  Midfielder+ Striker 1989
Brown, Kai  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2001
Brown, Simon  Unknown  Unknown  
Brown, Tim  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Brown, Wayne  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1977
Brown, Zak  EnglandEngland Striker 2002
Brown, Zodel  Unknown  Right Winger 1996
Broxton, K  Unknown  Unknown 1951
Bryan, Graham  Unknown  Unknown  
Buabo, Gerrard  EnglandEngland Striker  
Bugg, Alec  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1948
Bullimore, L  Unknown  Unknown  
Bulman, James  Unknown  Striker  
Burge, Anthony  Unknown  Forward 1948
Burke, Cormac  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Midfielder 1993
Burley, George  ScotlandScotland Right Back 1956
Burns, Ronnie  IrelandIreland Midfielder  
Burton, Steve  EnglandEngland Striker 1983
Butcher, Calum  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1991
Butcher, D  Unknown  Forward  
Butcher, Lewis  Unknown  Unknown  
Butcher, Terry  SingaporeSingapore Centre Back 1958
Butcher, W  Unknown  Forward 1949
Butler, Ian  Unknown  Full Back  
Butler, J  Unknown  Unknown  
Buttle, Stephen  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1953
Byrne, Richard  Unknown  Striker  
Cahill, Steven  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1999
Calver, Craig  EnglandEngland Striker 1991
Campbell, Gavin  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1981
Canavan, Peter  EnglandEngland Central Defender  
Cape, Steve  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1969
Capocci, Josh  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1992
Carr, Ryan  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2004
Carrino, J  Unknown  Unknown 1951
Carson, Josh  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Midfielder / Striker 1993
Casement, Chris  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Centre Back 1988
Cathline, Kieron  EnglandEngland Right Back 1999
Catley, Jack  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Catley, Paul  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1972
Cawley, David  IrelandIreland Midfielder 1991
Cawston, I  Unknown  Winger  
Centeno, Diego  SpainSpain Winger  
Chaffey, Lee  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1984
Chaker, Les  Unknown  Unknown 1951
Chandler, Mel  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1945
Chaplin, Scott  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1988
Chapman, Joshua  Unknown  Unknown 1998
Chenery, Benjamin  EnglandEngland Defender 1977
Chibogu, Ed  Unknown  Striker 1982
Chirewa, Tawanda  ZimbabweZimbabwe Midfielder 2003
Chisnall, S  Unknown  Half-Back 1950
Christopher, M  Unknown  Defender 1948
Clark, Billy  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1991
Clarke, Billy  IrelandIreland Striker 1987
Clarke, Bradie  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1986
Clarke, Colin  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Striker 1962
Clarke, David  EnglandEngland Striker 1949
Clarke, Graham  Unknown  Striker 1948
Clarke, Harry  EnglandEngland Centre Back 2001
Clarke, Matthew  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1996
Clarke1, -  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Clarke2, George  EnglandEngland Striker 1996
Clayton, Paul  EnglandEngland Striker 1965
Clements, Bailey  EnglandEngland Left Back 2000
Clemo, Joe  EnglandEngland Full-Back + Midfielder 1991
Clemopavett, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Clennell, Willie  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Clewley, Jason  EnglandEngland Full Back  
Clifford, Joe  Unknown  Unknown  
Clinch, John  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1967
Coakley, Darryl  EnglandEngland Defender 1991
Coates, Scott  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Cobbold, M  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1950
Coburn, Joe  Unknown  Unknown  
Coburn, Neil  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1979
Cochrane, Anthony  AustraliaAustralia Goalkeeper  
Cockburn, Jackie  Unknown  Winger 1949
Colclough, Jake  Unknown  Centre Back 1999
Cole, Michael  EnglandEngland Striker 1966
Cole, Travis  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1997
Colhoun, John  Unknown  Midfielder  
Collins, Aidan  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1986
Collins, Jordan  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1988
Collins, Luca  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Collins, Trevor  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Connell, Alan  EnglandEngland Striker 1983
Connell, Graham  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1974
Connolly, Jon  ScotlandScotland Goalkeeper 1981
Cook, Adam  EnglandEngland Central Defender  
Cook, Connor  Unknown  Midfielder  
Cook, David  EnglandEngland Full Back 1952
Cooper, Andy  EnglandEngland Striker 1965
Cooper, Archie  Unknown  Midfielder  
Cooper1, Paul  EnglandEngland Defender 1969
Corrigan, Fin  Unknown  Unknown  
Cotterell, Leo  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1974
Cousens, Dan  EnglandEngland Defender  
Cousins, Alan  Unknown  Full Back  
Cowell, Clayden  EnglandEngland Unknown 1980
Cox, Matthew  Unknown  Defender 1983
Craig, Liam  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1986
Crane, Andrew  EnglandEngland Left Back 1967
Cranmer, Connor  EnglandEngland Left Back  
Cranson, Ian  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1964
Crawford, Graeme  ScotlandScotland Striker  
Crawford, Stuart  Unknown  Defender  
Crighton, Billy  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1944
Crisp, Ryan  Unknown  Striker  
Crissell, Malcolm  EnglandEngland Centre Forward 1950
Critchley, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Croll, Floyd  GermanyGermany Goalkeeper 1987
Cropper, Cody  United StatesUnited States Goalkeeper 1993
Crouch, Nigel  EnglandEngland Full Back 1958
Crowe, Dylan  EnglandEngland Full Back 2001
Crowe, Michael  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1995
Cullum, Daniel  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Currie, Neil  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1971
Cursons, Billy  Unknown  Full Back 1996
Curtis, Brian  EnglandEngland Forward 1947
Curtis, Harley  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2002
Curtis, Henry  EnglandEngland  
Cutbush, Alfie  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 2002
Dalrymple, Craig  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1973
Daly, Colm  IrelandIreland Defender 1982
Daly, Harry  EnglandEngland Left Back 1998
Dament, J  Unknown  Forward 1948
Daniels, Declan  EnglandEngland Striker 1998
Daniels, Karl  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1986
Daniels, Matt  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1991
Darg, Rhys  WalesWales Defender 1988
Darkins, Mark  Unknown  Unknown 1970
Davidson, Robert  Unknown  Forward 1949
Davis, Keinan  EnglandEngland Striker 1998
Davis, Mike  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1965
Davis, Oli  Unknown  Striker  
DAvray, Mich  South AfricaSouth Africa Forward 1962
Dawkins, Shane  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1985
Day, David  Unknown  Midfielder  
Day, Philip  Unknown  Midfielder 1948
Dean, Barry  Unknown  Unknown 1952
Deardon, Tim  EnglandEngland Unknown  
DeFrietas, L  Unknown  Unknown  
Delany, Derek  IrelandIreland Midfielder + Striker 1980
Denny, P  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Devereux, Robert  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1971
Devine, Declan  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Goalkeeper 1973
Diallo, Ismael  Unknown  Unknown  
Dickenson, Andy  EnglandEngland Striker 1968
Dickinson, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Dickinson, Robert  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1983
Dicks, K  Unknown  Unknown  
Dicks, S  Unknown  Unknown 1951
Dixon, Alan  Unknown  Unknown  
Dixon, B  Unknown  Unknown  
Dixon, Matt  EnglandEngland Striker 1980
Dobbs, Logan  Unknown  Unknown  
Dobinson, Kevin  EnglandEngland Defender + Midfielder  
Dobra, Armando  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2001
Dodds, Doug  Unknown  Forward 1948
Dolby, Gavin  EnglandEngland Striker 1976
Domi, Revin  Unknown  Unknown  
Donohoe, Kaya  Unknown  Defender  
Doran, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Double, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Douglas, Andrew  EnglandEngland Unknown 1980
Downes, Flynn  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1999
Doyle, Graeme  EnglandEngland Central Defender  
Dozzell, Andre  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1999
Dozzell, Jason  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1967
Dunbar, Seb  EnglandEngland Left-Back 1992
Duncan, Fraser  ScotlandScotland Defender 1983
Dunleavy, Neil  EnglandEngland Central Defender  
Dunnett, Brian  Unknown  Winger 1949
Durrant, Gary  EnglandEngland Striker  
Durrant, George  EnglandEngland Unknown 1982
Durrant, Kevin  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1960
Durrant, Lee  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1973
Duzgun, Seth  TurkeyTurkey Unknown  
Dyer, Kie  Unknown  Midfielder  
Dyer, Kieron  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1978
Eagle, Robert  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1987
Easlea, Daniel  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1992
Eason, Jeremy  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Eastman, Tom  EnglandEngland Centre-Back 1991
Eaton, Daniel  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1978
Edmunds, -  Unknown  Midfielder  
Egan, Toby  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 2001
Eldridge, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Ellis, David  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1970
Ellis, Edward  EnglandEngland Right Wing 1996
Ellis, Glenn  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1957
Ellis, Kevin  EnglandEngland Left Back 1977
ElMizouni, Idris  FranceFrance Midfielder 2000
Elsworth, Patrick  EnglandEngland Striker 1977
Emmanuel, Joshua  EnglandEngland Right Back 1997
Emmerson, Neil  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1969
English, Mike  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Entwhistle, Danny  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Eynon, Conor  Unknown  Unknown  
Fairchild, J  Unknown  Unknown  
Farrington, Louie  EnglandEngland Full Back 1981
Feely, Peter  EnglandEngland Centre Forward 1950
Fenn, Ollie  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1988
Ferguson, Mark  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Ferrier, Harry  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Finch, I  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Finlayson, Murdo  ScotlandScotland Forward 1957
Finney, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Fisher, Denis  EnglandEngland Striker  
Fitch, Matthew  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Flack, Daniel  EnglandEngland Defender 1985
Flanaghan, -  Unknown  Striker  
Flear, Chris  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Flores, Marcelo  CanadaCanada Striker 2003
Flowers, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Folami, Ben  AustraliaAustralia Striker 1999
Ford, Sam  EnglandEngland Striker 1998
Formoy, Mike  Unknown  Unknown  
Forrest, Craig  CanadaCanada Goalkeeper 1967
Foudil, Lounes  FranceFrance Midfielder 2000
Fowler, George  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1997
Fox, Justin  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1980
Fox, Morgan  EnglandEngland Left Back 1993
Foyo, Osman  EnglandEngland Striker 2004
Foyster, N  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Franz, Frankie  Unknown  Defender  
Frost, Darren  Unknown  Midfielder 1983
Frost, K  Unknown  Winger  
Frost, Luca  Unknown  Unknown  
Frost, Mick  EnglandEngland Full Back  
Fuller, Will  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1993
Fullwood, Callum  EnglandEngland Striker 1999
Gallifant, Ben  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper + Outfield Player 1993
Galvin, Cory  IrelandIreland Midfielder 1996
Gardiner, Aaron  EnglandEngland Full Back 1970
Gardner, Stephen  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1958
Garvan, Owen  IrelandIreland Central Midfielder 1988
Gates, Eric  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1955
Geddis, David  EnglandEngland Striker 1958
Gee, P  Unknown  Half Back 1949
Geldert, Alan  Unknown  Forward 1949
George, Phillip  Unknown  Unknown  
Gernon, Irvin  EnglandEngland Defender 1962
Giambrone, Peter  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Gibbs, Liam  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 2002
Giggle, P  Unknown  Winger  
Gill, James  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Gill, Tony  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Gilmartin, J  Unknown  Unknown  
Glanville, Mark  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Goddard, P  Unknown  Full-Back 1948
Goddard, S  Unknown  Unknown  
Golding, A  Unknown  Unknown 1952
Goodhall, Lee  Bosnia And HerzegovinaBosnia And Herzegovina Goalkeeper  
Gorman, Keith  EnglandEngland Winger 1966
Graham, John  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1969
Graham, Stephen  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Graham-Alexandro, Alex  Unknown  Midfielder  
Grahn, Tobias  SwedenSweden Central Midfielder 1980
Grant, Peter  ScotlandScotland Defender + Midfielder 1968
Gray, David  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1971
Gray, Matthew  Unknown  Unknown  
Gray, Simon  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1972
Green, David  Unknown  Forward 1949
Green, Geoff  Unknown  Unknown  
Gregory, David  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1970
Gregory, Neil  ZambiaZambia Striker 1972
Grice, Neil  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1971
Griffin, A  Unknown  Forward 1951
Griffiths, Jamie  EnglandEngland Midfielder + Striker 1992
Griffiths, Rostyn  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1988
Grout, Stephen  Unknown  Forward 1954
Gudjonsson, Brynjar  IcelandIceland Central Defender 1992
Guentchev, Lubomir  BulgariaBulgaria Striker 1986
Guldbrandsen, Victor  DenmarkDenmark Centre Back 1997
Hackett, Christian  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Haddoch, Ben  Unknown  Midfielder  
Haddrick, Bobby  EnglandEngland Unknown 1950
Haggis, B  Unknown  Unknown  
Halit, Colo  IraqIraq Midfielder 1986
Hall, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Hall, M  Unknown  Unknown  
Hall, Richard  EnglandEngland Defender 1972
Hall, Tony  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Hallworth, Jon  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1965
Hamilton, Robert  ScotlandScotland Goalkeeper  
Hamilton, Roger  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1969
Hammond, Blair  EnglandEngland Striker 1986
Hammond, Geoff  EnglandEngland Full Back 1950
Hammond, Kyle  EnglandEngland Right Back 1995
Hannigan, -  ScotlandScotland Midfielder  
Hanson, Daniel  Unknown  Unknown  
Harding, P  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Harkness, Nathan  Unknown  Unknown  
Harper, Colin  EnglandEngland Left Back 1946
Harris, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Harrison, Gary  EnglandEngland Striker 1973
Harrison, Lawrence  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Harrison, Paul  EnglandEngland Striker  
Haverson, Jack  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1987
Hawes, K  Unknown  Unknown  
Hayes, Nicholas  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1999
Hayes, Robert  Unknown  Unknown  
Haynes, Danny  EnglandEngland Striker 1988
Healy, Matt  IrelandIreland Midfielder 2002
Heard, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Hemir, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Henderson, Alex  EnglandEngland Centre Half 2001
Hendry, Taylor  EnglandEngland Striker 1995
Henham, S  Unknown  Unknown  
Henry, Ashton  EnglandEngland Right Back 2000
Henry, Rhys  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1989
Hermansson, Bjorn  IcelandIceland Central Midfielder 1989
Hesling, Alan  EnglandEngland Defender 1949
Hewitt, Kai  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1992
Hilaire, Julian  EnglandEngland Winger  
Hill, Victor  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Defender 1985
Hockett, S  Unknown  Unknown 1953
Hodgetts, Tim  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1968
Hogg, Chris  EnglandEngland Centre Half 1985
Hollman, James  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1978
Holmwood, M  Unknown  Unknown  
Homewood, Paul  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1968
Homewood, Steve  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1952
Honeywood, Brian  EnglandEngland Defender 1949
Hood, Paul  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Hooper, Glynn  EnglandEngland Striker 1971
Hoque, Yousuf  Unknown  Midfielder 2003
Horgan, Denis  Unknown  Unknown 1953
Horne, Ian  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1971
Horsman, J  Unknown  Forward 1948
Howard, David  Unknown  Unknown  
Howard, Matthew  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1970
Howard, Sonny  Unknown  Unknown  
Howell, Ace  EnglandEngland Winger 1997
Howey, Lee  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1969
Howlett, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Hubbick, David  EnglandEngland Forward 1960
Hubble, Martin  Unknown  Midfielder  
Hudson, Kirk  EnglandEngland Striker 1986
Hughes, Thomas  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2000
Hughill, Ian  Unknown  Midfielder  
Hulyer, Lee  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1982
Humes, Tony  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1966
Humphreys, Cameron  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2003
Hunn, Liam  EnglandEngland Unknown 1986
Hunter, David  EnglandEngland Striker  
Hursey, Tyler  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Hutchings, Max  Unknown  Unknown  
Hutchinson, Robert  ScotlandScotland Midfielder  
Hyam, Luke  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1991
Hyde, Stephen  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Hymas, Keith  EnglandEngland Centre Forward 1949
Inglis, Kevin  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1980
Ingram, John  Unknown  Unknown  
Ingram, Nick  EnglandEngland Striker 1997
Inkpen, Brian  Unknown  Half Back  
Irving, Russell  EnglandEngland Forward 1964
Jackson, -  Unknown   
Jaiyesimi, Diallang  Unknown  Defender  
Jamieson, Alec  ScotlandScotland Full Back + Midfielder  
Jeal, Tom  EnglandEngland Defender 1988
Jefferson, Derek  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1948
Jeffrey, Danny  Unknown  Unknown  
Jillings, B  Unknown  Centre Forward  
Johnson, Gavin  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1970
Jones, Aaron  EnglandEngland Right Back 1994
Jones, D  Unknown  Forward 1948
Jones, Jason  Unknown  Central Defender  
Jones, Ronaldo  EnglandEngland Right Winger 1997
Kabongolo, Brooklyn  EnglandEngland Centre Back 2002
Kamanda, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Kamara, Alfie  Unknown  Defender + Midfielder 1984
Kawaguchi, Joji  Unknown  Midfielder  
Keane, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Kearney, Noel  EnglandEngland Forward 1942
Kearns, -  EnglandEngland Full Back  
Keeble, -  Unknown  Forward  
Keeble, Chris  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1978
Kelly, Darren  IrelandIreland Goalkeeper 1984
Kelly, John  IrelandIreland Midfielder 1987
Kenlock, Myles  EnglandEngland Left Back 1996
Kennedy, John  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1978
Kenny, Billy  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Midfielder  
Kent, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Keogh, Richard  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1986
Kieran, Archie  Unknown  Unknown  
Kilgallon, Mark  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1962
King, Barry  Unknown  Full Back  
King, Jimmy  ScotlandScotland Midfielder  
Kinsella, Sean  Unknown  Unknown  
Kiwomya, Chris  EnglandEngland Centre Forward 1969
Klug, Bryan  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1960
Knight, Ben  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2002
Knights, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Knights, Darryl  EnglandEngland Winger + Striker 1988
Knock, Harry  EnglandEngland Defender  
Krause, James  EnglandEngland Left Back 1987
Kristmundsson, Brynjar  IcelandIceland Midfielder 1992
Lamb, Julian  Unknown  Unknown  
Lambe, Reggie  BermudaBermuda Midfielder 1991
Lambert, Mick  EnglandEngland Left Winger 1950
Lang, Ian  EnglandEngland Defender 1970
Lankester, Jack  EnglandEngland Winger 2000
Larter, Stuart  EnglandEngland Defender 1966
Lavery, Caolan  CanadaCanada Centre Forward 1992
Lavin, Michael  IrelandIreland Right Back 2004
Law, N  Unknown  Forward 1948
Lawrence, Andy  EnglandEngland Defender 1966
Lawrence, Byron  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1996
Laws, Danny  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Layne, Jerrell  Unknown  Striker 1989
Leabon, Kieran  EnglandEngland Striker 1988
Leddy, Jonathan  IrelandIreland Midfielder 1995
Lee-Barrett, Arran  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1984
Leeworthy, M  Unknown  Unknown  
Leggett, Nigel  EnglandEngland Defender 1948
Lennon, Paul  EnglandEngland Defender 1965
Lentz, Paul  Unknown  Unknown  
Linley, Joseph  Unknown  Unknown  
Linton, Malachi  EnglandEngland Striker 2000
Loach, Scott  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1988
Logan, Calum  Unknown  Unknown  
Logan, Richard  EnglandEngland Striker 1982
Logan, Stewart  Unknown  Central Defender  
Lomas, Mark  EnglandEngland Forward  
Lordan, Cathal  IrelandIreland Central Midfielder 1987
Lowery, Tony  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1961
Lowes, Brendan  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1980
Lucas, J  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Lulyer, Lee  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Lynch, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Maduako, Jide  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1994
Maile, Andrew  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Major, R  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Manly, Jack  EnglandEngland Forward 2004
Manning, Liam  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1985
Mansfield, Graham  EnglandEngland Defender + Midfielder 1975
Marriott, Jack  EnglandEngland Striker 1994
Marriott, Trevor  EnglandEngland Left Back 1948
Marsden, Jacob  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1996
Marshall, G  Unknown  Unknown 1954
Marshall, Ross  EnglandEngland Centre Half 1999
Martin, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Martin, Brian  Unknown  Unknown  
Martin, K  Unknown  Unknown 1951
Massey, Jamie  EnglandEngland Right Back 1995
Matthews, Charlie  Unknown  Striker  
Matthews, Jamie  Unknown  Unknown  
May, Ian  Unknown  Half Back  
May, Robbie  EnglandEngland Left Back  
Mayes, Mark  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1982
Mayhew, Barry  EnglandEngland Centre Half  
Mayhew, Danny  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1970
Mayhew, David  Unknown  Unknown  
Mayhew, P  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1949
Maynard, Isaac  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1997
McCall, Steve  EnglandEngland Defender 1960
McCarthy, Charlie  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
McCrindle, Scott  Unknown  Midfielder 1977
McCrohan, Andy  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1959
McDermid, Samuel  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1997
McDonald, Gary  EnglandEngland Striker 1969
McFarlane, Gordon  EnglandEngland Left Midfielder 1957
McGavin, Brett  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1999
McGavin, Steve  EnglandEngland Striker 1969
McGlone, Lee  Unknown  Striker 1984
McHugh, Shaun  EnglandEngland Defender 1973
McKellar, David  ScotlandScotland Goalkeeper 1956
McKendry, Conor  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Left Winger 1998
McKenna, John  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1990
McKeown, Rory  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Left Back 1993
McKinstry, James  ScotlandScotland Defender 1979
McKirdy, Sean  ScotlandScotland Central Midfielder 1998
McLeod, Billy  ScotlandScotland Winger 1961
McLeod, Wesley  CanadaCanada Midfielder 1957
McLoughlin, Shane  United StatesUnited States Midfielder 1997
McMahon, S  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1950
McManus, Gary  Unknown  Midfielder  
McNicholl, Jimmy  ScotlandScotland Centre Back 1958
Meekings, Josh  EnglandEngland Centre-Back 1992
Mehmet, Deniz  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1992
Meikle, Ian  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Meikle, Shaun  ScotlandScotland Central Midfielder 1994
Melanson, Max  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1997
Meldrum, Ross  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1998
Melling, Jason  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1972
Mellish, John  Unknown  Forward 1950
Mesuria, Nyan  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2002
Midgley, Neil  EnglandEngland Striker 1978
Miles, Stephen  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Miller, Adam  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1982
Miller, David  Unknown  Unknown  
Miller, John  EnglandEngland Right Winger 1950
Miller, Justin  South AfricaSouth Africa Centre Back 1980
Miller, Marc  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Miller, Tommy  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1979
Millican, Keith  ScotlandScotland Winger  
Mills, Mick  EnglandEngland Full Back 1949
Mills, Scott  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1970
Mitchell, Scott  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1985
Mmes, M  Unknown  Unknown  
Moat, Kristin  Unknown  Full Back  
Moffat, Stephen  ScotlandScotland Defender 1981
Moodie, Paul  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Moore, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Moore, Dallas  United StatesUnited States Centre-Back 1990
Moore, Sammy  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1987
Morgan, Philip  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1974
Morgan, Rio  EnglandEngland Striker 2005
Morris, -  Unknown  Forward  
Morris, Ben  EnglandEngland Striker 1999
Morrow, Sam  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Striker 1985
Morter, B  Unknown  Unknown  
Mortley, Peter  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1975
Moss, M  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Muamba, Daniel  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1999
Mullin, Pat  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1982
Mulryne, Jake  Unknown  Right Back  
Murkin, Carl  Unknown  Midfielder 1984
Murphy, Paul  IrelandIreland Striker 1991
Murray, Antonio  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1984
Murray, Ronan  IrelandIreland Striker 1991
Murray, Sam  Unknown  Unknown  
Murrell, Ellis  EnglandEngland Full Back 1999
Musgrove, Paul  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1981
Musson, Gareth  AustraliaAustralia Unknown 1987
Muti, Eren  Unknown  Unknown  
Mychaluke, Steve  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Nally, D  Unknown  Half-Back 1949
Napier, Graham  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1980
Nash, Gerard  IrelandIreland Centre Back 1986
Navlands, A  Unknown  Forward 1947
Naylor, Richard  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1977
Ndaba, Corrie  IrelandIreland Centre Back 1999
Nedimovic, Zac  Unknown  Unknown  
Needham, Michael  Unknown  Unknown  
Neimi, Tomi  FinlandFinland Goalkeeper 1982
Neville, Christopher  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1970
Nicholls, A  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Nicholls, R  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Nichols, Adam  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1962
Nichols, Darren  EnglandEngland Defender 1972
Nimmo, Ian  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1988
Niven, Stuart  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1978
Norfolk, Lee  New ZealandNew Zealand Midfielder 1975
Norman, A  Unknown  Unknown  
Norton, K  Unknown  Unknown  
Nunn, Chris  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1968
Nunn, Sam  EnglandEngland Defender 1988
Nwabueze, Jesse  EnglandEngland Midfielder 2003
Nydam, Tristan  ZimbabweZimbabwe Midfielder 1999
Nylen, Isak  SwedenSweden Striker 1995
Oates, Ryan  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Obazee, Ross  Unknown  Striker 1999
OConnor, Daniel  IrelandIreland Centre Half 2004
OConnor, Gerard  IrelandIreland Defender 1985
October, David  EnglandEngland Left Back 1994
ODonnell, Chris  EnglandEngland Defender 1968
ODonnell, Conor  IrelandIreland Goalkeeper 1994
ODonnell, Mark  IrelandIreland Unknown  
ODriscoll, Barry  Unknown  Midfielder  
OFarrell, Frank  Unknown  Unknown  
Ogunmekan, Tyrese  EnglandEngland Unknown 2000
Okay, Erkan  EnglandEngland Left Back 1985
OKeefe, Stuart  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1991
Okosi, Henry  Unknown  Unknown  
Okunowo, Emmanuel  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
ONeill, Dan  ScotlandScotland Goalkeeper 1995
ONeill, Lee  EnglandEngland Striker 1981
ONeill, Tommy  ScotlandScotland Winger 1958
Onfial, L  Unknown  Unknown  
Oppong, Colin  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Striker 2002
Oram, Dean  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Osborne, Dave  Unknown  Unknown  
Osborne, H  Unknown  Unknown  
Osbourne, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Osbourne, Kenneth  Unknown  Half-Back 1950
Osbourne, Tyrese  EnglandEngland Striker  
Osman, Ben  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1990
Osman, Murray  Unknown  Defender  
Osman, Russell  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1959
Osman, Toby  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1990
Overton, Paul  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1961
Owen1, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Oxbrow, Darren  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1969
Page, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Palmer, Jake  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1990
Parkin, Tommy  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1956
Parkinson, Alan  Unknown  Unknown  
Parkinson, Noel  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1959
Parsons, L  Unknown  Unknown  
Partridge, Jacob  EnglandEngland Defender + Midfielder 1998
Patten, Ben  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1986
Patterson, Monty  New ZealandNew Zealand Left Winger 1996
Pavett, Jordan  EnglandEngland Striker 1992
Peachey, D  Unknown  Unknown 1952
Pearn, Steven  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Pearson, Craig  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Peat, Scott  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1985
Peddelty, John  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1955
Pentney, Carl  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1989
Petrovski, Peter  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Petursson, Oskar  IcelandIceland Goalkeeper 1989
Phillips, Ian  ScotlandScotland Full-Back 1959
Phillips, Keith  Unknown  Unknown 1970
Pick, -  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Pick, Neil  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Pickess, Gordon  EnglandEngland Defender  
Pickford, Ben  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Pirie, David  ScotlandScotland Striker 1975
Pitham, Simon  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1970
Plummer, Andrew  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1989
Polkey, Barry  EnglandEngland Forward  
Pollard, Joshua  Unknown  Centre Back  
Pollard, Lionel  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Pope, Nick  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1992
Portrey, Simon  EnglandEngland Unknown 1976
Potter, Ray  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Powell, A  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Powley, Darren  EnglandEngland Defender 1974
Pownery, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Price, Lewis  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1984
Pryke, Damien  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Pullen, James  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1982
Ralph, Nathan  EnglandEngland Left Back 1993
Ramadan, Cemal  EnglandEngland Striker 1997
Ranieri, Mirko  ItalyItaly Goalkeeper 1992
Re, Joe  Unknown  Midfielder  
Reader, G  Unknown  Unknown  
Reader, Neil  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Reakes, -  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Reason, Jai  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1990
Reed, Andrew  Unknown  Winger 1949
Reed, Lewis  WalesWales Striker 2001
Reynolds, Andy  CanadaCanada Goalkeeper 1987
Reynolds, John  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Rhodes, Jordan  EnglandEngland Striker 1990
Richards, Matt  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1984
Richardson, Derek  Unknown  Unknown  
Richardson, Emmanuel  Unknown  Striker 1991
Richardson, Michael  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1993
Ricry, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Ridd, Lewis  WalesWales Goalkeeper 2004
Riley, Dominic  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1981
Rimmer, Neil  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1967
Ritchie, R  Unknown  Unknown  
Robbie, Brian  EnglandEngland Forward  
Robbins, Nick  Unknown  Defender 1985
Roberts, B  Unknown  Forward  
Roberts, Dale  EnglandEngland Centre Half 1956
Robertson, M  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Robinson, Dave  Unknown  Defender  
Robinson, Joe  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1996
Robinson, Kurt  EnglandEngland Left-Back 1989
Robinson, Matthew  EnglandEngland Striker 1984
Robson, David  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1966
Roe, Philip  EnglandEngland Left Back 1991
Rogers, Mark  EnglandEngland Striker 1966
Roper, J  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Rose, Joe  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Rose, M  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Rose, Matthew  Unknown  Unknown  
Rosling, Russell  EnglandEngland Unknown 1949
Rowsell, Steve  EnglandEngland Half Back 1951
Ruffles, Dylan  Unknown  Full Back 2001
Russo, Gary  EnglandEngland Full Back 1956
Rutherford, Neil  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Ryan, Aaron  WalesWales Goalkeeper  
Ryland, Ricky  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1974
Sadd, Trevor  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1965
Sadum, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Salaudeen, Kolade  EnglandEngland Defender 1997
Salmons, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Sankey, Iain  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1967
Scanlon, Richard  Unknown  Midfielder  
Scanlon, Robbie  Unknown  Striker  
Schroder, Nicolay  NorwayNorway Defender 1994
Scotcher, Elliot  WalesWales Central Midfielder 1994
Scott, Alan  Unknown  Unknown  
Scowcroft, James  EnglandEngland Striker 1975
Scrivener, Maurice  EnglandEngland Forward 1948
Seaman, Ben  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1989
Seeley, L  Unknown  Unknown 1952
Seymour, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Shanahan, Terry  EnglandEngland Striker 1951
Sharpe, Ken  EnglandEngland Striker 1954
Shaw, Marcus  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Shearer, Declan  IrelandIreland Midfielder 1965
Sheppard, Kaine  EnglandEngland Striker 1993
Sheringham, Charlie  EnglandEngland Striker 1988
Short, Russell  EnglandEngland Defender 1989
Shreeve, John  EnglandEngland Forward 1947
Simmons, Jack  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1994
Simmons, Les  Unknown  Defender 1948
Simpkins, Dean  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1969
Simpson, Josh  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1987
Simpson, Malachi  Unknown  Unknown  
Simpson, Tyreece  EnglandEngland Striker 2002
Simron, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Sivak, John  EnglandEngland Centre Half 1948
Sivell, Laurie  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1951
Siziba, Zanda  EnglandEngland Right Winger 2003
Smedley, Martin  EnglandEngland Striker  
Smee, Roger  EnglandEngland Forward 1948
Smith, Chris  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Smith, Daniel  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper  
Smith, David  Unknown  Unknown 1953
Smith, John  EnglandEngland Winger  
Smith, Jonathan  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Striker 1997
Smith, Kevin  EnglandEngland Striker 1974
Smith, Marc  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1984
Smith, Nick  EnglandEngland Forward  
Smith, Peter  EnglandEngland Defender 1949
Smith, Reg  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Smith, Sam  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1994
Smith, Tommy  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1990
Smith, Trevor  EnglandEngland Full Back 1946
Smith2, Chris  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1998
Smith2, Tommy  EnglandEngland Left Back 2001
Smythe, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Snowdon, Will  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1983
Sobers, Jerrome  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1986
Sobolewski, Henry  ScotlandScotland Left Back 1985
Souster, Keith  EnglandEngland Forward 1949
Souter, Donald  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1961
Southen, Jamie  Unknown  Unknown  
Sowunmi, Omar  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1995
Spearritt, Eddie  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1947
Spink, Oliver  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Spinks, Steve  Unknown  Unknown  
Spooner, Tim  EnglandEngland Full-Back  
Springett, Roger  EnglandEngland Full Back  
Squirrell, F  Unknown  Outside Right  
Stanbridge, Ray  Unknown  Centre Half  
Stearn, Carl  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Stearn, Kieron  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Steele, Finn  Unknown  Unknown  
Steggles, Kevin  EnglandEngland Right Back 1961
Stensrud, Alexander  NorwayNorway Goalkeeper  
Stephenson, Kevin  Unknown  Midfielder 1967
Stephenson, Sean  EnglandEngland Defender  
Stewart, Colin  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1980
Stewart2, Cameron  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Centre Back 2003
Stirk, John  EnglandEngland Right Back 1955
Stockwell, Mick  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1965
Stollery, Tobie  Unknown  Goalkeeper + Midfielder  
Storey, Martin  EnglandEngland Winger  
Storey1, Martin  EnglandEngland Winger  
Storie, Allan  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1988
Supple, Michael  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1980
Supple, Shane  IrelandIreland Goalkeeper 1987
Swailes, Chris  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1970
Sweeney, Jim  ScotlandScotland Striker  
Synnott, Michael  IrelandIreland Full-Back 1987
Talbot, Brian  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1953
Tallis, Jim  ScotlandScotland Winger  
Tanner, Adam  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1973
Tarbard, Michael  EnglandEngland Forward 1950
Taylor, Kenny  ScotlandScotland Winger 1956
Taylor, Tom  Unknown  Midfielder  
Tearney, Trevor  EnglandEngland Striker 1982
Theobald, David  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1978
Theodorou, Theo  EnglandEngland Midfielder  
Thomas, Leighton  Unknown  Unknown  
Thompson, Chris  Unknown  Midfielder  
Thompson, Ken  EnglandEngland Wing Half 1945
Thompson, Rory  EnglandEngland Defender + Midfielder 1995
Thorpe2, -  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Thorsteinsson, Gunnar  IcelandIceland Central Midfielder 1994
Tibbott, Les  EnglandEngland Full Back 1955
Timlin, Mark  IrelandIreland Left Midfielder 1994
Tiofack, Carel  CameroonCameroon Striker 1994
Tongue, Callum  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1994
Tonsley, Steve  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1953
Tooke, Barry  Unknown  Centre-Half 1948
Tooms, Nathan  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1989
Tornes, Michael  DenmarkDenmark Goalkeeper 1986
Towler, Luke  Unknown  Unknown  
Townsend, Ben  Unknown  Unknown  
Townsend, S  Unknown  Winger  
Traveller, Scott  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Travers, Ben  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Traynier, Jordan  Unknown  Midfielder  
Trenter, Philip  EnglandEngland Defender 1954
Trotter, Liam  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1988
Tunnicliffe, Andrew  EnglandEngland Striker  
Turner, Neil  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Turner, Robin  EnglandEngland Forward 1955
Turner, Steven  Unknown  Midfielder  
Twamley, Bruce  CanadaCanada Full Back 1952
Tynan, Paul  EnglandEngland Winger 1969
Tyrrell, G  Unknown  Unknown 1948
Upson, Ed  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1989
Upson, Matthew  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1979
Vale, Steve  EnglandEngland Centre Forward 1955
Valentine, Nico  Unknown  Midfielder 2005
Vaughan, Tony  EnglandEngland Left Back 1975
Vega, Luca  EnglandEngland Centre Back 2000
Verdi, Roger  KenyaKenya Half Back 1953
Viljoen, Colin  South AfricaSouth Africa Midfielder 1948
Viney, K  Unknown  Goalkeeper 1949
Viral, Allan  FranceFrance Left Winger 2001
Walker, Stuart  Unknown  Unknown  
Waller, Michael  Unknown  Midfielder  
Walsh, Kevin  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Walsh, Lewis  Unknown  Unknown  
Walsh, Roy  EnglandEngland Inside Forward 1947
Walshe, Brendan  EnglandEngland Unknown 1979
WaltonOwen, Amon  EnglandEngland Left Back 1996
Ward, B  Unknown  Inside Right  
Ward, Lewis  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1990
Ward, Matt  EnglandEngland Striker 2003
Ware, Mitchell  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1999
Wark, John  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1957
Wark, Scott  ScotlandScotland Defender 1987
Watkins, R  Unknown  Forward 1947
Watkins, Trevor  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Watson, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Watson, George  ScotlandScotland Midfielder  
Watson, Paul  ScotlandScotland Centre-Back 1990
Watson2, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Watts, Ryan  EnglandEngland Left Back 1988
Weaver, Keith  Unknown  Unknown 1949
Webber, Pat  EnglandEngland Left Back 1999
Webster, Luke  EnglandEngland Full Back 1988
Welling, Andy  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1995
Welshe, K  Unknown  Winger  
Westlake, Ian  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1983
Westley, Glen  EnglandEngland Defender  
Westwood, Ashley  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Westwood, Gary  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1963
Westwood, Neil  Unknown  Full Back 1951
Wharton, Tony  Unknown  Forward  
Whatling, Keith  EnglandEngland Outside Left 1947
Whayman, Harry  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1999
Whelan, Phil  EnglandEngland Defender 1972
Whelpdale, Chris  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1987
Whight, Joe  EnglandEngland Left Back 1994
Whittaker, Callum  EnglandEngland Defender 1991
Whitwood, P  Unknown  Unknown  
Whymark, Trevor  EnglandEngland Striker 1950
Wickham, Connor  EnglandEngland Striker 1993
Wigg, Ron  EnglandEngland Striker 1949
Willbye, Jack  EnglandEngland Central Midfielder 1996
Willey, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Williams, Curtley  EnglandEngland Right Back 1990
Williams, D  Unknown  Unknown  
Williamson, Stephen  EnglandEngland Full-Back 1960
Williamson, Woody  Unknown  Goalkeeper  
Wilson, B  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Wilson, David  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1970
Wilson, Don  ScotlandScotland Midfielder 1954
Wilson, Lawrie  EnglandEngland Right Back 1987
Wilton, Albert  EnglandEngland Striker 2000
Wilton, G  Unknown  Forward  
Winstone, Michael  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1992
Winter, Anthony  Unknown  Midfielder  
Winter, Tommy  EnglandEngland Striker 1995
Witham, D  Unknown  Forward 1948
Woodrow, M  Unknown  Unknown  
Wooldridge, Matt  EnglandEngland Defender  
Woolfenden, Luke  EnglandEngland Centre Back 1998
Woolnough, Ben  EnglandEngland Midfielder 1981
Woolsey, Jeff  EnglandEngland Central Defender 1977
Wosahlo, Bradley  Unknown  Unknown  
Wreford, B  Unknown  Unknown  
Wright, Carl  EnglandEngland Striker 1980
Wright, George  Unknown  Unknown  
Wright, Harry  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1998
Wright, Kevin  Unknown  Unknown  
Wright, R  Unknown  Unknown 1950
Wright, Richard  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1977
Wyss, Ben  EnglandEngland Full Back 2003
Yallop, Frank  EnglandEngland Full Back 1964
Yambasu, John  EnglandEngland Unknown  
Yearn, I  Unknown  Half-Back 1949
Yellop, J  Unknown  Midfielder  
Young, -  Unknown  Unknown  
Young, Martin  EnglandEngland Goalkeeper 1968

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